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Auspicious days for buying lottery tickets in August 2020 of the year


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Sagittarius in 2019 year is worth considering, where does the money go and how you can earn it in the lottery. In its turn, the sky will give chances. But - not so often, so you can afford to waste them. Therefore, Sagittarius must use the "star potential" to the maximum.. If we buy, then not tickets with a total win, divided among all, and a lottery with large fixed prizes

Sagittarius need to pay special attention to jackpot draws. The current year will give Sagittarius a lot of suggestions, for each of which you just want to spend money

However, taking on a lot of things at once, including draws, not worth it. Please select 3-4 lottery, and develop them systematically. It is advisable to look for systems with a minimum ticket price.

Lucky numbers:

For Sagittarius, the best day to buy a lottery is Thursday..

Auspicious dates: 3, 4, 6, 8, 21, 26.

Numbers for combinations: 15, 30, 31, 40, 49.

Influence of the zodiac sign

When people are unlucky, they often say: "Today is not my day!». Whereas professional astrologers explain, that bad luck is due to the influence of the moon, zodiac constellations, planets and other celestial bodies.

The moon has special magic, affecting all living things. It reflects the characteristics of each of 12 zodiac signs, staying in each of them for 2-3 days monthly. Naturally, this cannot but affect luck, success, luck of people and their life in general.

If the Moon is in Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius - fortune will help the lucky ones on this day. Worth noticing, that the amount won may be relatively small.

Moon in Taurus, Virgo - will help to win a pretty big jackpot.

Moon in Libra, Capricorn and Pisces - will not accompany success.

Moon in Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio - neutral period for winning.

Moon phases and their meaning in zodiac signs

First, let's figure it out, what are the phases of the moon and how are they characterized. The phases of the moon are a cycle of changes in the state of the moon, depending on the level of illumination by the Sun. There are eight phases of the moon:

  • New moon is a stage, when the moon has already risen, but the lighted side is far from us.
  • Full moon is a phase, when we see the full lunar disk at maximum brightness.
  • The crescent is the first, an arc appearing in a faded sky.
  • First quarter - moment, when exactly half of the moon is visible.
  • The arriving moon is when more than half is already lit.
  • Waning moon - the process is waning, but the lighting is more than half.
  • Last quarter - we see 50% waning moon, while the illuminated half is already on the opposite side.
  • Disappearing Moon - when the illuminated half decreases and completely disappears from the firmament. Completion of the lunar cycle.

Within one month, the moon passes from one zodiac sign to another. And there is no more in each 2-3 days. If you associate your specific actions with the position of the moon in a particular sign, then the more likely you will achieve success and can safely start the idea of ​​winning the lottery. The main thing is to set a goal for yourself.

  1. Moon phase in Aries. At this stage, many people notice these qualities., how haste, impulsiveness, impatience. In this case, you should not do much business., where precision and meticulousness are required. Best numbers to win: 5, 13, 38, 40, 44. Happy Days: 1 and 27.
  2. Moon in a Taurus. Fast lottery draws will give great chances of winning. Most often, non-professional players are lucky here., who already do it masterfully, and so, who plays just for fun or for fun. Suitable numbers: 9, 10, 22, 27, 30. Better buy a lottery ticket: 14, 16, 24.
  3. Moon in twins. It's better to avoid excitement these days.. Better to postpone this for later. You don't need to play games. Good numbers: 12 and 16. Auspicious days: 5 and 16.
  4. Moon in cancer. Here numbers can bring luck 1, 14 and 33. And days: 1 and 26. This is a good time to win the lottery. Try to play lotto.
  5. The moon in the lion. This is the right moment, to win at slots. The lucky numbers to win during this period will be: 1, 22, 33. Happy Days: 8 and 11.
  6. Moon in Virgo. Here the lucky numbers will be: 10, 29, 41, 42. And days to win: 1, 21, 30. But this is a pretty bad time to buy lottery tickets.. At best, try to avoid it..
  7. Moon in scales. Also negative span, when you shouldn't count on luck in money. When to buy lottery tickets: 2 and 22. And the numbers are so only 10, 31.
  8. Scorpion moon. Period, when you shouldn't waste your finances, even to buy or participate in draws. Auspicious day 9 numbers.
  9. Moon in Sagittarius. On the lunar calendar, this is a good time to play cards.. You're in luck here. Lucky days: 4, 12, 16. And good numbers will be: 1, 11, 30, 44.
  10. Moon in capricorn. Better not buy lottery tickets these days. It won't do you any good, no pleasure. The good days will be: 5 and 25.
  • Moon in Aquarius. Successful days: 10, 15, 20.The lunar calendar promises good luck in slot machines or roulette. Favorable numbers: 3, 12, 18, 32.
  • Moon in fish. Good time, to win at cards. Use your lucky items. The best days: 22 and 30

General information, among all zodiac signs, there are the luckiest ones. For instance, fishes. Very often they get everything just like that.. And all thanks to their magical charm. But only with support, they often break the jackpot. Also, the lunar calendar tells the moments for winning the lion lottery. Intuition itself tells them, what to try. And even a clear understanding and desire to win plays into their hands, that even the stars themselves cannot resist it.

