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100% 2 — при 2 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 3

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 3

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 3

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 4

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 6

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 6

Номеров: 13 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 14 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 15 — Билетов: 10

Номеров: 16 — Билетов: 10

Номеров: 17 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 18 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 19 — Билетов: 15

Номеров: 20 — Билетов: 16

Номеров: 21 — Билетов: 17

Номеров: 22 — Билетов: 19

Номеров: 23 — Билетов: 21

Номеров: 24 — Билетов: 22

Номеров: 25 — Билетов: 23

Номеров: 26 — Билетов: 24

Номеров: 27 — Билетов: 27

Номеров: 28 — Билетов: 28

Номеров: 29 — Билетов: 30

Номеров: 30 — Билетов: 31

Номеров: 31 — Билетов: 31

Номеров: 32 — Билетов: 38

Номеров: 33 — Билетов: 39

Номеров: 34 — Билетов: 40

Номеров: 35 — Билетов: 42

Номеров: 36 — Билетов: 47

Номеров: 37 — Билетов: 50

Номеров: 38 — Билетов: 52

Номеров: 39 — Билетов: 54

Номеров: 40 — Билетов: 55

Номеров: 41 — Билетов: 59

Номеров: 42 — Билетов: 63

Номеров: 43 — Билетов: 65

Номеров: 44 — Билетов: 67

Номеров: 45 — Билетов: 70

100% 3 — при 3 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 4

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 4

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 10

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 11

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 15

Номеров: 13 — Билетов: 21

Номеров: 14 — Билетов: 25

Номеров: 15 — Билетов: 31

Номеров: 16 — Билетов: 38

Номеров: 17 — Билетов: 44

Номеров: 18 — Билетов: 48

Номеров: 19 — Билетов: 60

Номеров: 20 — Билетов: 71

Номеров: 21 — Билетов: 77

Номеров: 22 — Билетов: 77

Номеров: 23 — Билетов: 104

Номеров: 24 — Билетов: 116

Номеров: 25 — Билетов: 130

Номеров: 26 — Билетов: 130

Номеров: 27 — Билетов: 167

Номеров: 28 — Билетов: 185

100% 4 — при 4 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 5

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 20

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 32

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 41

Номеров: 13 — Билетов: 66

Номеров: 14 — Билетов: 80

Номеров: 15 — Билетов: 117

Номеров: 16 — Билетов: 152

Номеров: 17 — Билетов: 188

100% 5 — при 5 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 6

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 30

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 50

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 100

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 132

Draw Deadlines

As EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery, the time at which the draw takes place will differ due to the numerous time zones across the continent. Draws are held in Paris at 21:00 (CET), meaning that players in some of the participating countries face an earlier deadline by which to enter.

Here is a list of the different deadlines for buying EuroMillions tickets:

Country Draw Deadline
Ireland, Portugal, UK 19:30 (Tuesday & Friday)
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland 20:30 (Tuesday & Friday)

Please note, if you are playing through a lottery concierge service the cut off time for entry will usually be a couple of hours before the actual draw deadline.

Keep an Eye Out for EuroMillions Superdraws!

A few times a year, the EuroMillions lottery hosts special events called Superdraws. On these special draws, the jackpot is a guaranteed €100 million or more regardless of the previous jackpot. For the last EuroMillions Superdraw, the big jackpot was a whopping €139 million. If you want to know more about the biggest Superdraw winners, take a look our list!

The Latest EuroMillions Winners

On January 17th, 2020, the EuroMillions lottery has delivered its very first jackpot of the year! The lucky winner comes from Portugal and the scoop is worth €100 million. Just one week later, on January 24th, another EuroMillions jackpot was won. This time, the winner came from Luxembourg and the prize was worth €28 million. This is an excellent start to the new decade!

