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Sri Lanka, without exaggeration, can be compared with a real treasure: in the bowels of this island there are huge deposits of precious and semi-precious stones. And not one or two kinds, and several dozen.

Rubies, sapphires, topaz, diamonds - kings decorated their crowns, and adventurers from time immemorial have sought to the island for profit. Biblical King Solomon presented a stone from Sri Lanka to the Queen of Sheba, and the navigator Marco Polo described the ruby ​​found here as thick as an arm.

Export of rough gems from the country is now prohibited, but you can buy jewelry for every taste. When buying, do not be afraid to ask the seller for documents, confirming the authenticity of the goods. Fraudsters do not sleep and are always ready to foist a cheap thing on a careless buyer under the guise of jewelry.

In addition, shiny pebbles are much cheaper here., than in any other country.

6. Ayurvedic cosmetics

Its feature is naturalness. No chemical plant products: only a real herbal product based on many medicinal herbs.

By the way, "Ayurveda" means "the doctrine of the extension of human life". Essential oils, included in skin care products, fight wrinkles and literally make your skin look younger and healthier, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews of tourists and travelers on the forums. Except Sri Lanka, Ayurvedic cosmetics are popular in different parts of India - for example, in Goa.

Exist as feminine, and male remedies. Their difference is not only in composition. Herbs for the preparation of men's cosmetics are collected exclusively by the strong sex, the exact same rule exists for women. And the collection process itself resembles a ceremony: before, how to pluck a plant, the collector speaks to him, asks for forgiveness and explains, why is it needed.

7. Nuts and fruits

Sri Lanka's climate allows them to be grown all year round. There is no cold here. Therefore, we recommend purchasing and bringing several copies home..

If you list all the gifts of nature, with which the island is rich, you can write a whole encyclopedia. Taste the freshest, only plucked bananas, pineapple, pomegranates. I bought durian, you can personally verify its aphrodisiac properties, and carambola will help the body to cope with many diseases. Nuts in Sri Lanka are also popular, and are much cheaper, than in northern countries.

Breadfruit is the main product here, but when cooked it really looks like baked goods.

8. Palm syrup and sugar

Palm sugar or, what else is it called, jaggery, popular all over the world since ancient times and even mentioned in folk epics and legends. It has a golden color and a very sweet taste.. It can be added to coffee or even spread on bread..

Palm syrup makes a great ingredient in dishes and baked goods. Ayurveda says, that it is a very useful healing product, so don't pass by.

9. Spice bouquet

The sailors arriving here could smell them, without even having gone ashore. Cover, pepper, cardamom, vanilla, ginger - some spices require a separate, rather large bag. Therefore, buy them properly., and at home, please your loved ones with dishes with a touch of exotic.

10. Sri Lankan alcohol

for example, vodka. This strong drink is not popular with us, and in vain. It is prepared in these latitudes in palm syrup or coconut juice., and a pure product has a golden or transparent color.

In small quantities, arak is useful for diseases of the stomach and respiratory tract. You should drink it, diluted with water, eating dishes from oriental cuisine.

The drink is usually made at home., and therefore its purity is different.

Rum "Calypso" is produced and sold only here. Despite the fortress, he is light, delicious, without the hardness typical of many alcoholic products. You can drink clean, with ice, or make a cocktail, whose recipes are written right on the label.

It is not sold everywhere. Look for specialty stores, referred to as "Wine shop" and "Wine stories".

11. Ceylon tea

There are so many varieties, that it is impossible to list them, but the most famous, of course, the black. We advise you to try high-mountain varieties - such, as "Dimbula" and "Uva". They are characterized by a rich brown color and tart, velvety taste.

You should definitely take several different types with you on your way back., and upon arrival, arrange a tea party for relatives.

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