Super Lotto results of the last video draw

Super Lotto - Super lotto with high winning odds

Super lottery

The chances of "winning" in Superloto are equal 100%, yes, only besides
congratulatory inscriptions nothing good the site will not bring. Looking for
justice even tried to call the number indicated on the page, but
he turned out to be inactive.

Single button, which the owner of the Super Lotto scam allows you to click - this is "Go to get a prize". And it seems to be equal 198 965 rubles. We press it ...

  • Request processing in progress. Takes several
    seconds and must convince the seriousness of what is happening;
  • Offer 2 withdrawal option - through
    mail and online. Office pickup is not available;
  • To complete the transfer, you need to pay a commission.

The amount of payment is from 398 to 1098 rubles. Following
a fraudster may ask to pay for other fictitious services. Hopefully, You already
clarified, what is super lotto cheating. Stay away from the site and its clones.

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Super Lotto

Described site:

The essence of the lottery is as follows: each participant is given a ticket, and
then the system selects random numbers. If they are on the ticket, to the account
money is credited. The more matches, the higher the amount. Just have your own

Remember: free lotteries are organized only for advertising
or other benefits. Nobody will just share finances with the participant.
We think, this is understandable ... But that's why then you stubbornly bite at scams,
promising fabulous profits for nothing?!

Super Lotto project is a typical cheat, practically a clone of RosLoto and SuperLoto services. Even the names are almost the same. The cheating scheme is simple:

  • Give out a free ticket;
  • Conduct a "draw". Every time one falls out and
    the same numbers, coinciding with those drawn on the ticket;
  • Offer to receive a prize after payment
    certain services.

Why are people being led? Because it seems, as if cherished
the award is practically in your pocket. Only a small payment in a pair separates from it
hundreds of rubles. Only in the end does the scammer make money here, not you! In a scam
Super Lotto has no money at all, which are shown on the screen.

During and after the drawing, Superloto links are blocked. We cannot go to social networks or other pages. They just don't exist. The crook bluffs outright, do you believe him! Take a look at the first stage of registration: write, that the system itself determined the user's first and last name, and this is complete nonsense.

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