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Foreign lotteries: how do Russians play in foreign lotteries

Reasons for the unknown world draws

They, who periodically participates in checking their luck, asked this question more than once. In, that little is known about foreign draws, several factors are to blame. Let's highlight them for everyone to see.

Reluctance of the organizers

it, probably, main reason. Lottery organizers listen to the world's problems, and in particular, to the problem of capital flight. And since those countries hold good draws, where there are enough freebies of their own, then in most cases they are not averse to giving the winnings to their fellow countrymen, and bathe in the glory, attracting an even greater influx of participants.

Translation problems

Reluctance to move to other markets, many organizers of lottery draws do not burden themselves with translations of official sites into other languages. If you find a Russified resource, then there will be a minimum of information on it.

By the way, one of the good sites, where there is good information on foreign lotteries and the opportunity to participate in them, is an

Thanks to such sites, Recently, more and more participants of foreign lotteries appear in Russia, attracting by the transparency of the process and large prize pools.

According to those, who constantly participates in world draws, and there are a lot of them, then those prizes, which are categorized as third degree, much better and more expensive, what the organizers of domestic games offer.

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