How to pay tax on winnings

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How to calculate tax on winnings

Anyone can be lucky, therefore it is necessary to inform every citizen, or rather, each tax resident of the country (as well as non-resident), what, on article 228 Tax Code of the Russian Federation any winnings, bonus, gift, game-derived, lottery, the competition must be legalized as income of an individual. To do this, you need to pay the state the required amount.

Define, how much should be paid, not difficult.

If a person participated in a non-advertising lottery, the game, competition and won - the payment will be 13% of the winnings, regardless of its type (money or clothing).

Casino game, paid participation in games and lotteries is also subject to the standard rate 13%.

If the event was held to attract the attention of potential visitors and buyers, for advertising purposes, the payment for the win will be 35% of the winnings. There is good news - winnings, which value is lower 4 thousand rubles, not subject to tax. And if the winning amount is more 15 000 rubles, then the lottery organizer will pay the tax himself. You will receive the amount in hand, taking into account the withheld tax.

I.e, participation in promotional events with small prizes does not need to be paid by the state. If there are several prizes, but their total amount during the year did not exceed the indicated amount, you do not need to declare this income.

If you won more, then the amount is taxed, resulting after deducting allowed 4000 rubles.

In general, the ideal option would be to take a document from the organizers of the lottery or game, confirming the amount of the prize, as well as their TIN.

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