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Sample Letters and checks

Please check out the sample scam letters and checks by clicking the small images.

Not all scams will look just like these, but they give you a good idea a what to look for.

These are real scam letters and checks sent to us by our readers.  You will note that some of the materials are very easy to see that it’s a scam, and others look authentic.  But for those who don’t know anything about lottery games, even the clear forgeries can look real.

In the sample letters, see if you can spot:

  • The misspelling «Congradulations»
  • Prize description does not match the game they are referring to (Mega Millions does not have a prize category «A», whatever that is)
  • Use of USA Mega logo, to try to make the letter seem legitimate
  • The barcode at the bottom, to try and make the letter seem legitimate, except the barcode reads «0123456789» — not exactly a realistic code!
  • Just the fact that you’re getting a letter at all is odd.  In Mega Millions you buy tickets, and the lottery has no idea who the winners are before they walk into lottery headquarters and redeem the ticket.  Think about it: isn’t that why you hear about unclaimed jackpots all the time?  The lottery has no idea who to tell about the win, because all tickets are bought anonymously!
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