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El Gordo de La Primitiva

One El Gordo ticket isn’t very cheap, namely 200 euros. Do not be put off by this. It’s also possible to buy a part of the ticket for 20 euros. These parts are known as ‘décimos’ and give everyone the possibility to participate in this lottery. Perhaps you’re willing to share the prize money if you win. In that case it might be smart to participate together with your friends and/or family members. El Gordo takes only place during Christmas. This is not your only chance to win money though. Every Sunday a draw with smaller prizes is organized as well, known as ‘El Gordo de La Primitiva’. A ticket for this lottery only costs 1,50 euros. The ticket prize is not the only difference between this lottery and it’s bigger brother. Unlike El Gordo, you can choose your own lottery numbers over there. Pick your six favorite number or let them be generated automatically by the computer if you find it difficult to choose. Good luck!

How to Play ‘El Gordo de la Primitiva’

Before you decide to play any lottery you should first check its rules. In other words, for playing this lotto game it is necessary to pick five principal numbers between 1 and 54, and an additional number from 0 to 9.

Moreover, players must select five numbers in the first block and one in the key number. However, you can use the key number as a refund number. By selecting at least 6 to a maximum of 11 numbers in the first block you can make from 6 up to 462 bets, all in only one card.

All numbers are randomly drawn. Five numbers from 1 to 54 are drawn from a first drum, and from a second one number from 0 to 9. There is a total of 8 prize categories. For instance, the first prize is for all players who guessed correctly all six numbers. Likewise, the second prize is for the 5 + 0 combination, and the third prize for 4 + 1 and up to 2 + 0. The draw is every week at 13 GMT + 1.

For all categories, the prize is divided into equal parts. The first category offers a minimum amount of EUR 5 million. However, if there are no winners in the first category, then 50% of the amount reserved for the first category is accumulated for the next draw, which is why it oftenly has a bonus prize.

Lottery ticket for ONCE

A ticket for this special lottery only costs 1,50 euros. Friday and Sunday form an exception with a ticket price of 2 euros because then bigger prize money can be won. You should definitely participate during the draw on the first Friday and Sunday of the month. On these days a special big prize is given away. Tickets this occasion costs 2,50 euros, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try! Every ONCE ticket has five numbers that are already printed and three numbers in a series. The maximum prize is 300.000 euro. To win this great amount of money all the numbers on your ticket have to match with those that appear during the lottery draw. The three series numbers need to match as well. You win 2,50 euros when there’s a match with just one number. With two or three correct numbers you win bigger prizes. Did you win a great prize? Congratulations! Claim your prize at de Banco de España. Smaller prizes can be claimed at the ONCE kiosks.

The high Jackpot of EuroMillions
International lotteries are organized in Spain as well. Especially EuroMillions attracts thousands of people. This is a lottery that is organized in several European countries at the same time. One of the advantages of this is the fact that the inlay of the participating countries is added together. This leads to an incredibly high Jackpot! What’s more, the minimum Jackpot is 15 million euros. The EuroMillions Jackpot takes place every Tuesday and Friday. So make sure that you’re in front of the television these days. During the draws 5 balls out of 50 numbered balls appear. There are also two ‘star numbers’ drawn out of 11 numbered balls, that ranges from 1 to 11. Obviously it can’t be a party every week, so sometimes there’s no Jackpot hit. In that case the prize money is increased for next time. This also means that the EuroMillions Jackpot can rise to great heights. 75, 100 or 180 million is no exception. The winner doesn’t even have to pay a gambling tax on his or her prize!

El Gordo Online

Did you know that you can play online lottery through Lottomania? With the help of this useful lottery website, you can increase your chances of winning the prize. Registration is free.

After registering you are all set to think about what numbers combination you should choose.

Nevertheless, you can select your numbers by yourself or you can choose a quick pick. Choosing a quick pick means that the system will randomly pick the numbers instead of you.

You can always review the purchased tickets in your account, and after you select the “My tickets” option you can see the drawn numbers.

Finally, you should always consider that the winning combination will be visible after the announcement of the official lottery.

If you win a prize inferior than $2,500, the money will be transferred to your account. For each larger amount, you will need to contact the support team for the transaction.

The special ONCE lottery

Every person above 18 can participate in a Spanish lottery. Even people with disabilities are given a chance to win a lot of money. They usually participate in ONCE, which is an organization for the blind and partially-sighted. ONCE stands for ‘Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles, translated as The National Organization of Spanish blind people. This makes ONCE different than any other lottery. The tickets aren’t even sold at retailers or online. Instead, people with a handicap sell them in their own kiosks on the street. It’s also special because most of the inlay goes to charity. Unlike other lotteries, this organization doesn’t focus on profits.

La Grossa lottery in Catalonia

Catalonia is an autonomous region of Spain, although it strives to be independent. It’s independent strike is also shown by the lotteries that are organized. Since 2013 Catalonia has its own lottery called ‘La Grossa’. It’s organized around New Years Eve and a draw takes place at December 31th. Perhaps you become rich at the last day of the year thanks to this lottery! A ticket for La Grossa costs 5 euro each. Because of the cheap prize it comes as no surprise that about 6,8 million tickets are sold every year. Participants can win 5 big prizes, namely 20,000, 6500, 3000, 1000 or 500 euros.
Choose your lucky numbers at the Bonolito lottery
Perhaps you’re not having a lot of money, but becoming rich is still a dream of you. In that case buying a ticket for the Bonolito lottery might be a good idea, because a ticket only costs 59 cents! You can participate in this lottery multiple days a week. Bonolito draws take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. For a one day ticket you pay 59 cents and multiple days costs 2,38 euros. This last option definitely increases your winning chances. It can be helpful if you have a favorite number, because for this lottery it’s required to pick six numbers for your ticket. A good tips: the number 5 is chosen a lot. You win the Jackpot is your ticket numbers match with the ones that appear during the draw. There are some differences with La Primitiva as well. The winnings are spread on multiple days instead of two. According to studies, this increases your winning chance.

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