December has also been a good month to play the EuroMillions, as the lottery has delivered two jackpots! On December 17th, 2019, a player from Spain won €48.9 million. The other jackpot of the month was won on December 3rd, 2019, when a lucky punter scooped €48 million (£40 million). The lucky Brit is the seventh EuroMillions jackpot winner from the UK this year. The winning numbers for the jackpot were 18-31-32-38-48/04-12.

This thrilling news comes just a few weeks after Steve Thomson, a builder from West Sussex, and his wife, Lenka, scooped a £105 million jackpot. You can read their lovely story right here.

If you want to find out more about the EuroMillions Hall of Fame, check out our list of the biggest EuroMillions jackpot winners to find out their amazing journeys to their legendary wins. If you want to see group-play in action, take a look at our biggest syndicate winners list to see that sharing is winning!

When Is the Next EuroMillions Draw?

EuroMillions draws take place twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 20:45 in Paris (CEST). Take a look to the right to see the remaining time until the next draw in this pan-European lottery. We’ll always keep you up to date!

How Much Is the Next EuroMillions Jackpot?

If you want to know just how much you stand to win in the upcoming EuroMillions draw, take a look to the right to see the announced jackpot. It’s certainly worth putting in a ticket!

EuroMillions Game Options Available Online

Buying your EuroMillions tickets online, you also gain access to some exciting game options that make the game even more fun and that actually increase your chances of scooping one of the big prizes. Here are the main options you have on theLotter:

Syndicates – An alternative to the standard ticket is purchasing a share in a EuroMillions syndicate. This means you participate in the game together with a group of players owning a large number of tickets, but paying for only a share of the cost. If one of your tickets is a winner, the prize will be split by the group according to the shares each member has purchased. Syndicates are the fastest way to boost your EuroMillions odds!

Bundles – Can’t decide between buying your very own EuroMillions ticket and getting a share in a syndicate? On theLotter, you don’t have to! You can play with both options for a better price! That’s right! Bundle packages get you an individual ticket and a share in a syndicate for a discounted price! You get a better price for experimenting with your game!

Systematic Forms – You can buy EuroMillions tickets with all the possible combinations of 6-10 numbers to increase your winnings. If you match the winning numbers for EuroMillions secondary prizes, you will have them on a lot of tickets, which means you win more prizes. It’s just like having your very own multiplier!

EuroMillions FAQ

How late can you buy a EuroMillions ticket?

You can buy your EuroMillions ticket up to a few hours before the draw. The official cutoff time is 20:30 CEST, but when you get the tickets online, you need to get them a couple of hours early.

Can you buy a EuroMillions ticket online outside the EuroMillions countries?

Yes, you can. You can buy tickets for the EuroMillions from anywhere in the world on lottery messenger service theLotter.

Can foreigners buy EuroMillions tickets?

Yes, they can. The EuroMillions rules permit anybody to buy tickets for the game. The easiest way for foreigners to get tickets is purchasing them online.

Règles générales

Jouer à la loterie EuroMillions

  • Les joueurs doivent choisir cinq numéros principaux entre 1 et 50 ainsi que deux numéros étoile (Lucky Star) entre 1 et 12.
  • La vente de billets se termine le jour du tirage à 20 h 30 CET (19 h 30 GMT).
  • Tous les joueurs doivent être âgés d’au moins 18 ans, à l’exception des joueurs du Royaume-Uni, qui doivent être âgés d’au moins 16 ans.
  • Les joueurs de la loterie d’EuroMillions, participent automatiquement dans les jeux supplémentaires, Royaume-Uni Millionaire Maker et la tombola occasionnelle à l’échelle de l’Europe, European Millionaire Maker.

