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How much you can win at SuperEnaLotto?

In the lottery, the prize fund is distributed as follows:

  • on coincidence 6 numbers, deducted from the prize fund 17,4% prize;
  • on coincidence 5 numbers and numbers "Jolly", deducted from the prize fund 13% prize;
  • on coincidence 5 numbers, deducted from the prize fund 4,2% prize;
  • on coincidence 4 numbers, deducted from the prize fund 4,2% prize;
  • on coincidence 3 numbers, deducted from the prize fund 12,8% prize;
  • on coincidence 2 numbers, deducted from the prize fund 40% prize.

If you participate in the SuperStar lottery, then the prizes are distributed as follows:

  1. Not a single ball and a SuperStar 5 euros.
  2. Odin Shar and SuperStar - 10 euros.
  3. Two Patterns and SuperStar - 100 euros.
  4. Three Shar and SuperStar - a prize for 3 guessed numbers, multiplied by 100 time.
  5. Four balls and SuperStar - prize for 4 guessed numbers increased in 25 time.
  6. Five balls and SuperStar - a prize for 5 guessed numbers increased in 25 time.
  7. Five balls, SuperStar and Jolly Room - 13% prize fund and 1 million euros.
  8. Six balls and SuperStar - jackpot and 2 million euros.

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

given by.

3 561,52 EUR≈ 279 419,06 ₽


20 920,44 RUBL≈ 20 920,44 ₽

Geoffrey C.

111,60 USD≈ 7 873,07 ₽

Ramesh T.

102,12 EUR≈ 8 011,82 ₽

Ramesh T.

189,25 EUR≈ 14 847,61 ₽

Geoffrey C.

126,41 USD≈ 8 917,87 ₽

Dimitrios G.

94,51 EUR≈ 7 414,78 ₽

Dimitrios G.

94,51 EUR≈ 7 414,78 ₽

Geoffrey C.

268,58 USD≈ 18 947,56 ₽

Geoffrey C.

114,98 USD≈ 8 111,52 ₽

Zayed T.

588,55 EUR≈ 46 174,69 ₽

Geoffrey C.

283,90 USD≈ 20 028,35 ₽

Geoffrey C.

153,28 USD≈ 10 813,47 ₽

Geoffrey C.

153,28 USD≈ 10 813,47 ₽

Salim K.

105,33 USD≈ 7 430,74 ₽

Geoffrey C.

105,33 USD≈ 7 430,74 ₽

Geoffrey C.

210,67 USD≈ 14 862,18 ₽

wayne m.

227,23 USD≈ 16 030,44 ₽

Darko M.

310,62 EUR≈ 24 369,69 ₽

Вячеслав Ч.

34 307,34 RUBL≈ 34 307,34 ₽

Omar M.

359,65 USD≈ 25 372,30 ₽

Omar M.

359,65 USD≈ 25 372,30 ₽

Paresh B.

461,51 USD≈ 32 558,23 ₽

Dileep Reddy C.

129,03 USD≈ 9 102,70 ₽

Dilleep Reddy C.

118,96 USD≈ 8 392,29 ₽

Dr. Dhamma R.

231,00 AUD≈ 10 854,77 ₽

Konstantin K.

1 850,65 RUBL≈ 1 850,65 ₽

Michael L.

22,48 EUR≈ 1 763,67 ₽

Mikhail Senkov S.

28,76 EUR≈ 2 256,37 ₽

Dr. Dhamma R.

49,10 AUD≈ 2 307,23 ₽

How to play through an intermediary

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned that, that you can't take part in Mega Millions without an intermediary. therefore, Considering, that the ticket you purchased will be kept by the representative of the intermediary, the choice of the latter must be taken as seriously as possible. Otherwise, in case of winning, you won't see a ticket, no money.

Using the services of an intermediary, be prepared for that, that you will constantly overpay for a ticket. This is normal, since the lottery broker should be rewarded for their services. The only condition is that the overpayment must be reasonable.. Concerning, choosing an intermediary, don't go to the first one that comes along. Compare prices. Read in the "News" or "Promotions" section about, how often discounts are provided on the purchase of tickets, since you can save a lot on them.

