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Even if the players do not have sufficient knowledge of football, you can successfully place bets on yellow cards

For this, it is important to know several aspects - the personality of the arbiter, integrity of the game between teams, motivation and history of personal meetings. All this information is contained in specialized sources on different sites.

The use of such resources in betting is an important point for every bettor.. You don't have to watch the game, do not go into deep analysis - just look at the numbers for the above parameters, to understand the approximate nature of the match and calculate the approximate number of warnings.

But with this approach, the productivity of the wagers will not be high.. Therefore, watching video broadcasts is important for understanding the game.. More often bettors place bets on live warnings - this helps to understand, how is the match going, what is his character. Naked numbers are not always accurate., although with this approach the player provides himself with more 50% passing rates. Connecting here competent management of funds and strict adherence to the financial strategy, and with such low indicators, the profit at a distance can impress even a professional player.

Pros and cons

Let's note the advantages and disadvantages of making a bet in live.

Positive sides:

  • Instant earnings. Smaller, than in an hour and a half you can make a profit, without waiting for the final whistle.
  • Watching the match. Watching the match, you can catch more details of the game and make a bet more profitable.
  • Reinsurance. Overlapping rates, when, if the game goes wrong, as expected before it starts.
  • LIVE forks.


  • Quick account change and quotes jumps.
  • Passion. In other words - human emotions. In case of loss, I want to win back, and then defeat after defeat can go.
  • Time limitation. It is necessary to make a decision on the rate as soon as possible..
  • Bad line. Most bookmakers make a limited number of selections per game.


Game tactics - tools, designed to help bettors to increase the effectiveness of bets. Football betting strategies are numerous, but it is not possible to make a stable profit for every. It is recommended to look at financial strategies - flat, Kelly criterion - those game models, which help the bettor understand financial management.

If a player does not know how to manage money on bets, he will fail.. Therefore, you need to study thematic materials on managing your bank., and a special article will help you with this. It describes the practice of playing a novice bettor, because reading the material will be useful to any player. Now let's take a closer look at the most popular soccer strategies.

First half goal

The essence of tactics: you need to choose a match, in which the probability of a goal being scored in the first half is high. The odds for a goal in the starting half of the match vary from 1,3-1,4 in prematch, therefore, to play at high odds, the strategy involves the choice of fights in live mode. A sufficient quote value for placing a bet starts from 1,7 - with this coefficient and playing flat, the bettor can go to profit if the bets pass from 65-70%.

You need to choose the right match. Meetings from hammered leagues will be suitable. These include:

  • German championships;
  • Netherlands league;
  • Matches in Switzerland, Austria, Italy.

Important: the game is played before the goal, basic rate - TB 0,5 in the first half. If a goal was scored before betting, on TB 1,5 no need to bet

Dallas strategy

In another way, it is called the "lower total strategy". The essence: the player is looking for a match between the favorite and the outsider, the odds for the first win are not higher 1,6. You need to view the starting segment of the match - no more 15 minutes. If during this time the outsider did not threaten the opponent's goal, took few corners and spent less time with the ball, likelihood, what the underdog will score in this match 1 or more goals will be low. On BMI 0,5 coefficient after 15 minutes of the match will be in the area 1,8-2, but at ITM 1 – 1,3-1,45.

You need to play flat, even with a low ratio. Capper selects a match from low-performing leagues:

  • Romania;
  • Morocco;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Spanish Segunda;
  • African Championships, etc..

The strategy involves risks - if the favorite has a total advantage and achieves the desired result in the first half, then the team can relax and concede a prestige goal. Therefore, Dallas strategy matches must be selected carefully..

Tips for players

If you bet on football, then you need to analyze a lot. Understand matches, identify trends and patterns, define, why teams play good or bad. These features are included in the analysis of a football match.:

  • Review of the latest matches of the teams.
  • Analysis of the statistics of head-to-head matches for the last two years.
  • Comparison of the composition of the participants in the game, identification of weaknesses in team rosters.
  • Viewing weather conditions, arbiter, selected for the match, comparison of club motivation.

These factors are necessarily analyzed - without them it will be difficult for the player to understand, how can the match go. Predicting outcomes is not about following the “finger to the sky” rule: this requires a thorough analysis of all factors, potentially affecting the outcome of the game, comparing them and getting the final output.

Not all bettors are able to analyze - due to lack of ability or experience. To do this, you can use forecasts from experienced analysts and eminent forecasters - get acquainted with them here. And that doesn't mean, that you can blindly trust these forecasts and bet strictly on them. Better to take expert opinion as a basis, but at the same time keep your mind and make decisions yourself when making a bet on football.

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