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Carrying out draws

"Top-3" lottery draws are held every day at intervals of 15 minutes. Draws may be canceled, if they coincide in time with the draws of other lotteries from the organizer. The Top-3 lottery is drawn in two rounds. In the first, the combination is created from a set of random numbers ranging from 0 to 9. Thus, a drawing is carried out according to the unique number of the purchased ticket.. In the second round, three more digits in the same range become known. The integrity of all draws is ensured by the operation of the random number generator. Live video broadcasts of the Top-3 lottery are always available on the organizer's official website.

What are the fast lotteries and how they work

As I noted above, services of fast online lotteries appeared relatively recently, and they are radically different from all other online lotteries, first of all, the mechanism of the game and the principle of determining the winner. Furthermore, all this kind of lottery for money can be conditionally divided into 2 type, namely, for team and solo.

The principle of operation of both those and other fast lotteries is almost identical. It can be visualized as follows:

  1. Originally, you need to register in one or another quick lottery - most often registration is carried out through authorization through VKontakte or through any other social network of your choice;
  2. Top up your account or get bonuses, which can be played;
  3. Choose a room and place a bet - depending on the type of room, the size of the minimum and maximum rates may differ significantly, and the chance of winning will depend on the size of the bet itself. Usually, in all lotteries, for the convenience and financial capabilities of the players, at least 3 rooms: the first of which is calculated on rates from 1 ruble and above, second - from 10 rubles, third - from 100 rubles.
  4. Wait for someone else to place a bet, ie. join the game and wait for the start of the draw - draw waiting time, usually, lasts 30 seconds, after at least 2 the player will place a bet. Please note, that absolutely any number of players can join the game during the waiting time, and absolutely everyone has the opportunity to increase their initial bet up to the maximum amount to increase the chance of winning.
  5. Wait until the end of the drawing and find out the result - won or not. You won't have to wait long for the result of the draw, it's not for nothing that these lotteries were called fast - everything about everything is spent 3-5 seconds.

As you can see, the algorithm of work of fast lotteries for real money is very simple. At the same time, the main distinguishing feature of team fast lotteries from solo (where everyone plays for himself) is that, that they only have one game room for playing with unlimited bets, but in solo, as mentioned above - several.

Honestly, I like the team quick lotteries the most, because they have a very high probability of winning even with the minimum bet. The main thing is to put her for that team, which has a higher total bank of bets. Although there are times, that teams win with the smallest pot, but it doesn't happen that often. And all this is because, that in such lotteries the winner is chosen at random, using the so-called random.

By the way, this winner selection mechanism cannot be hacked or tricked, which makes fast lotteries as transparent and fair as possible. However, winning in them is still entirely dependent on luck., well, in some cases, on the size of the bet. Anyway, it makes no sense for the organizers of such lotteries to deceive anyone, because they already make good money on them - no matter how average 10% from all games goes into their pocket, and believe, they are more than enough.

Filling in the ticket

In its paper version, coupon there are six playing fields. Each of them has 10 plotted numbers, from 0 to 9. The lottery offers top-3 players to choose from in eight different ways to play, respectively, the same number of possible options for filling out a coupon.

In addition to betting on the desired numbers, there are options for the order of their occurrence, also bet on the first or last 2 numbers, or combo bet, assuming a combination of different options within the same bet.

If you select "Automatic" in the coupon, the system will choose a random set of numbers by itself. For the same ticket to participate in several draws, also manually check the appropriate box.

The online ticket looks the same, like retail. The same eight options for filling out the coupon are available. More options for automatic number assignment are available online: by chance, only even, only odd, the same in all rows, etc.. When filling out a ticket on the site, it is also possible to view some statistical data: frequently dropped numbers, full report on the results of the last run, numbers, which have not been dropped for a long time. Detailed instructions on how to fill out a ticket for the Top-3 lottery are available in video format on the official website of the organizing company.

Where to buy coupons

There are several ways to buy tickets for participation in the "Top-3" lottery.

Those players, who is more comfortable or convenient to use the paper ticket option, then such coupons can be bought from retailers. These are small kiosks, selling lottery tickets from various brands. Often located at the entrances to metro stations and near other major transport hubs. Besides, coupons are also sold in the offices of BC "Baltbet" (official partner of the organizer), in any branches of Post Bank and Russian Post

In large cities, you can find special self-service ticket terminals. Such a device makes it possible to purchase coupons as for cash., and using a bank card.

It is also possible to purchase with sending an SMS message. It is enough to send SMS to the number 9999 with short text "Top3".

How to get your winnings?

The conditions and limits for receiving winnings are determined primarily by the amount.

  • cash at points of sale - no more 599 999 rubles and up 20 000 on the day of appeal;
  • of Koshelek "The Chair" – if the winnings do not exceed 500 000 rubles;
  • cashless payments in the lottery center "Stoloto" – to 600 000 rubles;
  • to your own personal account - only after sending a package of documents by mail, listed on the website.

Payments of any winnings must begin within 24 hours from the moment of summing up the draw. If more than 6 months, you can only get a prize at the lottery center.

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