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If you have won in previous draws, how you pay your lottery winnings online depends on the prizes, but it's safe anyway. Unlike lottery draws, once you have checked your winnings and superenalotto odds, the amount of a win up to 5.200 Euro is credited to the gaming account.

If the payout is over 5.200 Euro and less than 52.000 Euro you must present a written folder with some documents. The printout of the Winning Bet Detail receipt showing the code of your bet and the identification code of the gaming account, as well as a valid identity document and the Fiscal Code at the Award Payment Points or Sisal Award Offices.

If, on the other hand, you have winnings over 52.000 Euro, the Winning Bet Detail must be printed with the wagering code (the online ticket) and the identification code of the gaming account, as well as a valid identity document and tax code at the Award Offices with the Sisal sign.

Payment for amounts greater than 5.200 Euro will be authorized following a verification by a special Commission set up by the Monopoly Agency. The winner must send the request for payment of amounts exceeding € 5,200 with a maximum delay of 90 days following the publication of the Official Bulletin. To the prizes claimed from 1st October 2017 a withholding tax of 12% on the part exceeding the amount of € 500 (based on the Law Decree of 24 April 2017 n° 50, converted into law 21 June 2017 n° 96).

How SuperEnalotto SuperStar works

The SuperEnalotto SuperStar enjoyed considerable success when it was introduced in 2006. One of the reasons behind its popularity lies in the fact that it allows players, with an addition of 50 cents to their play at Superenalotto, to increase your chances of winning. It is therefore clear that, in order to use the SuperStar option, you need to play the numbers first for the classic SuperEnalotto.

The additional game allows you to choose, or to be assigned randomly, a number between 1 e 90, included in addition to the numbers played at SuperEnalotto. At each draw, after the seven numbers of the traditional game have been announced, the SuperStar number is drawn.
The 60% of the SuperStar game sales collection is used for the payment of winnings and also serves to feed the reserve fund for future competitions. By playing SuperStar you have the opportunity to win scoring prizes and an additional prize, he SuperBonus.

How to win at SuperEnalotto SuperStar

The advantage of the SuperEnalotto SuperStar game is certainly that it offers the possibility of trying to win more prizes. Score prizes can be awarded if the player has only guessed the SuperStar number, or the latter in combination with one or two main SuperEnalotto numbers.

But if he guessed right, in addition to the SuperStar number, 3, 4 or 5 traditional game numbers, the player has a chance to win larger amounts.
The categories of scoring prizes are divided as follows:

  • 5 Stella: five points matched at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 4 Stella: four points guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 3 Stella: three points matched SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 2 Stella: two points guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 1 Stella: one point guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 0 Stella: zero points guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number.

In addition to the scoring prizes, the game allows you to receive the SuperBonus: a prize of 2 millions of euros in case i 6 SuperEnalotto numbers, the Jolly number and the SuperStar number; the premium equal to 1 million euros, if the numbers chosen correspond to 5 SuperEnalotto numbers, the Jolly and the SuperStar number. In the event that multiple players have won the same prize, the sum will be divided equally among the winners.

The SuperEnalotto regulation also takes into account the eventuality, unlikely, that the number of people who guessed the SuperStar number is so high that it exceeds the available funds. Should this scenario occur, the amount of the prizes will have to be recalculated.

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