Réclamations de prix de millions d’euros

  • Les prix ne peuvent être réclamés que dans le pays dans lequel le billet gagnant a été acheté. Pour les joueurs qui ont gagné un prix en ligne par l’intermédiaire d’un service de concierge, les prix de faible valeur seront payés directement par le service, dont le personnel assistera également les joueurs lors du processus de réclamation pour les grands prix.
  • Les participants des syndicats de loterie en ligne recevront leur part des gains directement du service de concierge.
  • Le processus de réclamation des prix de l’EuroMillions fonctionne différemment dans chacun des pays participants. Le tableau suivant vous indique le temps que vous avez pour réclamer un prix et ce qui se passe si vous manquez la date limite.
Pays Période de réclamation Que se passe-t-il en cas de prix non réclamés ?
Autriche 3 ans Les prix sont retournés à la loterie pendant trois ans avant d’être utilisés pour financer l’augmentation des prix.
Belgique 140 jours Les prix sont retournés à la Loterie Nationale Belge.
France 60 jours Les prix sont utilisés pour financer des promotions spéciales, créant un certain nombre de millionnaires au cours d’une semaine.
Irlande 90 jours Retourné à la loterie nationale britannique et utilisé pour promouvoir ses jeux afin de lever des fonds pour de bonnes causes.
Luxembourg 60 jours Les prix sont retournés au fonds de réserve de la loterie.
Portugal 90 jours Les prix sont transférés à la Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, qui gère des hôpitaux et des fonds d’autres œuvres caritatives.
Espagne 90 jours Les prix sont transférés au Trésor Public de l’État.
Suisse 180 jours Les prix sont retournés à la loterie pour être distribués aux œuvres caritatives.
Royaume-Uni 180 jours Les prix sont transférés à la National Lottery Good Causes Fund (Fondation Nationale de la loterie pour les œuvres caritatives).

Pour plus de détails sur ce qu’il faut faire si vous gagnez un prix, consultez la Page Comment réclamer un prix.

Le plafond de la cagnotte

Si aucun joueur ne gagne la cagnotte lors d’un tirage d’EuroMillions, le premier prix sera remis en jeu et sera ajouté aux fonds du tirage suivant, jusqu’à ce que la cagnotte atteigne une somme maximale de 200 millions € qui sera disponible pendant quatre tirages sans un gagnant avant qu’elle soit affectée au rang de gains inférieur le plus proche. Consultez la section Plafond de la cagnotte pour plus d’informations.

Betrugsarten bei EuroMillions

Betrugsfälle bei EuroMillions können den Traum davon, einen Jackpot zu gewinnen, in einen kostspieligen Alptraum verwandeln. Das sind einige der beliebtesten Methoden von Betrügern.

Die erste Kontaktaufnahme erfolgt meistens auf eine der folgenden Arten:


Es wird ein Brief mit der Post geschickt, in dem der Empfänger darüber informiert wird, dass er einen Lotteriepreis gewonnen hat und sich registrieren muss, damit der Gewinn ausgezahlt werden kann.


Ein „Lotteriebeamter» ruft das mögliche Opfer an, um die „gute Nachricht» zu verkünden, und versucht eine Bearbeitungsgebühr und/oder die Bankverbindung aus dem Opfer herauszubekommen, solange dieses noch überrascht ist.

Soziale Netzwerke

Mitgliedern sozialer Netzwerke wie Facebook wird eine persönliche Nachricht geschickt, in der ihnen mitgeteilt wird, dass Sie bei einer Lotterie oder einer Verlosung auf einer bestimmten Webseite gewonnen haben.


Dem Empfänger wird per SMS mitgeteilt, dass seine Telefonnummer bei einer Verlosung oder Lotterie teilgenommen hat und zufällig als Gewinner ausgewählt wurde.

