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Types of circulation

  • Annual - the sum of the editions, published in the year under review in the publishing house, country, as well as the sum of the circulations of all issues of the periodical for the year.
  • Additional, or reprint circulation - production soon after the delivery of the main circulation to the bookseller network within the same calendar year, not planned in advance, unlike a factory, additional circulation due to unsatisfied demand. The term has had a lot of meaning in the years, when it was required to distinguish when paying royalties for a work, which did not have a circulation rate, reprint from reprint. Then the additional print run was considered to be an additional print run., made within the year of the main circulation, and additional circulation, manufactured next year, even in the absence of any changes, - republishing. Now, when paying royalties as a percentage of the publishing house's income, print run time does not matter. With a fixed amount of royalties, when a maximum circulation is required by law, overprinting a print run in excess of it will already be considered a reprint, requiring a new copyright agreement and a new copyright fee. For statistics of printing the circulation of the book, produced in the next year after the main circulation, considered a reprint. In the graduation data, information about the circulation is accompanied by words in parentheses: (reprint circulation) or (add. circulation).
  • General - the sum of the editions, issued by the publishing house (or several) for a certain period (the total number of copies in circulation of all these publications).
  • Trial - the original circulation of the publication, issued in order to determine the demand for it and, if successful, to make an additional edition, to meet emerging demand, or in case of failure, limit yourself to the cost of only a trial run.
  • One-time - circulation of one issue, numbers, periodical volumes.
  • Middle - quotient from dividing the sum of the print runs of all the publications under consideration by their number.
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