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Euromillions hotpicks faqs

The Odds of Winning The EuroMillions

The National Lottery EuroMillions game is a 5/50 lottery format. So the rule is to pick five numbers from 1 to 50. We compute the total combinations by using the Binomial Coefficient formula.

n = 50 numbers

r = 5 combinations

50C5 = 2,118,760

So there are 2 million possible ways to combine five numbers in EuroMillions.  However, to win the jackpot, you are required to match the two lucky stars so that the actual odds become one is to 139.8 million.

If you think about your odds, you have a better chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of the U.K. In short; it is tough to win in the EuroMillions.

In perspective, on the average, you have 139.8 million attempts to win the jackpot.  If you play 100 tickets every week, then you have 1.4 million weeks or 27,000 years to hit the jackpot.

Twenty-seven thousand years is such a long time. You’ve got to be very lucky to win.

The EuroMillions lottery is a random game. You cannot predict the next winning numbers.

So, if superstitions, hot numbers, lucky numbers, quick pick, and a random selection will not help, what will?

Mathematics remains the only tool.

The Validation Appointment

You have to meet with National Lottery advisors in person to be able to claim a prize of more than £50,000. You will be welcome to have this meeting at your home, or you can travel to one of the lottery’s regional centres in Watford or Liverpool if you would prefer. This meeting is as much an opportunity for winners to find out more about the process and what to do next as it is for the lottery to check the validity of a claim.

You can expect the appointment to take around two hours. You will need to provide two forms of identification, for example your passport and driving licence, as well as your signed winning ticket. The National Lottery’s claims advisor will fill out all the necessary paperwork and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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