Wie auch immer ein Lottieriebetrüger Kontakt mit Ihnen aufnimmt, das Ziel ist immer das gleiche. Man will an Ihre persönlichen Daten, Bankverbindung und letztendlich Ihr Geld herankommen

So sollten Sie in einem Betrugsfall vorgehen

  • KEIN Geld senden
  • KEINEN Link in einer verdächtig wirkenden E-Mail öffnen
  • NICHT auf einen verdächtigen Brief oder eine verdächtige E-Mail antworten
  • KEINE persönlichen oder finanziellen Daten preisgeben, weder per E-Mail, Brief noch am Telefon
  • WENN Sie schon geantwortet haben sollten, so brechen Sie den Kontakt zum Betrüger sofort ab
  • IWENN Sie persönliche oder finanzielle Daten weitergegeben haben, so warnen Sie Ihre Bank unverzüglich
  • BERICHTEN Sie davon bei Ihren örtlichen Behörden. Diese werden Ihnen Informationen zum weiteren Vorgehen zur Verfügung stellen und Sie beraten, wenn Sie den Verdacht hegen, Ziel eines Betrugsversuchs zu sein.

Auch wenn Strafverfolgungsbehörden auf der ganzen Welt hart daran arbeiten, Lotteriebetrüge aufzudecken und die Täter zu bestrafen, ist der beste Weg, um kein Opfer zu werden, selbst immer wachsam zu sein

Additional Draws

As different nations offer their own supplementary games, playing EuroMillions in another country allows you the opportunity to win additional prizes. Discover more about a game by tapping the link below.

Here are the games you can enter, along with the top prize available:

Country Supplementary Game/s Jackpot/Prize
Austria Austria Joker Jackpot varies
Belgium My Bonus €500
Belgium Joker €200,000 (minimum)
France My Million €1 million
Etoile+ Increases value of main draw prize.
Ireland EuroMillions Plus €500,000
Ireland Only Raffle €5,000
Luxembourg Luxembourg Joker €500,000
Extra Lux €100,000
Portugal M1lhao €1 million.
Spain El Millon €1 million
Switzerland Super Star CHF250,000
2 Chance CHF150,000
United Kingdom UK Millonaire Maker £1 million

You may also find these help sections useful:

Lost and damaged tickets

If you lose your ticket or damage one to the point where it cannot be read or scanned, you should contact your National Lottery for advice on what to do next. If you have a winning ticket that has been lost or damaged you need to report it as soon as possible after the winning draw, as your claim may be invalidated if you leave it too late.

You can find the contact details for the UK and Ireland national lotteries above.

Claiming prizes

There are different ways to claim EuroMillions prizes depending on how much you win, whether your entry was bought in-store or online, and which country the ticket was bought in. Generally, smaller prizes can be claimed for lottery retailers, while larger prizes need to be redeemed from a regional office or lottery headquarters.

Go to the How to Claim page to find out all you need to know about claiming EuroMillions prizes in each participating country.

Tickets purchased in other EuroMillions countries

EuroMillions prizes can only be claimed in the same country that the winning ticket was purchased in. For example, if you buy a ticket in Spain, you will not be able to claim any prizes won on it in the UK, and vice versa.

If you do win a prize on a EuroMillions ticket bought in another country, you’ll need to contact the country’s lottery provider to find out if you can make any alternative arrangements to claim the prize — please note that this would be at the discretion of the selling lottery. Visit the dedicated page for playing EuroMillions abroad to find contact details for the lottery providers in each of the participating countries.

Identifying a lottery scam

Lottery scams are all too common today but there are two golden rules that you should remember in order to protect yourself against them:

  • You cannot win a prize in a lottery you have not entered. If you are ever notified that you have won a prize in a lottery you have not played, it is a scam.
  • No legitimate lottery organisation would demand an upfront fee to pay out your prize money. Again, any message requesting a payment to ‘release’ a lottery prize is a scam.

Go to the Scams page to learn lots more about this type of fraud, including other ways to spot lottery scams.

January 2012 – Change to Jackpot Cap

On 12th January 2012, the EuroMillions jackpot cap was frozen at €190 million. Previous rules set in 2009 stated that each time the jackpot cap was reached, it would be increased by €5 million. The last cap increase had taken place in July 2011, when Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir won a capped €185 million (£161.6 million) jackpot – the largest lottery prize ever won in the UK at the time.

