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Canadian lotto lotto 6/49 - how to buy a ticket from Russia

Rules of the game

Consider the rules of the game. Lotto "6/49" 3 lotteries during 1 circulation. This is the main lotto, where to guess 6 numbers from 49, next draw 1 000 000 dollars, that is, "Guaranteed Prize Draw" and the drawing of an additional prize from 500 000 dollars to 1 million dollars - "Encore Draw".

Main Lotto

The rules are the same as in other lotteries "6 out of 49". The ticket contains 49 digits ranging from one to 49. From them you need to cross out 6 random numbers.

The more numbers match the numbers, which the presenter took from the lottery drum, the more the winning amount will be. Choosing a hard game, the player must cross out 6, and 5,7,8,9 digits, the number of winning combinations will be the same.

  • when choosing 5 digits - 44 (the cost of the game - $132)
  • when choosing 7 digits - 7 (the cost of the game - $21)
  • when choosing 8 digits - 28 (the cost of the game - $84)
  • when choosing 9 digits - 84 (the cost of the game - $252)

The main feature of Lotto "6/49": when crossing out 5 digits, combinations that lead to victory, there will be more, than in that case, when the player crosses out 6 or 7 digits. If the player crosses out 5 digits, then the winning combinations will be those, which has everything 5 digits and any third-party number. I speak otherwise, if the player crosses out the numbers 12345, the combination 123456 will be victorious for him.


What are the prizes in the main round?

The Lotto 6/49 prize pool is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • For the winning category 1 need to 6 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 79,5%)
  • For the winning category 2 need to 5+1 coincidence (the share of the prize fund will be 6%)
  • For the winning category 3 need to 5 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 5%)
  • For the winning category 4 need to 4 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 9,5%)
  • For the winning category 5 need to 3 coincidences, gain 10$
  • For the winning category 6 need to 2+1 coincidence, gain 5$
  • For the winning category 7 need to 2 coincidences, and the winner gets into the next draw for free.

«Guaranted Prize»

Each draw makes one participant of Lotto 6/49 richer by 1 000 000 dollars. Such a drawing is held in each draw, Based on this, twice a week, the organizers make one of the participants a dollar millionaire. Participation in this drawing is free of charge and no additional payment is required.

The winners are determined after the end of the main lottery draw, the host will announce a ten-digit combination. Participant, who will find such a combination on his ticket, will be the winner. Need to mark, that bonus combinations cannot be selected by players, they are printed before tickets are issued.

You can take part in the additional drawing, I paid 1 dollars. This round is held in each lotto draw "6/49". Inside the lottery drum there is 10 kegs with numbers from 0 to 9. Take turns getting from the inside 7 balls, announcing their numbers then the removed barrel is put back in the lottery drum.

Based on this, the number of winning combinations can be repeated two or more times. Players, who guessed everything 7 numbers in that order, in which they fell, get one million each, and the players, who guessed the part correctly, also expect a reward:

  • for 6 numbers - $100 thousand;
  • for 5 numbers - $1000;
  • for 4 numbers - $100;
  • for 3 numbers - $10;
  • for 2 numbers - $5.

How it all began.

The USA Powerball lottery was originally called America Lotto, however, after just a few years, after its foundation, the lottery got the name by which it is known today. The USA Powerball was initiated by the American MUSL Association., which not only developed the rules of the lottery game, but also continued to improve them over the following years. So, eg, just four years after the creation of the lottery, a new option appeared in it called "powerplay", thanks to which all winnings (excluding jackpots) could be increased several times. This option is valid to this day..

From the very beginning, the lottery organizers assumed, that it will be possible to buy tickets not for her only in those states, where the Mega Millions lottery was not held, which at that time was the largest in the United States and covered 21 state. A little bit later, representations of both lotteries were able to conclude an agreement that, that lottery tickets are like USA Powerball, so on Mega Millions can be sold without hindrance in all 44 states. All the money, received through the USA Powerball lottery, go directly to the budgets of the participating states, each of which independently decides, what to spend this money on. Practice shows, that in most cases, proceeds, received from lotteries, is aimed at the development and maintenance of state educational programs.

Today, Powerball lottery tickets can be bought in almost all states with the exception of Alabama., Alaska, Wyoming, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, South Carolina, Dakota and California.

Recently, namely 15 january 2012 of the year, the lottery celebrated its 20th birthday, in honor of which the possible sizes of prizes were noticeably increased, as well as the probability of getting a winning combination. A similar result was achieved due to the fact, what did not play the lottery now 39 rooms, as it was before, and 35, making it much easier to guess the winning combination. Simultaneously with the exclusion from the lottery of four game numbers, the sizes of the original jackpots were also revised (now they are twice as large) and ticket prices. The Power Play option has been replaced by a fixed odds, which increases the incentive prize to $2 million, and all other winnings in 4 times. More recently, the coefficient “powerplay” was revised again, as a result of which the winnings on the secondary prizes have increased significantly.

The last state, who joined the rest of the Powerball lottery, became California, and it happened in November 2012 of the year. The very first Powerball draw was drawn in California in April 2013 of the year. One of the main features of the lottery in the "Golden State" is that, that the "powerplay" option does not work here, however, at the same time, participants have the opportunity to win an almost unlimited amount of money, and the amount of prizes here directly depends on the number of lottery tickets sold.

Rules and order of drawing

Minimum winnings for this lotto 5 million dollars (we are talking about the jackpot). In addition to the basic lottery draw, there are two additional, in which super prizes participate (one million dollars each and 500 000 dollars). Consider further, how the lottery is conducted and what prizes can be won.

The first page in history dates from 12 june 1982 of the year. The lottery began to be held throughout Canada by various companies.

  • organizers in Britain were British Columbia Loto Corporation $
  • in Ontario - Ontario Lottery;
  • in Quebec - Loto-Québec;
  • in Western Canada it is Western Canada Lotto Corporation;
  • on the territory of the Arctic islands of Canada Atlantic lottery Corporation.

IN 2013 year the rules have changed. The organizers thought it was a good idea to introduce an additional draw, namely a million dollar lottery prize in each round. Each player is guaranteed a prize draw of 1 000 000 dollars. To obtain it, you need to buy tickets and verify the ten-digit code. If it matches the code, which the host named - the ticket will win.

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