Lottery conditions

How to play stoloto by ticket - game rules, conditions and detailed instructions

Investments and profit

To hold a small-scale lottery, you will need at least a million rubles. Consider the cost structure in the table:

Prize fund Cost of one ticket Circulation Profit from ticket sales
2 500 000 rub. 50 rub. 100 000 PCS. 5 000 000

This table does not include advertising costs, payment for the partner-operator, because in each case they will be different. So, the most expensive advertising is on television, and, if you decide to hold a draw on live TV, even on a local TV channel in a small town, be prepared for significant spending.

It will take a beginner about two months to prepare a lottery of this level.. With the acquisition of experience, the period will be reduced to a month.

You also need to consider the fact, that a certain number of tickets may not be sold out. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses, therefore it may be necessary to increase the prize pool.

Lottery betting strategies

Random lottery bets with hopes of luck are doomed to fail, therefore experienced betters, who managed to make money on this type of forecasts, recommend choosing one of the many strategies and sticking to tactics, without departing from its principles even a step.

Legal bookmakers, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, offer several types of jokes: keno, bingo, state lottery bets. One of them, which enjoys particular success among our compatriots, this is Gosloto 5 of 36. The drawing takes place 2 once a day, which is very convenient for using tactics with elements of dogon. Bookmakers are also exposed for lottery games, held in other countries, including Europe, USA and China.

so, strategy itself. Choosing a bet with two possible outcomes, eg, first ball dropped larger 18,5. The odds in different bookmakers may vary slightly and be on average 1,85 – 1,90. Then we determine the desired profit, in example 100 rubles, and calculate the bet amount using a special formula:

Bet amount = Profit / (coefficient - 1)

In our case: 100/(1,85 – 1) = 118 rubles.

Making a forecast: if the number is greater than 19 to 36 - bet won, from 1 to 18 - the bet is lost. In the second situation, we wait for the next draw and repeat the bet, only the profit is calculated taking into account the lost amount:

100 + 118 = 218 rubles;

218/(1,85 – 1) = 256 rubles - new rate.

If the prediction is wrong again, we keep playing until we win, recalculating the amount for each bet. This tactic is derived from the famous Martingale strategy.

No less famous other system of winning without much risk, which is used for many bets in bookmakers, including lottery predictions. Its name is the d'Alembert strategy. To make a profit, you must select an event with a coefficient of more than 3. The difference between the strategy and the previous one is, that it requires not doubling the previous bet, but only adding a fixed amount to it.


Select the bet "at least one ball from the drawing will be a multiple of five" with the odds 3 and put on the outcome 100 rubles. If the forecast does not come true, for the next draw we add more 100, ie. bet amount will be already 200 rubles.

In case of winning:

200*3 = 600; 600 – 100 – 200 = 300 rubles - net profit.

If the forecast fails again, add to the rate 100 rubles:

300*3 = 900; 900 – 100 – 200 – 300 = 300 rubles - the winnings are the same 300 rubles.

Another popular lottery in Russian bookmakers is keno. Its essence lies in the players guessing the numbers drawn. The more numbers are marked by the lottery participant, the higher the probability of winning. Number of rooms, which a better can mark at a time - 15 of 80, 20 of 70, 20 of 80. If at least one of them is guessed, the player will make a profit. There are other recruitment systems, depending on the country and type of lottery.

Some Keno lottery participants choose numbers at random, others assess the likelihood of falling out from previous draws, still others use random number generators, based on special programs for the evaluation of statistical data. However, the latter is highly doubtful, and the chance to win on such a system is not much higher.

How to play and win Russian Lotto

They, who is wondering, how to play and win lotteries, must understand, that there is no winning strategy. If you have lost several dozen tickets in a row, then the chances of winning the next draw remain the same, like newbies. When planning to play lotto for money, this type of gambling cannot be considered as a possible source of stable profit. Here randomness rules, но увеличить шансы на выигрыш все же можно.

Setting up a lottery syndicate

The easiest way to get closer to victory is to purchase a large number of tickets, calculate mathematically possible combinations and overlap them. Lottery coupons are usually not expensive, but this approach requires hundreds or even thousands of tickets for each print run. Spending that amount of money is expensive, but if you divide the costs by several people, then spending will not be critical.

It is best to ask friends and describe to them the possible benefits of the plan.. Yes, if there is a winning ticket among those purchased, then the profit will have to be divided among all participants of the "syndicate", but the chances of winning increase tenfold.

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More numbers, more chances

Each coupon contains 30 numbers, divided into 2 playing fields. In theory, 3 tickets can be closed by all 90 barrels. Buying cards, try to minimize repetitions. Russian Lotto rules do not prohibit this approach, but the probability of winning with the same financial investments increases.

Don't miss the distribution runs

Some players benefit from a simple tip: you need to follow the news and not miss extraordinary runs ("money box" sign on the "lottery"). If during several issues the jackpot is not drawn, then the probable gain continues to accumulate. One of the conditions for the distribution draw is the mandatory draw of the money pool. As One Person Can Win, and a few lucky ones.