A second rule was changed alongside the jackpot cap; the top prize could remain at its maximum size for two draws, instead of one draw, before being rolled down to the next prize tier.

Changes Summary

  • Jackpot cap increase rule scrapped; jackpot cap frozen at €190 million
  • Jackpot roll-down deadline increased from one draw after reaching cap to two draws after reaching cap

Total Winners to Date

The total number of EuroMillions winners across all thirteen prize tiers is shown below. This is updated shortly after the latest draw has taken place.

Number of players that have won a EuroMillions prize since 13th February 2004:


To view a comprehensive breakdown of winners from all countries, visit the Winner Statistics page.

Biggest Jackpot Winners from the UK

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 8th October 2019 £170,221,000 Anonymous
Tuesday 12th July 2011 £161,653,000 Colin and Chris Weir, Largs, Scotland
Friday 10th August 2012 £148,656,000 Adrian and Gillian Bayford, Haverhill, Suffolk
Tuesday 11th June 2019 £123,458,008 Anonymous
Tuesday 24th April 2018 £121,328,187 Anonymous
Tuesday 1st January 2019 £114,969,775 Patrick and Frances Connolly, Moira, Northern Ireland

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Austria

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 16th May 2008 €55,609,411 Anonymous, Carinthia
Tuesday 19th August 2014 €54,304,297 Anonymous, Tirol
Friday 6th March 2009 €50,000,000 Anonymous, Styria
Friday 5th March 2010 €46,258,004 Anonymous, Burgenland
Tuesday 8th May 2018 €45,566,998 Anonymous, Tirol

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Belgium

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 11th October 2016 €168,085,323 Anonymous, Schaerbeek
Tuesday 2nd June 2017 €153,873,716 Anonymous, Flemish Region
Tuesday 21st August 2018 €107,839,228 Anonymous, Flemish Region
Friday 9th February 2007 €100,000,000 Anonymous, Tirlemont
Tuesday 25th June 2013 €93,968,807 Anonymous

Biggest Jackpot Winners from France

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 13th November 2012 €169,837,010 Anonymous, Alpes-Maritime
Tuesday 13th September 2011 €162,256,622 Anonymous, Calvados
Friday 29th March 2013 €132,486,744 Anonymous, Seine-et-Marne
Friday 21st December 2012 €101,835,641 Anonymous, Haute-Garonne
18th September 2009 €100,000,000 Anonymous, Bouches du Rhône

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Ireland

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 19th February 2019 €175,475,380 Anonymous, Co Dublin
Friday 29th July 2005 €115,436,126 Dolores McNamara, Co Limerick
Tuesday 25th June 2013 €93,968,807 Anonymous, Co Dublin
Tuesday 24th January 2017 €88,587,275 Anonymous, Co Dublin
Friday 19th September 2014 €86,732,923 Anonymous, Co Dublin

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Luxembourg

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 27th September 2013 €65,793,284 Anonymous
Friday 9th January 2015 €31,666,941 Anonymous
Friday 24th January 2020 €28,601,720

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Portugal

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 24th October 2014 €190,000,000 Anonymous, Castelo Branco
Friday 20th November 2015 €163,553,041 Anonymous, Eiras
Friday 17th January 2020 €100,779,289 Anonymous, Mafra
Friday 6th March 2015 €100,000,000 Anonymous
Tuesday 14th March 2017 €80,571,199 Anonymous, Faro

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Spain

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Friday 6th October 2017 €190,000,000 Anonymous, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Tuesday 7th July 2020 €144,542,315 Anonymous, Mayorga, Valladolid
Friday 13th June 2014 €137,313,501 Anonymous, Parla, Madrid
Friday 7th February 2020 €130,000,000 Anonymous, Madrid
Friday 8th May 2009 €126,231,764 Anonymous, Majorca

