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How to win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot?

On one of the sites, dedicated to this jackpot, the author shares his impressions of, how to increase the chances of winning. In his opinion, if the budget is limited to £ 50- £ 100, then it is better to put less and twist more, than spending the same amount for fewer spins.

If you have £ 500 or more at your disposal, it is better to make maximum bets. Indeed, the chances of activating the bonus game with access to one of the four jackpots depend on the size of the bet.

It is important not to be confused here - everyone has a chance, even that, who puts the minimum, but in this case, the chances of activating the bonus game will then also be less


Beyond wagering requirements and the odds difference between small and large bets, you can only play more often. Unfortunately, everything else depends solely on case. You can play all your life and never get a progressive jackpot. And there were cases, when a player won a large prize from his first bet in an online casino.

Anyway, never forget, what to play responsibly. Chasing ghostly million dollar jackpots is not guaranteed. Sometimes a lifetime is missing. So that, do not dwell on this.

What is a jackpot and what is it like?

Let's figure it out first, what is it all about.

Usually the jackpot is called a super prize, which can be obtained from a certain game. Unknown, when the casino had the idea to reward players with such prizes, but the word "jackpot" itself has been known in England for at least 19 century.

What gives the jackpot? Its amount is much more than those rates, which are made specifically for this game. It is paid out of those deductions, which the gambling establishment makes with every dollar it receives.

for example:

  • At the poker table during the week there were 500 games.
  • Суммарно казино получило $100 000.
  • 5% of this amount is deposited on the jackpot.
  • Player, who is lucky, сможет унести домой $5 000, putting the usual $100 or $200.

I.e, the jackpot is a kind of "fund" of the institution, which is replenished from casino income.

There are two main types of jackpots.

Fixed small jackpot

It is often used on slot machines. Actually, the very essence of slot machines boils down to small jackpots. Most of them work like this:

  • You put 100 rubles and twist.
  • Will drop out 3 apples - get 200 rubles.
  • 3 orange - 500 rubles.
  • 3 banana - 1000 rubles.
  • 3 коктейля – 5 000 rubles.

If on the machine 3 drum with 5 different symbols, then the probability of getting any winning combination is 0.08%. Which means, What's on 100 spins the machine will work 100 x 100 = 10 000 рублей и выплатит суммарно 6 800, If everyone 4 combinations will play. This mathematics allows the organizer of this game to live well., but players also have a chance to really win.

For an online casino owner, the income is especially high, because maintenance costs are much less, and 100 players from different cities and countries can make bets in just half an hour or even faster.

However, that machine, which we gave as an example, is an average winning, since the maximum jackpot is x50 of the bet amount. But there are also more winning ones - for example, such, where for the falling of the three highest symbols the player receives the amount, multiplied by 100 or even 500 time.

Thus, the casino kills two birds with one stone - it encourages players to play more and bet large sums..

It's very insulting, if you got x500, when did you put 1 ruble instead of 100.

Accumulative big jackpot

This is just the one, for which the casino sets aside a portion of its income. The big jackpot has two main parameters:

  • Its size.
  • Conditions for obtaining.

The size grows with every new game. Often the jackpot amount is written in large numbers above the entrance to the casino, over the gambling table or on the website. Ведь надпись «сегодня джекпот составляет $8 888» может привлечь больше клиентов, than any other ad.

Sometimes, if the conditions for receiving the jackpot are very difficult, it can grow to completely exorbitant levels. There have been cases in the history of casinos, when for several years the jackpot reached a million dollars or more.

true, in such situations, the casino usually decides, that it is completely irrational to pay such an amount into one person, so instead, smaller jackpots are drawn with simplified conditions for obtaining. А накопленный миллион используется именно как призовой фонд.

As for the conditions for getting a big jackpot, then the casino decides for itself, in what cases it will be paid. For poker games, these can be different rare combinations of cards, which should be involved. for example, the so-called "royal flush" (5 cards from ace to ten, thrown out at once). If the player has thrown such a combination and won, then can count on the jackpot.

In the case of slot machines, the jackpot condition is usually:

  • Loss of a line of the rarest symbols.
  • Super game win, which opens as a reward for the previous win.

Frequent daily, weekly or monthly jackpot drawings. In this case, a list of all players is compiled, who have thrown out the required combination or won the super game during this time, and among them the jackpot is drawn. Usually the choice is made by a random number generator.

In general, it is quite possible for any player to win the jackpot.. It happens, what a "big jackpot" a man picks, the only time in his life who entered a casino and bet very little money. for example, in 2003 year in Las Vegas, one man played with a slot machine for only $100, and won already 40 million.

Sure, luck chooses who it wants. However, there are some principles, which maximize the chance of, that the jackpot will fall out for you.

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