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Why is the cash option different than the advertised jackpot?

The Powerball jackpot is an estimated 29-year annuity value, with a total 30 payments (the first payment happens right away, followed by 29 annual payments).  When players choose
the annuity option for their prize, the state lottery pays the prize out over 29 years (30 payments) by
buying U.S. Government Treasury Securities, which earn interest and mature annually over
the 29 years.  That annual return is the amount the winners receive each year for the
29 year period.  With the cash option, the state lottery will take the amount of
money that would have been invested and will pay it directly to the winner in one
payment.  Both payment options have federal and applicable state taxes deducted
from them, although with an annuity option you pay taxes gradually on each annual payout, not all at once like with the cash option.

What’s the Difference between US Powerball and Australia Powerball?

Powerball lotteries exist all over the world, so how do you choose which one to play? Is the US Powerball the same as the Powerball run by Oz Lotteries, which we are quite familiar with? Are they one and the same? No! The US Powerball was the first lottery to introduce the second drum (the power ball) and many lotteries followed suit. One of them was our local Australian Powerball. It came into being in 1996 under the tagline “One ball could change it all”.

The guess range is a bit different between the two. In the Australian Powerball you select six numbers from 1-40 and a single Powerball number from 1-20. In the US Powerball you choose five main numbers from 1-69 and one Powerball number from 1-26. Find out everything about how to play US Powerball and purchase your tickets with us and select your numbers! 

This leads to a very noticeable difference between the US Powerball and our home variety of the game and that’s the size of the jackpots. Powerball Australia has a record jackpot of AUD$80 million. In comparison, the US Powerball game is recognized all over the world. The record US Powerball jackpot was set in January 2016 at $1.58 billion. That’s over $2 billion Australian!

And the final difference is the number of prize categories. The Australian Powerball offers eight prize division while the US Powerball has nine. Playing the US Powerball you can win a prize just by matching the Powerball!!

20 Октябрь 2018 — результаты Powerball (21-10-2018 / 4: 00 BST Лондонское время)

Результаты матчей в американской лотерее Megamillions.

Megamillions выигрывают номера отМегамиллионная лотерея
Пятница 19 Октябрь 2018

Похоже, что главный приз Powerball пытается догнать рекорд Megamillions, ломая главный приз,
который значительно превышает $ 1 млрд.

Powerball растет на $ 150 миллионов с $ 470 миллионов.Главный приз лотереи Powerball достиг $ 620 миллионов.
для среды лотереи Powerball на 24 октября 2018

Обычно, когда выигрыш лотереи Powerball достигает более $ 500,000,000 USD, как и сегодня, достигло $ 620 миллионов. Это вызывает довольно большое ощущение. Но не сейчас, хотя выигрыши Powerball существенны, но это было затмевано невероятными огромными выигрышами, предлагаемыми Megamillions.
(Еще одна огромная американская лотерея)

На момент написания.

Главный приз Megamillions
достиг рекордного уровня за все время:
$ 1.6 млрд.

Весьма вероятно, что эта премия будет расти еще выше до розыгрыша лотереи Megamillions.

или посмотрите последнюю лотерею Powerball, только что внизу:
видео с последними результатами лотереи Powerball и выигрышными номерами.

How to Play

USA Powerball draws take place twice a week in Florida. They are held at 22:59 Eastern Time on Wednesdays and Saturdays — see the on this page for the draw schedule according to South Africa local time. To take part, you must select five main numbers between 1 and 69 and one Powerball number from 1 to 26. It costs $2 per board to play.

Playing from South Africa

Tickets are only available to buy from retailers in 45 states in the USA, plus the jurisdictions of Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. However, you can also play online from South Africa and other countries by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Buy Tickets page and select USA Powerball
  • Choose your numbers or select a Quick Pick on as many boards as you want to play
  • Select whether to enter a single draw or multiple draws
  • Select ‘Add To Cart’ and pay for your purchase.

If it is your first time, you will be guided through how to set up an online account. Your numbers will be safely stored online and you will be notified automatically if you are a winner, with prizes paid straight into your account.

Power Play

When you buy a Powerball ticket, you can also add Power Play for an extra $1 per line. If you win any prize except the jackpot, it will be multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x its original amount if you have selected the Power Play option. The multiplier is determined by a number that is randomly selected in the Power Play draw that takes place alongside the main game.

The 10x Power Play is not available once the jackpot exceeds $150 million. The second prize of $1 million is always doubled to $2 million regardless of which Power Play multiplier is in play.

The table below shows the odds of each Power Play multiplier being selected. The odds differ slightly depending on whether the 10x multiplier is available.