Biggest Jackpot Winners from Switzerland

Draw Date Jackpot Won Winner(s)
Tuesday 2nd October 2018 €162,403,002 | CHF 183,897,039.30 Anonymous, North-West Switzerland
Tuesday 19th December 2017 €135,346,147 | 157,096,272.80 Anonymous, Zurich
Friday 23rd August 2013 €93,948,087 | CHF 115,507,763.80 Anonymous, Valais
Friday 6th April 2018 €76,119,641 | CHF 89,415,763.15 Anonymous
Tuesday 11th November 2011 €67,939,183 | CHF 83,979,625.35 Anonymous

How to Buy EuroMillions Tickets Online

1. Choose the EuroMillions version you want to buy.
On theLotter, you can buy tickets for the Spanish or the Austrian EuroMillions. While the jackpot is the same, the Spanish version of the game also comes with El Millón raffle and the Austrian version offers the Österreich Bonus Raffle.

2. Select the type of ticket you want to buy.
Choose between a standard EuroMillions ticket, a share in a EuroMillions syndicate, and a bundle package.

3. Choose your 5 main numbers for the EuroMillions ticket.
For each line you buy in the EuroMillions, you have to choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50. Select the numbers manually or click on the Quick Pick button to get a random combination of numbers for your ticket.

4. Choose your 2 Lucky Stars.
For each line you buy in the EuroMillions, you have to choose 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 12. You can choose these manually by clicking the numbers you want in the grid or you can opt for the Quick Pick selection.

5. Create an account on theLotter.
Sign in or sign up on theLotter to buy your EuroMillions tickets. Just follow the steps and put in your data to create your account.

6. Make the payment online.
Choose between the available online payment options and finalize the online transaction.

September 2016 – EuroMillions Overhaul

September 2016 saw sweeping changes made to the EuroMillions format, including the introduction of new supplementary games in six countries and a €2 million increase to the minimum jackpot. The price of entry was increased as follows:

Austria €2.00 €2.20
Belgium €2.00 €2.50
Ireland €2.00 €2.50
Luxembourg €2.00 €2.50
Portugal €2.00 €2.50
Spain €2.00 €2.50
Switzerland CHF3.00 CHF3.50
UK £2.00 £2.50

The price change covered the cost of new raffles and supplementary games implemented across Europe. With the new games came the introduction of a Europe-wide raffle event, the European Millionaire Maker. The first European Millionaire Maker raffle took place on Friday 28th October 2016, with 25 winning codes selected.

Another big change was the introduction to the game of a 12th Lucky Star; the odds of winning in each prize tier changed as a result:

Match 5 + 2 Stars 1 in 116,531,800 1 in 139,838,160
Match 5 + 1 Star 1 in 6,473,989 1 in 6,991,908
Match 5 1 in 3,236,995 1 in 3,107,515
Match 4 + 2 Stars 1 in 517,920 1 in 621,503
Match 4 + 1 Star 1 in 28,774 1 in 31,076
Match 3 + 2 Stars 1 in 11,771 1 in 14,126
Match 4 1 in 14,387 1 in 13,812
Match 2 + 2 Stars 1 in 882 1 in 986
Match 3 + 1 Star 1 in 654 1 in 707
Match 3 1 in 327 1 in 314
Match 1 + 2 Stars 1 in 157 1 in 188
Match 2 + 1 Stars 1 in 46 1 in 50
Match 2 1 in 23 1 in 22
The overall odds of winning a prize remained at 1 in 13.

The UK’s popular ‘Mega Friday’ promotional draw — which saw multiple £1 million raffle prizes and luxury non-cash prizes awarded on the last Friday of each month – also saw a major change. The event was expanded to offer prizes in two consecutive draws and was renamed ‘Mega Week’.

All changes came into effect as of Saturday 24th September 2016, with the very first Mega Week beginning on Tuesday 27th September. Ten raffle prizes of £1 million plus a 100-day round-the-world trip were given out, and a special €130 million Superdraw took place on Friday 30th September. Mega Week ran for nine months, with the last Mega Week draws taking place on Tuesday 25th and Friday 28th June 2017.

