Russian Lotto lottery rules

Where to buy a lottery ticket in Russia - how to buy stoloto lottery tickets

The procedure for the drawing

You can follow the progress of the game on TV every Sunday. The NTV channel broadcasts the program “We win!" in 8:20. The lottery takes place in several stages, therefore the timing program runs longer, than similar projects. It includes:

  • Angle. This round consists of twenty-eight moves. The prize tickets will be those, where four numbers match, named before the end of the round. If the ticket wins in the first round, even in this case, the ticket continues to participate in the further game.
    1-round – Corners
  • Crossing. The second stage starts from the start of the draw and ends on the 38th move. To win on this segment, you need to match eight numbers. In doing so, they must form a cross. The winners also continue to participate further.
    2-round – Crossing
  • Jackpot. This is the most monetary part of the game., which comes to an end on the 43rd move. The winner of the prize will be the one, who matched on the ticket 24 numbers. If fortune has chosen several lucky ones at once, then among them the winner will be the one, which took less time to match all numbers. Player, сорвавший суперприз, stops playing the game. Unfortunately, while such lucky ones have not yet been.
  • Card-55. This stage is very similar to the previous one.. The one will win, who will collect all the numbers in the card. The main difference is the number of moves. At this stage, their 55. The winning players end their participation here..
    3-round – Card-55
  • Last move. This is the final part of the draw. It can be won by those, who was able to cover all the numbers between the fifty-sixth and seventy-second moves. The winner must have no unclosed numbers. All, the game is over and all the winners are determined.
    Last move
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