Video instruction:

But don't forget, what matters to you is the reputation of a lottery broker

It is she who needs to pay close attention.. To do this, read the section "User Agreement" on the intermediary's website

He must guarantee essential points, connected with:

  • By paying out the drawing;
  • Responsibility for technical errors of the service;
  • Prompt resolution of disputes.

If the mediator does not guarantee them or there are many reservations and "vague" wording in the text of the agreement, it's better not to mess with him, since the maximum, what can be expected in case of a negative scenario, - this is only for a refund of the ticket price.

Find online reviews of the lottery broker you are interested in, to make sure, that winnings are paid out in full and without delay. Find out the lifetime of the site using the appropriate services - preferably, for the intermediary to work on the market for at least 3 years.

But even all the security measures you have taken, listed above, cannot guarantee, that the intermediary will not throw you. But based on all of the above, we can recommend you a good trusted reseller Agentlotto .


In fact, Powerball is not much different from Mega Millions. Here you need to choose five main numbers from 1 to 69 and an extra powerball ball from 1 to 26. The Powerball jackpot is currently 60 million dollars. To rip it off, you need to guess all five numbers and an extra powerball. But even if you don't guess it, you will be able to win one of the eight secondary prizes.

Like Mega Millions, Powerball has a multiplier, which is called powerplay here. It allows you to increase the secondary prizes from two to five times and win the second prize up to two million dollars.

Among the lottery winners, who bought a ticket using the Golotter service, there are three dollar millionaires, hitting a jackpot of one million dollars each: participant from El Salvador, who won the second million dollar prize, user from Canada and player from Australia.

Draws take place in Orlando every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 by local time (7:00 in Moscow).

How it works

Likely, you have a question: “How can I be sure, that I will be paid if I win?»When you place an order, your account receives an automatic confirmation that, that the purchased ticket belongs to you. The ticket purchased by a Golotter service employee will be scanned and uploaded to your account, which will confirm the presence of the original form. By the way, in the terms of use of the Golotter service it is clearly indicated, what's the payoff on 100 % belongs to the buyer, that is, without any commission. The only thing, what will you need to do, Is to pay tax on winnings in that country, where was the ticket purchased. For Mega Millions, these are state and federal taxes..

If you win any lottery, which ticket was purchased through the Golotter service, then on your phone, as well as email notifications. Secondary prizes are automatically transferred to your account after the publication of the results of the draw, and big wins and jackpots are available in the USA. To do this, the lottery organizers will pay you a trip to the States, where the prize check will be handed over.

On the site of the Golotter service you will find other well-known lotteries, among which there are those, where the jackpot exceeds 10 million dollars. To start playing the lottery, register on the Golotter service website, choose the game option, lottery, numbers and buy a ticket. By the way about the game options. Beyond the standard lottery (fill in the field, you win, take the whole amount), it is possible to choose a game in the syndicate. This is when you play in a group and pay less for more fields. In this case, the prize is divided among all group members in accordance with the fields they purchased..

There are also combo deliveries, which contain individual tickets and shares in the syndicate's years, which allows you to multiply the chances of winning as a member of the syndicate. So, eg, third of the jackpot in 656 million dollars of the Mega Millions lottery was thwarted by the so-called Three Amigos - three members of one of the most famous lottery syndicates.


Hope and belief in a better future is an integral part of a happy, fulfilling life. Positive thinking and self-confidence are the main traits, distinguishing avid lottery players from other people. The lottery game always carries with it a storm of positive emotions and a chance to become a rich person. That is why lotteries are winning the love of millions of people in different parts of our planet..

Lottery games in Russia have long been a part of culture and family leisure. There are several official state lotteries on the territory of the Russian Federation, which from year to year confirm their impeccable reputation with impressive prizes. List of those games, which are most likely to win in Russia, can be easily found in the vastness of the global network.

In addition to domestic lotteries, any resident of Russia can take part in foreign games. Thanks to online services, buying lottery tickets is absolutely not a problem. One has only to buy a ticket and check it on the official website of the representative at the appointed time.

Everyone has a chance to change their lives, not everyone wants to use it. Change your life for the better! Go for it and win!

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