Changes Summary (General)

  • Minimum jackpot increased from €15 million to €17 million
  • European Millionaire Maker raffle introduced
  • Ticket price increased in all participating countries
  • The number of draws in which the jackpot could stay at its cap before triggering a rolldown increased from two to five
  • Number of Lucky Stars increased from 11 to 12, resulting in a change to the odds of winning individual prizes

Changes Summary (UK)

  • UK Mega Friday transformed into Mega Week, an occasional event that offered multiple Millionaire Maker prizes, and non-cash prizes including luxury holidays
  • Number of UK Millionaire Maker prizes offered per draw increased from one to two. The chances of winning improved from 1 in 4.8 million to 1 in 1.9 million for a Tuesday draw, and from 1 in 7.5 million to 1 in 2.95 million for a Friday draw

Changes Summary (Rest of Europe)

  • ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ supplementary game introduced to Ireland, offering ten €5,000 prizes every draw
  • ‘El Millón’ supplementary raffle introduced to Spain, offering a €1 million prize every Friday
  • ‘My Bonus’ supplementary raffle introduced to Belgium, offering 600 prizes of €500 and one prize worth €1 million every week
  • ‘M1lhão’ supplementary raffle introduced to Portugal, offering a €1 million prize every Friday
  • ‘2. Chance’ supplementary draw introduced to Switzerland, offering players the chance to win up to CHF150,000 using their main EuroMillions numbers
  • ‘Etoile+’ add-on game introduced in France, offering increased prizes and additional prize tiers for matching Lucky Stars


Prize Total Online
Up to €99 Prizes are paid directly into your online account.
Between €100 and €500 Prizes are sent by cheque to your registered home address.
Between €501 and €9,999 Prizes are paid by cheque once a claim form has been completed.
Over €10,000 Prizes must be collected in person from National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. A cheque will be presented once the win has been validated.
Prize Total Authorised Retailer
Up to €100 Smaller prizes can be claimed from any authorised lottery retailer. Some retailers can also pay out prizes of up to €2,500 if funds are available.
Between €100 and €15,000 Visit any lottery claim centre around the country to pick up your prize.
Over €15,000

You must visit the lottery headquarters in Dublin to claim your prize. Alternatively, you can claim lower awards by sending your ticket by post* to lottery headquarters.

If you have won the jackpot, the Match 5+1 Star prize or the top EuroMillions Plus award of €500,000, you should ring the lottery straight away on 01- 836 4444.

EuroMillions players in Ireland have 90 days to claim any prizes.


Prize Total Online
Up to €2,000 Prizes of up to €600 are paid directly into your online account. Larger prizes are paid directly into your bank account.
Over €2,000 You must visit your lottery account and request the transfer of your prize into your bank account. Prizes over €40,000 are taxed at a rate of 20%.
Prize Total Authorised Retailer
Up to €2,000 Prizes can be claimed from any Loterias y Apuestas sales outlet.
Over €2,000 Prizes can be claimed from any Loterias y Apuestas sales outlet. Winnings will be paid via bank transfer. Prizes over €40,000 are taxed at a rate of 20%.

EuroMillions players in Spain have three months to claim any prizes.

How Prizes Are Funded

EuroMillions prizes are funded using revenue from ticket sales. A percentage of the money you spend on entering the game is allocated to the prize fund, with the remainder distributed to good causes, Government Lottery Duty and retailer commission, as well as covering operating costs.

When you play EuroMillions in the UK, the £2.50 you spend per line is broken down into £1.74 for entering the main draw and £0.76 for the UK Millionaire Maker raffle. Fifty percent of the £1.74 spent on the main game is allocated to the prize fund. Thirty percent of the £0.76 spent to enter the Millionaire Maker is used to pay prizes in the supplementary raffle.

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