Lottothrill scam - how does he breed? player reviews 2020

Eurolotteryticket: honest review

The Eurolotteryticket website is a website, where a large amount of information about European lotteries and intermediaries is presented. They write, that they don't sell lotto tickets online, however by clicking the "Play Now", the player goes to the famous site TheLotter, who has been breeding people for years. But before that, how to expose this resource, consider, what this site offers.

The resource has a pleasant enough interface. It is made in blue, stars everywhere. In general, everything is like on the EU flag. The banner is immediately striking, centered, where the EuroMillions online lotto game is advertised with their crazy jackpot in 50 000 000 euros.

Further on the site the rules of the game in EuroMillions are described, what is the jackpot and how can you win this game. In general, they advertise this particular lottery. But, if you go to the very bottom of the site, you will see, what is suggested here to get acquainted with such lotto:

  • EuroJackpot;
  • UK Lotto (England);
  • SuperEnalotto (Italian National Lottery);
  • German Lotto 6 of 49 (German lottery);
  • The primitive (Spanish National Lottery);
  • Loto France (French lottery);
  • Swiss Lotto (lotto Switzerland).

If you choose to play + lotto online in any of these lotteries, will take you to the site- intermediary Lottery Pro, which is managed by TheLotter.

SmartGuide informs, that whatever lottery you want to play, you will always be taken to TheLotter website. This resource is a hidden advertisement for a known fraudster.

The resource offers a choice 4 language:

  • Russian,
  • Ukrainian,
  • Spanish,
  • English.

Since this resource is on the side of the EuroMillions game and tells, how to play online lotto legally 2020, a few words about this lottery.

EuroMillions – this is an international lotto, which was launched 7 february 2004 of the year by the French lottery Française des Jeux, Spanish lottery Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and Kamelot Group from Great Britain. Lotto online lottery EuroMillions allows only those participants to play, who turned 18 years old, residing in one of the countries of the drawing. By the way, in some countries the allowed age of players 16 years old. Today the game is also available for participants from Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain.

You can buy lotto tickets only at offline points of sale, Euromillion does not distribute its tickets via the Internet and through intermediaries. But at the same time, the creators do not prohibit non-residents of the country from playing their game. Then the question arises by itself: How to play, if i am in another country?»The answer is simple - play through intermediaries. The only problem is, that finding an honest agent is difficult, or rather unrealistic. Even the Eurolotteryticket website, is not an intermediary per se, he is a referral in TheLotter scam.

How scammers cheat people

Since the resource Eurolotteryticket is advertising fraudsters, consider common divorce schemes, that everyone can face:

Mediators, what's all about, operate according to the standard scheme:

  • The player registers a personal lotto account on the site, filling in all personal data, up to a bank card. TheLotter even requires you to specify CVV.
  • Next, a lottery is selected and a ticket is bought.
  • Intermediary agents, ostensibly, buy a ticket in the country where the drawing is held and send a scanned copy of the ticket to the player.
  • The player is waiting for the day of the draw. Official online lotto sites broadcast the game online. You can also find out about the results on the intermediary's resource.
  • If the player managed to win, money is transferred to his account, which he can withdraw to his bank card.

Seemingly, there is nothing dangerous in the circuit and if it really worked like this, as they write, then people would really win money. But lotto reviews testify to something completely different..

SmartGuide informs, that buying tickets through the Eurolotteryticket website is tantamount to, what to buy it on TheLotter. This intermediary has already managed to establish itself, as a dishonest player. Do not trust this site and that, what do they write on it, it's just a beautiful advertisement.

Lotteries and loans

Borrow money. Really very strange, when a person, received at his disposal several million, borrows money from others. But situations like this do happen. And here's a good example of this. Susan Millins became the owner $4 200 000. The lottery organizers offered the woman two options for receiving the prize: take the whole amount at once or in parts. In the first case, Susan would have to pay a large tax.. To avoid this, she agreed to the second option.. During the next 20-30 years, the winner was supposed to receive a certain amount of money monthly. During this time, Susan got used to not deny herself anything., and began to spend too much. She even managed to take a bank loan, pledging to pay it out of the funds won. The woman has ceased to control herself, because of what she was put on trial. He forced Susan to give the bank $150 000, but she no longer had that kind of money.

Output: you must always soberly assess your capabilities.

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How Redfoxlotto trick people

No matter how much good we write about this service, ultimately the player will be disappointed. Scammers fill their pockets with naive people, who still believe their luck and want to win the jackpot. But the whole problem is, no matter how many tickets you buy, and whatever lottery you choose, you won't get the win. If you read the reviews, then they don't write anything good about this resource. And "oddities" can be noticed even during registration, where bank card details are required from the player. This should already alert, because this information is not disclosed to third parties. You must immediately understand, what, if you leave your card number and your CVV on the website, get ready for, that money can be debited from your account and you will not do anything about it.

Another negative aspect of Redfoxlotto is that, that site staff do not answer questions. Just ignore everything, what the players "thrown" for money write to them. Naive gambling addicts note in reviews, what, when money was debited from their card, under the pretext of buying tickets, or incomprehensible commissions, no one responded to their cries for help. Wherein, the player himself cannot delete his account.

SMARTGUIDE reminds, that when registering on the site, be careful. Do not leave personal information. Nobody should know your bank card details except you. Remember, that a fraudster will easily use this information and you will not be able to prove anything.

Redfoxlotto uses a standard "divorce" scheme: the player buys a ticket and fills it out. When a draw occurs and the ticket is successful, then a prize is credited to the player's account. But this is ideally. In fact, prize is not received, because no one ever wins here. Though, reviews report, what amounts of 10 dollars or 5 dollars, players get. Thus, the intermediary demonstrates his solvency. But as soon as the amount of the prize exceeds $50, scammers easily take it.

If you surf the internet, then you will see, what the victims of this site write. Some failed to withdraw and $5. Scammers abruptly stop communicating, when it suits them. They can block your account, and you cannot deduce that, what do you have there.

Of course, you can find good reviews about this intermediary on the reviews., where the players invite everyone to play world lotto together with this site. But, as you understand, they are written by the employees of Redfoxlotto.

Talking about phone scams, it seems like this intermediary site was not noticed. Nobody calls and offers to play MegaMillions with Redfoxlotto. And thanks for that

Anyway, so as not to run into scammers, you should carefully study the information about intermediaries and pay attention to the year the site was created and its license. Although again, no one will give you a guarantee, that the intermediary does not buy an expired ticket

SMARTGUIDE notes, that no one gives a guarantee, that the middleman Redfoxlotto works honestly. Study company information more thoroughly before, how to buy a ticket.

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