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Euromillions faqs

What are EuroMillions Official Websites?

With so many websites related to EuroMillions it’s quite hard to find out which ones are really the official ones and which ones are not. Here’s the complete list of all 9 EuroMillions Official Websites — each per participating country.

Country Operated by Official website
United Kingdom Camelot Group
Austria Österreichische Lotterien Gesellschaft m.b.H
Belgium Loterie Nationale
France Française des Jeux (FDJ)
Ireland Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI)
Luxembourg Loterie Nationale du Luxembourg
Portugal Jogos Santa Casa
Spain Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
Switzerland Swisslos Loterie Intercantonale

Remember, the only way to officially buy a ticket is via these official websites. But you have to be a legal resident of the country and have a national ID and bank account. You can also use 3rd party reseller websites but you have to be careful who to trust.
Sites like or are absolutely NOT OFFICIAL WEBSITES and are making money purely by reselling lottery tickets via overpriced 3rd party websites.

Prize Information

How do you win prizes?

To win a EuroMillions HotPicks prize, all the numbers you choose must be drawn among the winning numbers. For example, if you play Pick 3, you only win if all three of your numbers are drawn. You don’t win a prize for matching one or two numbers in Pick 3.

Is the £1 million split if there’s more than one winner?

All the prizes are fixed so you receive the advertised amount even if there is more than one winner. However, there is a maximum prize fund in place for each game and in exceptional circumstances it may be that winners receive a share of this prize fund rather than the advertised prize. Go to the EuroMillions HotPicks Prizes page for more information.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds are different for each of the five games. The chances of winning Pick 1, for example, are 1 in 10, while the chances of winning Pick 5 are 1 in 2,118,760. See the Odds page to learn more.

How long do you have to claim prizes?

The claim deadline for EuroMillions HotPicks prizes is 180 days from the date of the draw. If you do not come forward in time, the money will be transferred to the Good Causes Fund. Visit the Claiming Prizes page for more on how to receive your winnings.

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Knowing the Best and the Worst Combination Should Help

Getting the right composition will surely give you the best shot possible at winning the EuroMillions.  Of course, you don’t win any money by matching the pattern.  But as a lotto player, you want to play with a sensible strategy and get closer to the winning numbers.

It’s extremely difficult to win the lottery.  Lotterycodex has no power to change that fact.  But Lotterycodex can help you be wrong less.  The lottery should be fun.  But at least be sensible when choosing your combinations and don’t waste your money on worthless combinations.

Here in Lotterycodex, we don’t say you increase your chance of winning by choosing the right composition.  What we do say is that when you play the Euromillions, at least, be wrong less.  Don’t waste your money on useless combinations.  Lotterycodex patterns are here to guide you on that aspect. (Check out the Lotterycodex Calculators)

I encourage you to check Lotterycodex free guide to learn more about how we calculate everything.  Lotterycodex is the only lottery calculator that combines combinatorics and probability calculation in one system.

If you are playing blindly, there’s no guarantee you are not falling into one of these worst patterns in EuroMillions. So I propose that you should incorporate the use of probability theory in your playing strategy.

The benefits are apparent.  First, you are confident that you are not wasting your money, and second, you get the best shot at winning the game.

The difference between the best and the worst is so huge. You don’t want to take it for granted.

We don’t say that those combinations under the worst group will not occur.  We say that those combinations have the worst ratio of success to failure.

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