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To Go Public or Stay Anonymous?

In most states, your identity becomes public record when you win the Mega Millions jackpot, and you will normally be expected to attend a press conference. At the press conference, you do not have to issue any statement, and some previous winners have even altered their appearance to help protect their identity.

There are six states that allow players to remain anonymous — Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina. Some players prefer to remain anonymous often citing protecting their privacy and family’s wellbeing as the reason.

There are also a certain number of states that allow players to claim their winnings via a trust fund. In this case, a lawyer will collect the winnings on your behalf. This option is preferred by many winners, as it can reduce the stress of dealing with such a large amount of money in the public eye.


Вы можете получить любую информацию хранимую в нашей базе данных о вас. Для предоставления такой информации потребуется:

  • оплата административных издержек в размере 10£;
  • подтверждение вашей личности, в виде нотариально заверенной копии паспорта плюс оригинал счёта за любое коммунальные услуги с вашим именем, фамилией и текущем адресом. В случае необходимости, мы оставляем за собой право потребовать дополнительные данные для идентификации вашей личности.

Мы может отказать в предоставлении такое информации в рамках, допускаемых законом.

Вы можете запретить использование ваших персональных данных в рекламных целях, написав нам электронное или обычное письмо по адресу, указанному на станице «Контактов».

Mega Millions Payouts

The US Mega Millions is a champion of the lottery world because the prizes it offers are out of this world! $40 million is only the starting amount for its first prize. Then, every time there is no winner, the Mega Millions jackpot gets even bigger. That is how it has reached the enormous amount of $1.537 billion in October 2018. That is the current record, but the next rollover streak could see it broken!

US$ 22 Million


The Mega Millions does not feature a cap for its jackpot, which means that it can grow indefinitely. But that’s not all you can win when you play Mega Millions! There is a total of 9 prize categories in the game and they are all up for grabs on every single draw. The second prize is worth a full $1 million, so you don’t even have to match all the numbers to become a millionaire in this amazing American lottery!

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