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10 the most winning lotteries in russia

And in the end?

But still, let's end on a positive note.. The lottery was played, play and will play. Furthermore, people win, won and will win. If, after reading the article, you have a strong desire to join the ranks of the owners of large sums and go down in history, then do not forget about the key points in the game: tactics and self-control. Don't rely too much on Lady Luck, but don't be upset every time, when your ticket was a loser

The most important thing in the lottery is time

Please note that, that all the lucky ones presented above have bought a lottery ticket more than once, and, hence, lost more than once. They just did not give up and stubbornly went towards their goal no matter what.

Try you too, experiment, use our advice and learn to draw conclusions. Let stability be your friend. So right now, soberly assess the desired amount of winnings., and then start to imagine, that you have already won it and, according to plan, write in your head, what will each ruble go to. This will create a complete picture of what is happening and will not allow you to leave reality.. Play like this, as if you are sure of your victory every time. And that, good luck with the games!

And finally, I suggest watching a video about, how a father tells his son about winning the lottery, where you can see the real emotions of real winners.

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