How to win a million in the lottery?

Real ways and technologies of winning the lottery

How to calculate a winning combination 5 of 36

However, let's consider some hypothetical winning methods..

Deployed system - in pursuit of 100% winning the jackpot

100% only an expanded system will give a chance to win the lottery, which will include all 36 numbers, that is, a bet on all possible combinations. However, such a bet will not be possible and not reasonable for several reasons.:

1. Rule restrictions. The number of selected numbers in the expanded bet according to the lottery rules does not exceed 11, it is impossible to place a bet in which all numbers will be crossed out in one ticket.

2. Suppose, that someone manually or automatically decides to buy all possible combinations for the upcoming circulation.

Such a rate would be quite realizable, if its economic component would be logical. Jackpot Gosloto 5 of 36 never even got close to this amount, and will never get close to this amount. Winning the jackpot with such a bet will of course be 100%, but the amount of winnings on it will not cover the amount necessary to spend on the purchase of such a number of tickets.

Four deployed systems - in pursuit of a win.

All 36 lottery numbers can be split equally into four bags.

Each bag will contain 9 numbers. In total, five numbers are drawn during the drawing..

Respectively, if the first four dropped numbers are in different bags, then the fifth will be in one of the bags, in which there is already a drawn number. That is, whatever one may say, with the worst option, one of the bags will contain 2 winning numbers, that is, it will be winning.

The cost of four such bets when the ticket amount is 80 rubles will equal 40 320 rubles with a guaranteed prize equal to 80 rubles.

Seemingly, the economic feasibility of such a rate is also questionable, but don't forget, that such a bet could derail the prize of a larger category, but here already without any 100% guarantees.

So, the probability of matching three numbers in such a bet will be less 30%, and the probability of winning the jackpot will be equal to the standard probability, as when buying 504 tickets with random combinations.

Several more systems for playing Gosloto 5 of 36

Our program called Nostradamus tries to guess the winning combination of the next draw based on statistical analysis and other factors., forming just one combination.

Incomplete systems 5 of 36 are more lenient in terms of finance analogue of deployed systems. Many players find this system to be the mainstay of their game..

A balanced strategy exposes the dropped combinations to an elementary mathematical analysis.


The lottery remains a lottery - a gambling hobby, bringing multi-million dollar winnings to a few winners. The article discusses some possible methods of winning and the theory of probability in the Gosloto lottery 5 of 36.

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Is there a place for cold calculation

Is there a place for mathematical calculation in games, lotteries, where it is customary to rely on luck - with this question we turned to Dmitry Dagayev, deputy vice-rector, Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and lecturer of the course "Game Theory" on Coursera.

- Decision about, whether to sit down at roulette, whether to pick up bones or cards, depends on two components. Firstly, this is the mathematical expectation of the result of the game - how much on average you can get in this game. for example, if the lottery ticket with probability 0,1 will bring a win 10 dollars, and with probability 0,9 - nothing, then the expected winnings of participation in the lottery are 1 dollars. Secondly, is the player's attitude to risk. If a player is risk neutral, then if the price of the lottery ticket is higher 1 dollar, he won't sit down to play the above lottery, and for less 1 dollar will play with pleasure. If the player likes risk, then he will be ready to pay more for such a lottery ticket 1 dollar. Anyway, to make a decision, a rational player needs to be able to calculate the expected result. So yes, the mathematical analysis of the game must be started even before, how did you sit down to play this game, - says Dmitry.

- Interesting, how game theory interprets the concept of "luck".

- Imagine, what did you agree with a friend to throw 10 once a coin. If dropped 10 eagles, a friend promised to buy you a football ticket. The number of heads dropped is a random variable, and the loss 10 eagles are a very unlikely event (its probability is approximately equal 0,001). Nevertheless, the probability of this event is not zero. Onset of an unlikely event, which brings a win, in this case, dropping out 10 eagles, just can be interpreted as luck.

- Is it possible to participate in lotteries, advertising games, adhering to some strategy? What strategies can these be??

- Sure. Suppose, that you and your friend are flipping a coin, if heads come out, you win, on a tails - friend. Let's assume, that before each flip, you can choose the size of the bet or decide to stop the game, and a friend is forced to make this decision. Then you can try to beat your friend as follows. The first time you bet one dollar, if you won, then finish the game, if lost, then double the rate. If you won the second time, then stop the game (and you win, earning 2-1 = 1 dollar), if lost, then double the rate. This is what you do until then, until one day you win. The moment you hit heads, you end the game, and your total winnings will be 1 dollars. This strategy allows you to "guaranteed" to earn 1 dollars. Many casinos do not allow players to enter, who use similar strategies. I put the word "guaranteed" in quotes for the reason, what is deception: in reality, the partner may not agree to double bets after each win, or you may not have enough money for the next bet. So it's still impossible to win guaranteed..

- Advertising games, lottery tickets, draws - is there any classification for this, based on the probability of winning? Where luck is more likely?

- There are professional lottery organizers, they also include casinos. They will always be profitable in the long run simply for the reason, that all casino games have a negative mathematical expectation for the player. Play these games in order, to earn, definitely not worth it. Besides, there are marketing promotions, in which the mathematical expectation may well be positive. Participation in such promotions is safer for your budget.

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