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Russian lotto: rules of the game, how to play the lottery?

Prize fund

Article 10. Mandatory lottery standards

Editorial staff 2003 of the year

1) the size of the lottery prize fund in relation to the proceeds from the lottery must be at least 50 percent, but no more than 80 percent;

Editorial staff 2010 of the year (article 10, P. 1 Federal law from 27.07.2010 N 214-ФЗ)

1) the size of the lottery prize fund in relation to the proceeds from the lottery must be at least 50 percent

What it does The elimination of the upper limit of the prize pool brings the format of the classic lottery closer to a slot machine:

“Why do we need a prize fund in 90%? You threw the ruble, pulled the lever - and won 50 kopecks. Another ruble - and won again 50 kopecks - true, the ruble has already been lost. Prize fund 90% Is an obligatory element of a slot machine, otherwise you will leave. You have to pull the handle, and you must have a belief, that you win - this is how gambling addiction is formed "- (from an interview with Alexander Zibrov, of the General Director of CJSC Interlot)

Who Benefited Thanks to the amendment, LLC "Growth Rates" (later renamed into LLC "State Lotteries" Pobeda ") 08.04.11 registered four new lotteries, with a prize fund 90%. It was they who were used in the gaming halls of "Victory", acting as a "legal" slot machine.

Turnover of Pobeda slot machines (disguised as a lottery with a prize fund 90%) made up 2,3 billion rubles in 2013 year and 23 billion in 2014. What is characteristic, the volume of the entire lottery market was estimated at the same 2014 in 14-15 billion rubles. And the state, in the form of deductions from lotteries with an increased game fund received only 2,3 million rubles in 2013 and 23 million in 2014. Or 0,1% from turnover, thanks to another tricky amendment

Differences between instant lotteries and drawn ones

Instant lotteries are a ticket, in which it is necessary to erase the protective layer, under which there will be a combination of numbers, either signs. Immediately after that, you can find out the amount of the win. Often there is also a field "Do not erase", under which the protective watermarks are located, by which the organizers can verify the authenticity of the ticket when issuing the award.

Instant lottery tickets are usually cheaper than drawn lottery tickets, but, respectively, and the maximum winning amount is less. Due to the fact, that the prize is recognized almost immediately small amounts can be received right at the place of ticket purchase.

Draw lotteries are drawn one-time by the organizers of the game, often this can be accompanied by broadcast on television or on the Internet, due to which you can partially check the honesty of the draw. There are two main types of tickets: in some numbers, the player chooses when buying on the website or in an offline point of sale, others already have pre-indicated combinations on the ticket. The largest jackpots are accumulated in the first type of lotteries.

Popular types of lotteries

Housing Draw Lottery

Housing draw lottery has been held by Stoloto for many years. The winners are selected at random in a live broadcast on the NTV channel as part of the program “We have!». Honesty and transparency of each run is ensured by the presence of a special draw commission and spectators in the hall, who follow the progress of the lottery.

Combinations of numbers in tickets are pre-formed. Randomly selected by 15 numbers ranging from 1 to 90.

The main super prize - the participant wins the apartment, who will be the first to close 10 numbers for 10 moves, or 2 any lines of any cards. In addition to living space, there is also a prize fund in the amount of 700 000 000 rubles. For more details about the housing lottery, see the article "Housing lottery - how to win and where to pick up your prize".

Golden horseshoe

The Golden Horseshoe is drawn immediately after the Housing Draw Lottery as part of the program “We Win!». The tickets contain 15 randomly distributed numbers ranging from 1 to 90.

The balls in the drawing are randomly shuffled by the Lototron. The draw commission conducts a thorough inspection of the balls and the mechanism for defects before the start of the game. Upon completion, determines the fairness of the game and approves the list of winners.

Purchase of tickets is available on the official website of "Stoloto", or via points of sale: branches of "Russian Post", shops, kiosks and networks "Euroset", "Messenger" and so on.

Depending on the circulation, the main prizes are cars, at home, large cash prizes. This is determined in advance, therefore, when buying, it is necessary to consult about the awards. The minimum money bank of each game is 10 000 000 rubles, which is drawn during the lottery.

Russian lotto

Russian lotto - traditional lottery, which is played according to the standard Lotto rules. Kegs fall out of the lottery drum one by one, which are examined by the participants of the drawing commission before the start of the drawing. Those win, who will close the numbers on their tickets before others.

You can find out the results on the air of the TV show “They Win!"On the NTV channel in 8:20. The prize pool varies from run to run, but usually it's always cash prizes.

