Tipp24 com for russia

Acceptance of payments in russia with on-line cash24

We accept payments for your business from any buyers in Russia

On-Line Cash24 accepts payments for goods and services on the Internet, so that your business can serve all categories of buyers in accordance with Russian legislation


Acceptance of payments from individuals: bank cards VISA, MasterCard, WORLD, electronic money QIWI, Yandex money, WebMoney, payment from the balance of mobile operators and bank transfers from any bank. According to 54-FZ, we issue cashier's checks for you (you do not need to buy an online checkout).

Companies and individual entrepreneurs

Receiving payment from individual entrepreneurs, Ltd, AO, PJSC to our bank account. Electronic versions and exchange of originals of primary documents for each transaction, according to 402-FZ: contract, an invoice for payment, invoice for VAT payers, invoice or act, if you provide services.

State. organization

We carry out transactions with government agencies – we will provide the required set of constituent documents, prepare documents for the transaction and ensure the exchange of originals. We will accept payment to our bank account and calculate all taxes.

Foreign companies

Contract holder for your online export – preparation of a contract, accepting payment to our account and passing foreign exchange control in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Analysis of site search queries

The above report on the frequency of use of search queries, can be used by site optimizers when compiling its semantic core and preparing content for the so-called. "Landing pages". Search query statistics - generalized grouped information on the "requests" of users to the search engine for key queries (phrases).
In most cases, our service shows already grouped information, containing not only a selection of the most popular words (phrases), but also phrases + synonyms. The statistics collected in this section show which "keywords" (search queries) users go to tipp24.com.

Search query Is a word or phrase, which the user enters into the search form on the search engine site, taking into account auto-selection and automatic correction in the search for erroneous typing.

HTML layout and analysis of site content

The information placed in this block is used by optimizers to control the content of the main page of the site, number of links, frames, graphic elements, dough volume, definitions “nausea” pages.
The report contains an analysis of the use of Flash elements, allows you to control the use of markup on the site (microformats and doctype).

IFrame Are floating frames, which are inside a regular document, they allow you to load any other independent documents into an area of ​​specified sizes.

Flash Is the company's multimedia platform for creating web applications or multimedia presentations. Widely used to create banner ads, animations, games, as well as video playback on web pages- and audio recordings.

Microformat Is a way of semantic markup of information about various entities (events, organizations, people, goods and so on) on web pages using standard HTML elements (or XHTML).

Report: geography and site traffic

The report graphically shows the volume of visits to the tipp24.com website, in dynamics, with reference to the geographic location of active users of this site.
The report is available for sites, included in the TOP-100,000 Alexa ranking. For all other sites, the report is available with some restrictions..

Alexa Rank - rating system for evaluating sites, based on calculating the total number of page views and the frequency of visits to a particular resource. Alexa Rank is calculated based on indicators for three months. The Alexa Rank is the ratio of traffic from one resource to traffic from other Internet portals., so, the lower the Alexa Rank, the more popular the resource.

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