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What is the Reintegro number?

In order to win the Jackpot of La Primitiva (the prize category «6+R») the player needs to match all six winning numbers, thereto the Reintegro number on the ticket must match the Reintegro number drawn.

Reintegro is a randomly generated number in the range from to 9 which is automatically assigned to the ticket of La Primitiva in the official sales point upon purchase (i.e. the player doesn’t pick this number himself).

If the player matches the combination of 6 winning numbers but the Reintegro number on his ticket doesn’t match the Reintegro ball drawn, he gets the prize of the category 6 which is the first large after the Jackpot.

Tickets with matching the Reintegro number will receive € 1.00 compensation per line played regardless of whether they are winning or not.

On the «Results» page of La Primitiva the Reintegro number is indicated in yellow.

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