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‘Enalotto’ is a well-known Italian lottery which has existed since 1950’s. In 1997, SISAL modified the ‘Enalotto’ lottery to create SuperEnalotto.

Until June 30, 2009 the six main winning numbers were taken from the first number drawn in Lottomatica’s regional Lotto draws for the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo & Rome (used in that order). The Venice draw was used as a “Jolly” number. If the first number of a city had been used before, then the second of the city’s draw was used – and so on. In this system there was a small probability that the numbers of two cities could be the same – in which case there would have been duplicate numbers and it would have been impossible to win the jackpot.

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According to the published regulation, the prize pool is the 60% of the amount raised. How much you win? Unlike the lottery draws there are no wheels and the prize pool of the superenalotto draws is divided into shares with this table.

The 17,40% al 6 (be); the 13,00% al 5+1; the 4,20% al 5; the 4,20% al 4; the 12,80% al 3; the 40,00% al 2; 8.40% to immediate winnings.

In case of more than one winner in the same category, the prize pool is divided equally. The prizes and shares of each competition are available in the superenalotto archive of previous draws. It can be found on the website or on the Giochi24 App or on the website of the Customs and Monopoly Agency along with the latest extractions. Periodically the dealer carries out promotions that give additional prizes such as the jackbox in July and August 2018, Saturday night fever, christmas 100×100 or easter 100×100.

As for the lot, the verification of winnings and online lottery odds after the draws is safe and automatic if you play from the site or the App. It is sufficient to enter and open the receipt of the bet to view the result and the message “congratulations you won”. The magic square can be seen as soon as the new card is played. From the App, on the other hand, it is sufficient to frame the QR code present in the receipt-ticket-coupon. The last alternative is the verification directly by checking the numbers drawn in the superenalotto archive with the previous draws which are widely publicized.

The game also exists online in the version “you win everything” which has one draw per week on Wednesday and where all the superenalotto prize money is distributed in winnings because there is no’ it super jackpot. The card in this case provides only 6 numbers because there is no Superstar option (which requires an additional ball in the extraction).

Reductions and winning guarantees for SuperEnalotto

Systemic play not only increases the odds of winning, but it offers the possibility of earning bigger winnings. For example, the integral system allows to generate more combinations, increasing the chances of winning, since the numbers that can be selected on a single panel are more than six. The disadvantage of this system is the higher cost resulting from the large number of combinations played.

The advantage of the reduced integral system consists precisely in the reduction of the cost through a decrease in the combinations involved, without, however, reducing the winning guarantee too much. The purpose of the reduced integral system is in fact to aim for a lower category win than that first class, still playing a good amount of numbers while keeping costs down. Through the reduced integral system, players can decide what is the guarantee of winning that is expected from the system.

To decrease the cost of an integral system, which is usually quite high, the so-called reduced system is used. This allows you to decrease the combinations played in each bet slip, thus lowering the price, but to maintain a minimum payout guarantee.
You can indicate which system reduction to choose between:

  • G5: G means "guarantee", so in this case at least guessing 6 numbers among those indicated, you are sure to get at least a "5". This reduction causes the player to lose to the maximum 1 point compared to the score obtained with the numbers chosen on panel A: in fact, through a reduced system only a part of all the combinations that are mathematically possible are played.
  • G4: with this reduction, guessing 6 numbers among those indicated, you are guaranteed to get at least a "4". This reduction causes a maximum loss 2 points compared to the score achieved with the numbers marked;
  • G3: then, guessing at least 6 numbers among those indicated, you are sure to get at least a "4". The G3 reduction makes you lose to the maximum 3 points on the score achieved.

The SuperStar option can also be played with reduced systems: if you opt for that method, all the possible combinations developed by the chosen system are associated with the SuperStar number which is unique. To play it, simply select the star next to panel A.

Finally, it should be remembered that the reduction does not necessarily exclude winning with 6 points, since the winning combination could be found in any case among the remaining combinations after the reduction itself.

Superenalotto archive of previous draws

The online superenalotto archive of previous draws has all the results of the winning sixths. E’ available on the new website or on the Giochi24 mobile app. It collects the data on the official website and is used to verify the Superenalotto winnings and prizes. You can search the draws by contest number up to yesterday. The latest draw can also be seen there (that the channel with special focus and the Sisal TV logo, and don't tell, broadcasts live in real time).

It must always be remembered that the official coupon has the Sisal inscription and the symbol and logo of the Customs and Monopoly Agency as reported in the facsimile in the receivers (or in bars with the sign or poster).

Next draw

The next draw of the online superenalotto is safe and guaranteed by the Customs and Monopoly Agency. When playing this week? Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20.00 and in those days it is possible to play until hours 19.30. Unlike the lottery draws, there are no wheels. A set of 90 balls is used to extract the 6 numbers plus the Jolly number, while for the Superstar number there is’ another set. At this point a member of the Commission inserts the balls into the ballot boxes. At 19.30, at the headquarters of the Monopolies the Commission ensures that the information is on the DVDs locked in the safe.

At this point the extraction program begins. The machine software generates a flow of air in the urn that mixes the balls. The extracted ball is read by the scanner which transmits the data to the PC, then by the Commission auctioneer who records them on a sheet and finally by the announcer. The Presidents sign the document with the table with i 7 numbers (6 + the Jolly number) and the Superstar number, which will then go to the Commission. At this point the superenalotto draw is in the archive. The extractive machine is the same also in the version you win all that is extracted on Wednesday.

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