Winning lotteries in russia

Winnings tax: 5 ways to pay tax on the won car in 2020 r

Winning lotteries in russia

I think, many will agree, that a tax on winnings could be called a "luck tax". By purchasing a lottery ticket for 100 p. and suddenly winning a gorgeous car, luck and the tax office smiled at you at the same time.

After all, the tax on winnings is a mandatory collection in favor of the state from the money won or the cost of an expensive gift according to the rules for calculating and paying tax on personal income.

A very important point, in monetary terms is, which lottery or which drawing you are participating in:

  1. If this is a simple lottery, then the tax rate is determined, as personal income tax and equal 13%. Respectively, if you're lucky to win a car, and the payoff is equivalent 900 t. p., then the tax will be 117 t. p.

A simple money lottery is always paid and is a venture operation. That is, the risk of not winning is always greater, how to win.

  1. And if this is an advertising lottery, then the tax rate will be 35% and lucky, winner of the same car, will be obliged to pay to the state treasury already at 198 t. p., and more - 315 t. p.

Promotional lotteries and draws are always free. Their organizers advertise their products in this way and attract buyers., stimulate loyal customers to repeat purchases, to increase the amount of the check, etc..

When is it necessary to pay tax?

Usually, the winner's euphoria from the news of an expensive gift takes from 1 months to six months, and after that financial questions arise: "What amount of winnings is taxed?? And what are the opportunities to avoid a large amount of taxes in 2020 year?»

According to Russian legislation:

  • face, winner before 4 t. p., exempt from tax;
  • face, benefited from 4 to 15 t. p. must independently file an income tax return, calculate tax and pay it on time;
  • face, who won over 15 t. p. will receive his winnings in cash, already net of tax, since the taxpayer will be the lottery organizer;
  • face, high value gainer, including a car, must independently file an income tax return, calculate tax (when, if the organizer has not notified the amount of tax, you need to use the services of an independent appraiser) and pay it on time.

Do you need a declaration?

If we are talking about the received prize in the form of a car, then the winner is unambiguously obliged to notify the tax authority of the income received and pay for the luck.

The declaration in the form 3-NDFL is submitted on a general basis, on time, statutory, from 01 January to 30 April next year for receiving income. That is, for winning in 2019 year will have to report and pay in 2020 year.

No need to think, that the tax office receives information about income only from a person, who won a valuable prize.

Lottery organizer, in its turn, also reports on the expensive items provided for the prize and gives information about the winners.

The form can be downloaded, fill in and print on the computer. You can also buy at a specialty letterhead store or take it from the tax office itself and fill in handwritten, in block letters, according to sample.

Reporting documentation can be submitted with a personal visit to the tax office, through a representative, by means of a notarized power of attorney, using electronic services of the IFTS, by Russian Post.

Tax payment methods

When it comes to paying tax on the prize money won in excess of 15 t. p., then by law, the lottery operator is obliged to make calculations and pay the winner the amount, including tax deduction.

And when we talk about a valuable prize, in particular, about the car, then the lucky winner gets the financial burden along with the gift, and the need to independently communicate with the tax service on a general basis.

Declaration submission deadline - from 01.01 by 30.04. next year after winning.

Tax payment deadline - until 15.07. next year after winning.

Like any other taxpayer, car prize winner, can pay tax:

  • in all branches of commercial banks, carrying out financial activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. This can be done both through operators, and through terminals, equipped with a barcode recognition system;
  • through personal accounts and mobile applications of commercial banks;
  • through the portal "Gosuslugi";
  • through Russian Post offices;
  • through the payment system "City" (in those regions and cities, in which this system works).
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