Tickets can be purchased on the Stoloto website., in their mobile app, or at any point of offline sales.

Types of Draw Lotteries

All draw lotteries in the Russian Federation are currently held only with the permission of the state. The main company is Stoloto, which is licensed to host the respective games. Most of the lotteries listed below are organized by this particular company., which allows you to partially or completely ensure the honesty and openness of the drawing. There are also several online lotteries, to participate in which you need to purchase an electronic ticket. They are held as on the websites of companies, and through various applications, eg, messenger Telegram.

Offline draw lotteries in the mail or at points of sale

Practically in all branches of the Russian Post, or at the box office of large stores you can buy tickets for different drawing lotteries. They refer to pranks, held by the company "Stoloto". Tickets are sold for lotteries, the circulation of which will take place in the near future, and their assortment is constantly changing.

"Post of Russia", which actively cooperates with game organizers, has many tickets of different editions, and also allows players to pick up small amounts right there after winning. Employees can check the results of the last print run in person.

The same is true for tickets., purchased in stores, or in specialized lottery kiosks, in which employees inform the participants about the results of the draw and give out prizes, after a corresponding check of the ticket for authenticity and the absence of traces of fraud with them.

Draw lottery online on various services

The only lotteries, which are officially licensed by the state, are games, organized by the Stoloto company. On their site constantly during the day are held as large, and small editions. Big jackpots are drawn once a week, which accumulate as participants buy new tickets.

The most popular online lottery on the Stoloto website is the Rapido game, which is held every few minutes, and the prize fund rarely exceeds several million rubles.

On the Internet, in the vastness of search engines, you can find many sites, where the various online draw lotteries are held. Most of them are partially or completely fraudulent, and their schemes are more like online casinos, trying to disguise themselves as harmless lotteries.

Honest online lotteries are games, conducted by large foreign companies. However, their activities on the territory of Russia are illegal and participation in them is a voluntary matter for everyone, since there is no guarantee that the winnings will be received fairly. Among these services, more or less honest representatives can be distinguished, we talked about them in detail in the article - "Fast lottery services - top of the most popular".

Foreign draw lotteries

FROM 2014 of the year the Russian Federation undertook a complete reformation of the lottery market, in fact, completely monopolizing this market. Russian players can continue to participate in the draws of foreign companies, but they won't have any legal guarantees. Roskomnadzor mercilessly blocks the websites of foreign organizers, which can only be accessed through blocking bypass methods. However, the campaigns themselves have recently begun to block participants who are citizens of the Russian Federation, warning yourself against various possible problems.

Draw lotteries in the form of a bot in Telegram

After the widespread distribution of Telegram, many services appeared, which, using a chat bot, allow you to participate in drawing lotteries. Among the dozens of fraudulent businesses, there are indeed fair lotteries, which are carried out on the basis of blockchain technologies using the Random.org service. Open source code and full traceability of funds allows you to check the integrity and ensure the transparency of the drawing of funds.

The largest service is Bemillion.org, which is entirely based on Telegram. Using the chat bot, you can replenish your personal account with all major payment services, get information support and choose the desired draw.

The game is played after, how a certain number of players will enter the lottery.

The advantage of these services is an increased chance of winning - usually in the area 1/10 or 1/20 for standard editions, which is a thousand times higher, than with participation in "Stoloto".

Withdrawals are made directly in the chat through the same chat bot.

What are Draw Lotteries: rules and history of creation

The history of gambling and various lotteries goes back to the distant past. Modern lottery draws first appeared in medieval Europe. Written mentions start with the Genoa Lottery, which started in 16 century. Is considered, that the then ruler of Genoa, due to the sad state of the treasury, decided to organize a gambling, part of the prize fund which will go to the state.

A similar initiative was taken up by the French king Francis after his visit to the territory of modern Italy., to also improve the state of the treasury of their country. Gradually, more and more advanced countries of that time held various raffles of money, in which citizens had the opportunity to receive a significant gain.

The basic principle of modern lotteries has not deviated much from the original - players purchase tickets at their own expense. From the accumulated funds, the organizers of the game form a prize fund, which is divided in certain proportions between the participants, by the state in the form of taxes and by the company, holding a draw.

At the moment, the state has become the main regulators of the fairness of lotteries., which legally monitors the organizers and players. To participate in the drawing lottery, you must purchase a ticket, which contains a certain combination of numbers or signs. The results can be found on the organizer's website or at points of sale. Usually, you can also get your prize there, or consult about the location of the organization's office, where the bigger awards are given.

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