Is gigalotto scam? read our review 2020 to find out!

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How to Claim Your Winnings

There are two methods according to how much your winnings amount to:

  • Wins bigger than €10,000 have a claims procedure for every winner. It ranges from them couriering you the original ticket so you can claim it in person or you can give them authorization to act as a proxy for you. This enables them to claim the prize on your behalf and then transfer your winnings to the withdrawal method of your choice. This is a good service to offer anyone who may be reluctant to bruit their big win all over town.
  • For prizes of €10,000 or less, LottoPark facilitates the funds to be withdrawn via wire transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Neteller.

Any review should stress that nowhere does the site mention what their handling fees/commission are. Looking at the heavy traffic on the “Latest Winners” meter, however, the handling fees are obviously reasonable enough to keep players happy and more than willing to make this their lottery site of choice.

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