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Is Lotto247 secure to play at?

I have played international lotteries for years and the one thing that I value the most with an online lottery site is safety. When doing investigation for this Lotto247 review I found several great safety features.

First of all, they have a gambling license provided by Curaçao.

This is very important, let me explain why.

To receive a gambling license a government body will make a thorough investigation of all aspects of your company, who is managing it, how will they handle payouts, what are their financials and more.

Secondly, it is very important that the website is protected. Lotto247 uses SSL encryption from Comodo to protect your personal details. This means all the information you put in the site such as name, card number or address is protected by several layers of encryption. Very safe to say the least.

Thirdly I believe every customer experience counts so I like to check Quora and other websites for feedback on the lotto site.

Usually, I find at least some complaint about someone that “thinks” the lotto site might be rigged but for Lotto247 I only found positive feedback, amazing!

Conclusion: You can definitely trust Lotto247.

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