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Cheating schemes in Russian lotto in 2020 year: information in the media about huge fraud

The most common cheating schemes

Winning in the "Russian Lotto" is a very rare phenomenon. And why is it so, we will tell further.

Recorded program broadcast

The main deception, which nullifies all chances of lottery participants to win money, is an indirect broadcast. Many Russians naively believe, that Mikhail Borisovich - the permanent host of the show - takes the barrels out of the bag in real time.

But then how to explain the phenomenon of its movement in space?

Hyped issue 1 january 2018 of the year was broadcast live in 20-00 by Moscow time. Before, in their 20-00, residents of Vladivostok have already seen the program, Novosibirsk, Omsk and other cities.

To the hype, raised by lottery participants, the organizers did not react in any way. After several days of attack by deceived players of the Stoloto company, the scandal resolved by itself.

A winning ticket is not a prize guarantee

In theory, everyone has a chance to win the lottery. They, who played lotto at least once in their life, know, that it is quite possible to close the line or even the ticket. But in practice, even having a ticket with a winning combination, getting your prize is not so easy.

Usually only players with minimal winnings manage to get money.. AND, usually, these amounts are immediately returned back to the lottery treasury, since the majority of players inspired by luck immediately buy the cherished tickets for the next broadcast.

Mock participants

Custom-made "lucky ones" with burning eyes regularly tell about unexpected luck, which came after buying a single ticket. In fact, it turns out, that they are all professional actors, executing the order of the company "Stoloto".

Keg Fraud

The broadcast, which was unfortunate for many Russian players, was not without the traditional fraudulent move of the lottery founders. Its essence lies in the replacement of barrels.

Usually the "desired" kegs are heavier, so that the presenter can feel by touch, which number should be taken out. Further - the business of the installers.

Lack of lucky tickets at retail outlets

That's it, that the draws are being broadcast, makes it possible to crank up another clever idea of ​​enterprising lottery organizers. Lucky tickets just don't go on sale.

You can always find an actor, who, for a nominal fee, will tell "on camera" about his incredible luck and provide the audience with a ticket with a winning combination. After all, the entire lotto system works for a single result - the enrichment of the already not poor founder of the lottery company.

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