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results 1347 Russian lotto draw - check tickets

How will the draw go?

The drawing of the New Year's billion Russian Lotto in 1316 one or more participants will win the draw, which will be crossed out earlier than others 15 numbers in the top or bottom field.

100 prizes of one million rubles will be won by participants, who will cross out all the numbers on the ticket before others.

Thousands of participants will win cash prizes from part of the accumulated prize pool and feel the first victory in the New Year.

If the missing numbers are on your ticket, then it is considered losing, with the exception of, when:

  • In the first round, the barrel numbers matched five numbers of any of the six horizontal lines of the ticket before the others.;
  • The numbers of the first 15 kegs coincided with 15 numbers in all fields of the ticket - Jackpot;
  • The numbers of the second round kegs matched all 15 numbers of one of the ticket fields before the others;
  • An additional drawing of the CUBE is held and all the missing numbers are on the ticket.

You must carefully check the Russian Lotto ticket according to the draw table!

Video announcement 1316 of circulation Russian loto New Year's billion

results 1316 of Russian Lotto draw 1 january 2020 years will please 100 millionaires and one billionaire. Millions of other participants will win money for the New Year. And on such conditions there will be a lot of participants. Since for victory only 2 keg numbers from 90 must not be on a lottery ticket.

Time to buy tickets Russian Lotto 1316 circulation on the Stoloto website is possible only up to 17-20 (Moscow time) 31 December 2019 of the year.

Tickets are on sale now!

Happy tickets to everyone and big wins in Novy 2020 year!

Follow the announcements and statistics. Win and win big wins!

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