Powerball plus hot and cold numbers

Что скрывает лотерея powerball? | шокирующие отзывы (2020)

Powerball Plus prizes and odds

There are no fixed payouts for every division for every draw. They vary because of a different number of winning tickets every time. It depends also on ticket sales amount. There are two payout divisions guaranteed — when you match 0/5 or 1/5 both with Powerball. In the table below you can see what is the share of the reward pool of every tier when the jackpot is won.

Matched numbers Share of prize pool Odds of winning
5 correct + PB 54.46% 1 in 42,375,200
5 4.00% 1 in 2,230,274
4/5 + PB 2.50% 1 in 188,334
4/5 4.24% 1 in 9,912
3/5 + PB 4.80% 1 in 4,280
3/5 4.00% 1 in 225
2/5 + PB 3.00% 1 in 299
1/5 + PB fixed R 7.50 1 in 57
0/5 + PB fixed R 5 1 in 35

All Jackpot prizes are rounded to nearest R1. For lower divisions, prizes are rounded to 10 cents. As you see, this is a great second chance opportunity to win more. Always remember though, winning is very hard. So don’t spend too much money on gambling with lottery tickets!

PB Plus jackpots and rollovers

SSimilar to the main lottery — there is rollover happening quite often. Jackpot prize grows as long as nobody hits the 5/5 numbers and PB. Pool for 1 prize division is rolled over to the next draw’s corresponding tier.

  1. If there are no winners in division 2-8 (happens in 2nd from time to time) then the pool rolls down to the lower division, e.g. division 2 to division 3.
  2. If there are no winners in division 8 (not expected) then the pool rolls over to division 1 of the next draw.
  3. Breakage from any Powerball Plus division rollover to the same division next draw.

History of Powerball Plus in South Africa

It was launched on 1st December 2015. First guaranteed jackpot was huge — R10,000,000. It wasn’t hit until 05.01.2016 by two African players, who shared R23,299,305. There were minor changes in the main game after the launch. Two more prize tiers were added and the ticket price was increased a little bit.

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