The main thing is not to lose heart!

The lottery doesn't need to be taken seriously

It's just a game, therefore it is important to keep positive. Golden Rule: if a Russian person believes in victory, then the chances of a successful outcome are higher, than a pessimist

For assimilation, how to play loto, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. Think through possible combinations mathematically.
  2. Try to avoid repetitions in numbers.
  3. Create a syndicate with friends or acquaintances.
  4. Follow the extraordinary circulation.

Remember, because the lottery is so called, that the outcome is always random. We recommend to take Russian Lotto as fun, and not as a possible financial asset.

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Where to buy lotteries?

We buy lottery tickets through the Stoloto mobile application or on the official website. This is the largest lottery store, or as they call themselves - online supermarket, there are all lotteries, which exist in Russia: "Gosloto", "Sportloto", "Russian Lotto" and . .

By law, it seems like all lotteries in Russia are held under state control. I think, its useful to note, that to buy any lottery you need to register and indicate your phone number. This is a prerequisite.

Sure, you can buy lotteries in different outlets, there are a lot of them, but still it is more convenient on the internet. Although everyone has their own troubles. Who and grandmother's at the lottery kiosk is nice to go. The people there too always crowd. I saw it myself a couple of times.

You can pay for tickets by credit card, it is possible to pay for a Yandex.Money ticket, QIWI Wallet, bonuses and promo codes. Plus winnings are transferred to the Stoloto wallet, you can also buy tickets with this wallet.
Once, true, there was a jamb in the "Stoloto" application, could not pay for the ticket about 20 minutes, fortunately, I managed to get the required circulation, but the sediment remained. Technical support works well, answer quickly and to the point.

How apartments and super prizes are drawn?

As part of the weekly lotto draw, participants have the opportunity to win country houses, apartments, as well as thousands of cash prizes of various sizes.

What you need to know, to get a super prize?

Lotto super prize is given to the participant, who succeeded in the first ten moves, cross out ten numbers, located on any two lines in the lottery ticket.

If you win, the participant can take the money, or get different things, whose final total value will be the sum of the super prize. The prize fund in this case is formed from deductions in 50% of the value of each lottery ticket sold.

How and where to find out the results of the circulation?

The results are published on the state lotto service, and on our website "Golden Key". The publication is posted in the online lotto edition for 10 days after the draw. To find out information about the results, you will need to contact the web resource. On the main page, you need to switch to the Housing Lottery, where there is a button "draws archive" before choosing tickets. In the field you can enter the number of the winning ticket.

An alternative way to get results data is to search by the date of the Housing Lottery.

  1. Use the application program or the mobile version of the web resource.
  2. Contact special kiosks for the sale of lottery.
  3. Use the newspaper publication "Arguments and Facts". Here the results of the draw are published weekly on Wednesdays.
  4. Call the hotline.

To find out the result, ended lottery, participants can use uniform numbers +7-499-270-27-27. Otherwise, you can use the number for cellular mobile operators *777.

When the lottery starts and ends?

When sales close for the next circulation and what happens after

In this case, the nearest and next circulation is allocated.. In the first case, lotto ticket sales close on Saturday 21:30. Sometimes time is postponed, but this is extremely rare. At the same time, they will report on the TV channel or notify in a message to the phone.

The next draw begins, when the closest sales close, otherwise after 21:30. If lotto tickets are purchased later than this time, then the coupon for the drawing goes to the next lottery.

Phased passage of each lottery draw

The lottery time is constant and takes place every Sunday. There are exceptions, but this requires special reasons. Ether can be viewed in 17:30. To do this, you need to enable the "Home" channel. At this time, the program "Own Home" is being broadcast. If necessary, all ethers are saved on the main page of the lotto. However, depending on the region of the country, start of transmission may differ. Therefore, you should follow the program schedule in your city..

When the broadcast and the rally are recorded, then everything happens under the control of a special commission. Lotto takes place in the presence of guests and a group of people. The circulation commission is certified, that the rally follows all the rules. Therefore, first of all, before starting, check the presence of all balls in the drum.. According to the rules, they are mixed every 15 seconds. When all stages of the rally have been completed and the possible number of moves have been completed, then the document is signed. The protocol indicates, that the lotto was drawn according to all the rules and the presenter did not make a mistake.

Stages of the drawing of the draw?

The prize drawing is held in several rounds. The first stage takes place, where tickets are considered winning, in which five numbers, located in a horizontal line. Numbers are taken into account, in the top or bottom fields match the numbers, falling out of the drum. So that the winner can get the win, necessary, the match in his ticket happened before the lottery participants.

The next stage is the victory conditions, which are slightly different. The ticket must match all the numbers from the upper or lower playing field, with ball numbers, fallen out of the lottery drum. As in the first round, lotto ticket is considered a winning ticket, in which the match occurred earlier than other participants in the Housing Lottery.

In the third and final round, should happen 30 matches with the numbers of balls from the lottery drum.

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