Lottery horoscope 2020 will smile at everyone, you just have to find the right moment. Buying lucky tickets is sure to bring you financial wealth, you just have to take into account all the nuances and, of course, believe in yourself. As we already understood, The moon has and has great importance in all spheres of life. All lunar phases affect plants, on animals, to the seas and oceans. Always refer to the lunar calendar, even if you are just planning to plant a flower. Believe everything in this world is connected. And for big plans and undertakings, always keep an eye on auspicious days in the lunar calendar.. It's not for nothing that we always intuitively think, what date should we make an appointment, or what day to make a large financial purchase. We ourselves wonder for a reason. The universe itself gives us clues. So let's put our trust in her.

How to win the lottery

Prayers and conspiracies to win the lottery help to fulfill one of the most popular desires of modern man. Monetary rituals carried out in accordance with all the rules and in accordance with all the recommendations guarantee the desired result.

Besides, an important factor of success is faith in victory. It is better not to take up the ceremony without her. Positive attitude, self-confidence and magic help - and everything will certainly work out!

In this article:

A person who has never bought a lottery ticket is a rather rare occurrence.. We all believe in Her Majesty - Lady Luck. We just don't know, how to attract luck, to win the lottery. How to calculate, find out the lucky numbers? Let's call on the wonderful science - numerology.

After all, thanks to numerology, our chances of winning are increased several times..

There are regularities, by which people have won millions of jackpots. Sometimes, to attract good luck into your life, you can use the advice of those, who has already won the lottery. Many of them used numbers according to numerology. Happy owners shared their secrets, which was confirmed by experts in numerology.

Destiny numbers and their influence on the result

How often did you have to cross out numbers on the ticket, which are close to you? Dates of birth of loved ones, significant dates in life. Why does a person choose these numbers? It's simple - our subconscious mind begins to help even in such a matter.. Numerologists fully agree with this action., because the vibration of the selected numbers is doubled, which inevitably leads to a positive result. Your chance of winning increases.

Here's an example from Tony and Robert Harris. They bought a lottery coupon, the numbers were the dates of birth of their six grandchildren. The Kharisov couple won 270 million dollars. A simple numerological secret brought the couple a huge fortune. It's a sin not to adopt.

Your birth number will increase your chances of winning

The second step to increasing your winning prospects is to buy a lottery ticket daily, which is identical to your date of birth. It is also good to use your numerological code in the lotto game. You can recognize him, adding your full date of birth to one digit.

Lucky Eight

Numeral 8 responsible for material success, good luck in money. Second meaning of number 8 Is reliability. All because if you split it in half, then we get equal parts 4 and 4 - double square. Divide four more - again we get equal parts, only deuces. This knowledge can be successfully applied in lottery numerology.. It makes sense to bet on numbers: 2, 4 and 8, to increase the chance and win. This is how we enlist the support of the number 8 - the most financially and materially favorable.

Number of tickets and chance to win. The answer of specialists

There are people, who buy lottery tickets in batches. They think, what the more, all the better. Does the number of coupons determine the chances of winning?

Experts on this issue give an unequivocal answer - no. After all, even from a mathematical point of view, by buying one more ticket, you do not exclude the millions of possibilities of other combinations. It's like a little grain of sand on the ocean coast. What can she change in the fate of an entire beach, if she is gone?

Sometimes it is enough to buy just one ticket and hit the jackpot. It is more desirable to be at the right time and in the right place. Better to apply advice, described above, then the chance to win and be among the list of lottery winners is much greater. Better to attract the beneficial effects of numbers 8 into my life, so she helps to be, where you need it at the right time.

Apply the advice of this exact science, use lucky number 8, and then your admissibility to win the lottery will increase significantly.

Everyone can get rich: you just need to know your lucky days. Winning the lottery won't keep you waiting long, if you are guided by the stars. In November 2018 heavenly assistants have prepared enough opportunities for each representative of the zodiac.

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