Winning the lottery in America 2018

Us residents refuse to take lottery winnings more often than Russian citizens


In December 2010 of the year, when in the next Hot Lotto draw, famous and popular lottery in the USA, covering one and a half dozen states of the country and the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia, turned out to be the lucky winner of the jackpot, guessing 6 winning numbers. Amount - 16,5 million dollars

Who is the owner of this money?

true, the winner was in no hurry to win. His, as it usually is, searched through the media, but no one showed up. Only in November 2011 the organizers of the lottery got a call from a certain Philip Johnston, a lawyer from Quebec and reported, that he is the desired winner.

Johnston correctly named the 15 serial number of the winning ticket, explained, what is sick, and clarified - is it possible to receive a check by mail. true, to the question - how he was dressed when buying that very ticket - the lawyer answered incorrectly and the officials refused him to receive the prize.

6 December Johnston called again, with version number 2. He admitted, that he was not the ticket buyer, but reported, what represents a client who wants to maintain complete anonymity. Lottery officials could not agree to provide anonymity, as in most US states, the organizer is obliged by law to publish the details of the winner - photo, surname / name, city ​​and amount of winnings.

Twenty three days later, two hours before the deadline, Iowa Lottery Division Receives Package From Des Moines Law Firm. It contained a letter from attorney Julie McLean stating, that her firm represents the winner. The goal remained the same - someone wanted to get 16,5 million, but desperately didn't want to show myself.

All these manipulations led to, that the lottery management contacted the police. As a result of an investigation that lasted several years, a fraudulent scheme was revealed, built by Eddie Tipton, the director of information security of the same lottery. This is why he didn't want to show himself.

Tipton, how a programmer and security officer was able to create a special program, allowing him to win on certain days and hours (three times a year). And even got several million dollars with accomplices. But on his biggest win, he still fell asleep. It is not for nothing that America has rigidly fixed the duty of the organizer to present the winner to the general public., it helps a lot from similar schemes.

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