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Australia Powerball vs US Powerball

What are the differences between Australia Powerball and US Powerball? The odds of winning the Australia jackpot are significantly better (1 in 134,490,400) than those of winning the US equivalent (1 in 292,201,338). The record jackpot is much more attractive for the US Powerball, than it is for Australia Powerball Lotto, although with better odds, you have more chances of winning the Aussie Lotto.

The game format is similar for both lotteries and it includes main numbers and the additional Powerball. Below you can see an overview of the main similarities and differences between the two popular lotteries.

Australia Powerball Criteria US Powerball
1 in 134,490,400 Odds of Winning the Jackpot 1 in 292,201,338
7 Main Numbers + Powerball Numbers to Play 5 Main Numbers + Powerball
AU$ 107 million Record Jackpot $1.586 billion
9 (Jackpot Included) Number of Prize Divisions 9 (Jackpot Included)
Wednesday & Saturday Draw Days Thursday

Advantages of Playing Australia Powerball Online

Playing Australia Powerball online comes with a lot of advantages. Apart from being the most convenient way to participate in the next draw without leaving your home, there are other important aspects to consider.

  • You get an official entry. When you buy your Australia Powerball ticket from a reputed lottery messenger service, you will receive the scanned copy of your official entry. With theLotter, you get the guarantee that every ticket you purchase counts, as there are locally bought by company representatives on your behalf and stored in safes. This way you can rest assured that you spent your money on a valid ticket that can bring you an amazing prize.
  • No risk of losing your ticket. Lottery tickets can be misplaced, lost or stolen, which could potentially mean losing the opportunity of a lifetime. When buying your tickets online, you have no reason to worry. Your scanned tickets, ticket details, and proof of purchase are always available in your personal account!
  • Automatic win notification. Another thing you don’t need to stress about! By choosing the free win alert, you will receive SMS or e-mail notifications every time you win a prize. Your numbers are automatically checked, so you will never forget about a winning ticket!
  • Cashing your prize is easy and hassle-free. If you win a secondary prize, the money will go straight into your account after the results are published and the sum was received from the official lottery operator. If you get lucky and win the jackpot or larger prizes, you may need to collect them in person. theLotter will offer you assistance with this issue if need be.

What Are Australia Powerball Rules?

The rules of this lottery are very simple; select 7 numbers between 1 and 35 and an additional number, called the Powerball, from a range of 1 to 20. You can manually select your lucky numbers or choose the Quick Pick feature, which automatically generates them randomly.

If you match all the 8 numbers, you will win an amazing jackpot which always starts at AU$ 3 million! Every time the first prize reaches AU$ 10 million, the jackpot increases by an additional AU$ 10 million with each draw where it is not won. This way, the Australian Powerball jackpot can reach staggering amounts. The current jackpot record is AU$ 107 million won by a single player on the 17th January 2019.

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