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Ways to get a cash prize

In case of a long-awaited victory, the money won can be collected in the following ways:

  • Small wins, up to two thousand rubles, awarded to winners at points of sale.
  • Winnings, the size of which does not exceed 600 thousand rubles can be collected at the Stoloto lottery center.
  • Large amounts, more 600 thousand rubles, transferred to the winning player's bank account. List of documents, required for translation, must be submitted to the head office of the company, located in Moscow.
  • Also amounts up to 500 thousand rubles can be credited to the Stoloto Wallet.

Regardless of the amount, winners can only receive their winnings after presenting their passport. Term, callable winnings, is no more than six months. If during this period the winner did not collect the funds, then after that he needs to personally contact the central office of the company "Stoloto". The reason for the delay must be valid.

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for a tax withholding of thirteen percent of the winnings. For non-residents, this amount increases to thirty percent. For prizes over fifteen thousand rubles, tax is charged at the time of its issue. If the amount does not exceed this limit, then the player must pay tax on his own in a mandatory manner.

Lotto rules

Should be 24 cards, 90 kegs and sack. The fields of the cards are drawn on 27 squares (in three rows 9). 15 squares are filled with randomly selected numbers, the rest of the squares are empty.

Kegs can be made of plastic or wood. They are written with numbers from 1 to 90, each barrel corresponds to one number. All barrels are in the bag during the game. The game can simultaneously involve two or more people. Before the game, cards are given to all participants, their number each determines for himself.

Lotto game

At the beginning of the game, a host is chosen (he can also take cards). This happens either by acting out, or by voting of all players, or with a knockout counter, or under some other agreement.

Presenter or, as it is also called, "Screaming" without looking, at random pulls kegs out of the bag and reads the number written on it, trying to make it faster, to increase the activity of the players. And for fun he calls them in a special slang language. Players follow the cards and wait for the moment, to break the bank.

There are two options for ending the game. The first player to win, closing one of the lines. In the second, the one wins, who will have all the numbers closed.

The order of the game

A special room is allocated for the drawing in the "Stoloto" lottery center. It is equipped with transparent walls and a specialized lottery drum. The entire rally takes place under the supervision of video cameras.

The lottery drum functions on the basis of an autonomous system. Such a measure does not allow anyone to interfere with the process of ball falling.. All prize numbers are determined randomly. Moreover, the balls used pass the appropriate certification..

As stated earlier, draws are held twice a day. The morning game takes place at eleven o'clock Moscow time. The evening draw is scheduled for twenty-three hours.

First of all, the host tells the players the amount of the prize fund and jackpot. Next, the lottery drum is filled with balls, it is he who will determine the six lucky numbers. The presenter announces the dropped numbers. This is where the game ends. Everything is extremely simple and clear.

Each game is controlled by a specially formed commission. The rules for creating this assessment group are spelled out in Federal Law No. 138. It is he who regulates all the provisions, regarding the holding of lottery draws in our country.

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