France lotto

Французская лотерея euromillions and my million raffle (5 из 50 + 2 из 12)

Winning the French Lotto Jackpot

As is the case with any other lottery, it’s all about picking the right number. In the case of France Loto you have to choose five numbers from a range of 49. There’s also a Lucky Number involved from a range of 1-10. You win the Jackpot when the standard number and Lucky Number correctly, so six numbers in total. The minimum amount of Jackpot money is 2 million euros, but this increases when there’s no hit. In that case the Jackpot is one million more next time. The maximum number of roll overs is 34.

Big Jackpot
The winning odds of the France Loto Jackpot aren’t very high. On the other hand: the amount of Jackpot money is definitely impressive when you win. For example, a very lucky player won 24 million euros in 2011! It took 13 draws before this special moment. Interesting is the fact that the Jackpot started with 13 million euros, so because of the many rollovers it nearly doubled. Another great Jackpot hit took place in 1996. Sometimes it takes years, but when the Jackpot falls it definitely makes the headlines!

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