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They didn't know each other before winning the Green Card Lottery

Young people lived in the same city, but never met. They first met in the USA, when both won the Green Card Lottery. And before this incident, they did not even think about moving to America..

Oleg confesses, that I never planned to win a green card, giving the right to move to the States. He and his friends walked around the city, when I saw the advertising stand, inviting to make an application. He spent on her 10 dollars, but did not expect a win. Therefore, I was very surprised, when six months later he received a letter, announcing his victory.

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Igor also did not strive to become a US citizen. He helped a friend from university fill out a Green Card application. Then he himself wrote a questionnaire for the company. And six months later I received the same letter, like Oleg.

The guys first met in San Francisco

By chance, both Belarusians flew to the same city – in San Francisco. There they got their first job.. Igor got the position of a security guard. Oleg had a harder time, he did not know English well, therefore worked as a builder in a company, created by emigrants from Ukraine.

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They met by chance, but quickly became friends. Still, it's more pleasant to communicate with a compatriot, than with unfamiliar foreigners. When they gradually settled into a new country for themselves, the guys began to think about moving. Igor didn't like the weather in San Francisco, he dreamed of Los Angeles. Then he invited Oleg to move, and he immediately agreed.

They never thought to give up such an opportunity.

Young people confess, that never thought about, to refuse to move. All that remained was to find money for a ticket to America. Oleg had to sell a new car, which his parents gave him. I also had to give up my business.. At first he hoped, that he can do it from the USA, but nothing came of it. Through 3 months after the move, the business had to be closed.

Igor had to face objections from his mother. She insisted, so that he graduates from university first. But the guy was determined: he dropped out and borrowed money from friends, to buy a plane ticket.

Such a job can hardly be called a dream., but she helped them to their feet

A year later, Oleg and Igor were able to hire managers to work with orders. They themselves were engaged exclusively in organizational work.. Igor was engaged in advertising and followed online projects, coming from the site. Oleg took over the work with documents, and also followed the staff. Their business grew so fast, that sometimes they didn't have time to track him. Therefore, I had to work all day without days off..

TO 2017 year in their fleet was already 20 car. Then the partners decided to expand their business in other cities.. They opened branches in San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. In these cities, they became leaders in their industry.

Today their company employs more than 100 person: movers, mechanics and managers. More than half of them are from the CIS countries.

Friends decided to buy their own truck with the saved money

They had to work in a moving company for almost 2 of the year. During this time, they were able to accumulate almost 7000 dollars. Then Oleg and Igor decided to invest in their business..

They decided to invest them in that industry, in which they understand. So they just bought a truck and started providing the same service., like other moving companies. At the same time, Igor first wanted to open a business alone., because I didn't want to make earned money with anyone. But Oleg insisted on, what is better to be partners, not competitors.

The company registration process went pretty quickly. They just sent the application online and through 3 weeks received a work permit. At first they didn't even have their own office. – truck only, released in 1995 year. They issued a work phone, made a website and ordered advertising. The price had to be set below the market, to change clients from American moving companies, have already earned a reliable reputation.

Before the trip to America, they thought about doing business

Oleg and Igor moved to Minsk only after entering universities. Then they were not yet familiar and did not suspect that, what awaits them. Oleg studied to be a lawyer, while learning the basics of tourism business. Igor wanted to become an economist, therefore I entered the financial specialty at BSEU.

Oleg is older than Igor by 3 of the year, so he graduated from university earlier. After graduation, he stayed in Minsk and began to develop his own business.. Together with a friend, he sold car parts. They did not catch the stars from the sky, but they could provide a carefree life. Igor was still in his fourth year of university at that time..

And together they went to conquer Los Angeles

After moving to Los Angeles, the guys rented a small room. They had to look for work again, but there were no problems with that. Both of them were taken as movers to a moving company. She took full responsibility for organizing the relocations. The thing is, that they are more popular in the USA, than in the CIS countries.

Americans are not attached to their home, they prefer to rent housing, rather than buying it into property. Often, when they change jobs, they look for an apartment or house closer to the office, so as not to waste time on work. Near 80% US population rents real estate.

For young people, the job did not seem difficult. Oleg and Igor received applications, filled out documents, then they packed the furniture and took it to the new address. There, the movers were already unloading her and taking her to the house.. Can't say, that such work was highly paid. Oleg and Igor received 10 dollars per hour, also clients often left tips to them. There was enough money for life, but the guys tried to postpone, to invest in your business. They worked in this mode more 1 of the year.

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The first year they had to work especially hard

Today Oleg and Igor are engaged only in organizational work of the business. But in the first year they had to work seven days a week. The guys tried to provide services with the highest quality, to build up a client base. Oleg was organizing the transfers, and Igor constantly communicated with clients. After work, they only had enough strength to have dinner and go to bed..

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But perseverance and hard work paid off: their firm became more and more popular, and the number of orders increased. Belarusians started to expand their company. They bought another truck, increased the advertising budget and hired new employees. At the same time, businessmen tried to choose emigrants from the CIS countries, knowing, that in America their work is often not appreciated.

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