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Польская лотерея lotto (6 из 49)

Biggest Prizes

A family from Minnesota became the first winners of Lotto America when they landed a jackpot of $22 million on March 14th 2018. Debbie Kujava, from the town of Badger, purchased the winning ticket at Holiday Stationstores, at 503-3rd St. N.E., in Roseau on her way home from work a couple of days earlier. She had always agreed with her brother Dennis that they would share a big prize if either of them won, and they decided to take the cash option of $13 million before taxes.

Chuck Anderson from Davenport in Iowa won $4.3 million just a few weeks later on May 5th 2018. He had received his ticket for free as part of an Iowa Lottery promotion, which offered a complimentary Lotto America entry when playing Powerball during the month of May 2018. Anderson chose the lump-sum payment of $2.6 million and was excited to be able to share it with his family.

Pari-Mutuel Prize Amounts

All of the prize amounts are fixed for players in the Match 5 category downwards, but in extreme circumstances (when there are more winners than expected) there may not be enough money in the prize fund to pay out the specified amounts. In these situations, the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) may be able to use a reserve fund, otherwise the prizes become pari-mutuel.

If that happens, the prize amounts will depend on the number of winners, as well as how much money is available from ticket sales. The following table shows how the prize pool will be split if there is not enough to pay the fixed amounts:

Lotto America Prize Tier Percentage Allocation
Match Percentage of Prize Pool Allocated to Prize
5 + Star Ball 46.2%
5 1.4%
4 + Star Ball 1.8%
4 1.6%
3 + Star Ball 1.7%
3 3.8%
2 + Star Ball 6.2%
1 + Star Ball 13.7%
0 + Star Ball 23.6%

All Star Bonus

If you play the All Star Bonus in addition to the main Lotto America game, any non-jackpot prize you win will be multiplied by up to five times its original value. The All Star Bonus – 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x – is randomly selected in a separate draw and announced when the main drawing takes place.

You must choose whether to play the All Star Bonus when you purchase your ticket. You cannot opt in once your ticket has been printed. If you win the grand prize, it will not be increased if you played the All Star Bonus.

Go to the All Star Bonus page to find out more about how to play this extra feature and the prizes on offer.

Cash vs Annuity

If you win the jackpot, you have the option of receiving your winnings as either a cash lump sum or annuity payments.

If you opt for the annuity, you will receive the full advertised amount in 30 annual payments spread over 29 years, with the first payment made as soon as your claim has been validated. The lottery then invests the remaining prize money and pays you on a yearly basis as the investments make a return.

If you take the cash lump sum option, you will receive one big payment for all the money that is in the jackpot prize fund at the time.

When the cash share of the jackpot is worth $250,000 or less per winner (if there are multiple winners), the MUSL may decide that there is no option for annuity and the payout will be a cash lump sum.

Wie groß kann der Lotto-Jackpot werden?

Der Jackpot in Lotto-Spielen wie 6aus49 kann nicht unbegrenzt wachsen. Der maximale Jackpot-Anstieg wurde auf 12 Lotto-Ziehungen begrenzt. Wenn also 12-mal in Folge keine Gewinner in den oberen Gewinnklassen ermittelt wurden, kommt es bei der 13. Lotto-Ziehung in jedem Fall zu einer Ausschüttung des aktuellen Lotto-Jackpots. Das Geld kommt dann der nächstniedrigeren Gewinnklasse zugute.

Eine solche Zwangsausschüttung an die nächstniedrigere Gewinnklasse ist in der deutschen Lotto-Geschichte noch nicht vorgekommen. Allerdings war man schon kurz davor: Im September 2015 fieberten alle Lottospieler einer Zwangsausschüttung entgegen, weil es 12-mal hintereinander keine Spieler gab, die sechs Richtige plus Superzahl angekreuzt hatten. Bei der 13. Ziehung hatte jedoch ein Spieler aus Bayern Glück: Er konnte den 33 Millionen schweren Jackpot knacken.

In der gesamten Geschichte des Lotto 6aus49 kam es nur zweimal vor, dass man kurz vor einer Zwangsausschüttung stand. Im Jahr 2007 führte dies zur Ausschüttung von Deutschlands größtem Lotto-Jackpot. Er betrug 38.455.999,20 Euro. Dazu kamen noch die normalen Spieleinsätze, und so wurden rund 45,3 Millionen Euro unter drei Gewinnern der ersten Gewinnklasse aufgeteilt. Wie selten solche Ereignisse sind, machen die Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeiten deutlich: Die Chance auf sieben Richtige (also sechs Richtige plus Superzahl) liegt bei nur 1:140 Millionen. Die Chance auf sechs Richtige ist jedoch um einiges höher. Sie liegt bei 1:15,5 Millionen.

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