USA Powerball Power Play Odds
Multiplier Odds with 10x Odds without 10x
10x 1 in 43 N/A
5x 1 in 21.5 1 in 21
4x 1 in 14.33 1 in 14
3x 1 in 3.31 1 in 3.23
2x 1 in 1.79 1 in 1.75

Power Play may not always be available to players entering online from outside the USA.

Prize Rules

Powerball prizes must be claimed in the state where the tickets were purchased. Each state has its own rules about when prizes must be claimed and it is the responsibility of the player to come forward in time. Visit the How to Claim page for more information. Winning tickets must be checked and validated by the lottery operator in the state where the ticket was bought, or by an agent of the operator, such as an authorized retailer, before prizes can be paid out.

Anyone who wins a large Powerball prize must pay federal taxes in the US, regardless of whether or not they are a resident. This is set at a rate depending on your total annual income (including money from lottery winnings). The lottery makes an immediate 25 percent federal withholding on prizes of more than $5,000, and most states levy a local withholding, although Tennessee and South Dakota do not.

Below are the tax withholdings by state, although certain other factors – such as residency – could affect these. For further advice, consult a professional financial advisor.

State Taxes on Powerball Payouts
State/Jurisdiction State Tax
Arizona 5.0%
Arkansas 7.0%
California 0.0%
Colorado 4.0%
Connecticut 7.0%
Delaware 6.6%
Florida 0.0%
Georgia 6.0%
Idaho 7.4%
Illinois 3.8%
Indiana 3.4%
Iowa 5.0%
Kansas 5.0%
Kentucky 6.0%
Louisiana 5.0%
Maryland 8.8%
Maine 5.0%
Massachusetts 5.0%
Michigan 4.3%
Minnesota 7.3%
Missouri 4.0%
Montana 6.9%
Nebraska 5.0%
New Hampshire 0.0%
New Jersey 3.0%
New Mexico 6.0%
New York 8.8%
North Carolina 5.8%
North Dakota 2.9%
Ohio 4.0%
Oklahoma 4.0%
Oregon 8.0%
Pennsylvania 3.1%
Puerto Rico 0.0%
Rhode Island 6.0%
South Carolina 7.0%
South Dakota 0.0%
Tennessee 0.0%
Texas 0.0%
U.S. Virgin Islands 0.0%
Vermont 6.0%
Virginia 4.0%
Washington D.C 8.5%
Washington State 0.0%
West Virginia 6.5%
Wisconsin 7.8%
Wyoming 0.0%

Правила лотереи Powerball

Для начала, поговорим о том, как играть.

Powerball — это розыгрыш с двумя лототронами. Один содержит 69 белых мячей, тогда как другой 26 красных. Разыгрывается 5 белых и только один красный мяч, который называется Powerball.

Когда вы покупаете билет, вы выбираете 5 номеров белых мячей и один номер Powerball’а. Вы можете выбрать номера сами или доверить выбор генератору случайных чисел.

Игрокам, которые надумают приобрести билеты в день тиража, необходимо учитывать, что продажа билетов заканчивается примерно за час до розыгрыша очередного тиража.

Правила игры устанавливают, что участники лотереи должны быть не моложе 18 лет, а в некоторых штатах и не моложе 21 года.

Также прописано, что имеющий право на выигрыш должен предъявить лотерейный билет в течение 180 дней после окончания очередного тиража. В случае непредъявления прав на выигрыш, по истечении указанного срока право на получение выигрыша аннулируется.

Сколько чисел нужно угадать, чтобы выиграть?

Максимально можно выбрать 5 обычных чисел и 1 PowerBall. Расценки за выигрыш таковы:

Базовый выигрыш, без множителя:

  • + = Jackpot
  • = $ 1,000,000
  • + = $ 10,000
  • = $ 100
  • + = $ 100
  • = $ 7
  • + = $ 7
  • + = $ 4
  • = $ 4

Выигрыш с множителем:

  • + = Jackpot
  • = $ 2,000,000
  • + = $ 20,000 — $ 100,000
  • = $ 200 — $ 1,000
  • + = $ 200 — $ 1,000
  • = $ 14 — $ 70
  • + = $ 14 — $ 70
  • + = $ 8 — $ 40
  • = $ 8 — $ 40

Обратите внимание на то, что итоговая сумма с множителем будет зависеть только от вашей удачи

Как проверить результаты лотереи?

Трансляцию розыгрышей можно посмотреть на официальном канале YouTube, а так же через мобильное приложение. А если вы купили билет через посредника, он автоматически уведомит вас о выигрыше.

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