Lucky number 6 in China

Chinese numerology - features and coincidences

The meaning of numbers in China

Eastern philosophies endow the essence of the universe with a dual meaning. The two origins of Yin and Yang are simultaneously opposed and merged in harmony with each other. The same contradictory nature is in the meaning of some numbers in China.. for example, numeral 2 considered a symbol of love, harmony and marriage. Along with favorable qualities, it is personified with the beginning of contradictions and conflicts and denotes uncertainty and indecision. therefore 2 Chinese do not belong to the category of lucky numbers, but at the same time do not put her on a par with the unlucky.

The meaning of numbers in Chinese teachings is determined according to their energy. There are such numbers in China, who are definitely considered happy, and some, on the contrary, only bring misfortune.

Lucky numbers in China

The essence of the energy of numbers is determined, first of all, their sound in Chinese and depends on the hieroglyphs, used in writing.

"8" is considered the luckiest number for the Chinese. The pronunciation of this number has the same tone and similarity to words.: well-being, prosperity, Good luck.

This number means abundance, since its designation in writing is close to the spelling of the hieroglyph of the word multiplication. Besides, 8 like an inverted infinity sign. Putting all these facts together, Chinese came to the conclusion, that the owners of the number 8 in date of birth, phone number, home or car, will always be happy and rich.

Many Chinese companies are looking for phone numbers from 8 or use it in your titles. Thus, superstitious business owners attract wealth and money.

The "6" also carries positive energy.. According to the Chinese, this number can bring good luck and help to overcome difficulties for all honest and hardworking people. Many inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom carry a lucky charm in their pockets, consisting of 6 coins, connected by scarlet ribbon.

A long happy life and peace of mind means "9". In ancient China, this number was a symbol of the emperor and his unlimited power.. Numeral 9, in different variations, always present in the imperial palaces, the number is also found in ancient Chinese names - Wall of Nine Dragons.

Unlucky numbers

The Chinese are wary of all odd numbers, although they do not count them, carrying negative energy. The people of the Celestial Empire attribute all numbers to unlucky numbers., containing the number 4

If this number is present in the apartment or house number, then the owners should not expect prosperity and stable financial situation

The people of the Celestial Empire attribute all numbers to unlucky numbers., containing the number 4. If this number is present in the apartment or house number, then the owners should not expect prosperity and stable financial situation.

Among 14 Chinese dislike, similar to the Russian perception of number 13.

And here 44 Chinese take it quite favorably. Although it consists of two fours, but adds up to the luckiest number 8. The positive attitude of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom to the number 48, since it consists of the sum of six eights.

What number is not in China

The Chinese take the meaning of numbers quite seriously.. The most unlucky number for the Chinese is "4". AND, all because, that her pronunciation is consonant with the word death.

Panic fear to this number of the population of the Middle Kingdom led to the seizure 4 from the total number of figures. This fact was formalized in an official document, adopted by the Government of the PRC.

In Chinese high-rise buildings, hotels, business centers and large shopping malls do not exist 4 floors, there are no rooms (apartments) under No. 4. Instead of a four, the English letter F or number is used 3 «a»

Can't come across a number 4 and in the digital row of the license plate. Car owners are so afraid of being in a fatal accident, that they refused to take numbers, where the four were present. The Chinese government made concessions to the population, and banned the use of a digit in license plates.

This fear of numbers contributed to the emergence of the term - teraphobia. (fear of the number "4").

Number 7

In many cultures 7 considered a lucky number, but in China it is associated with anger or death. The seventh month in the Chinese calendar is called "Month of the Spirits", and it is considered, that ghosts live among people at this time. Real mass hysteria about the number 7 started in China in 2014 year when within seven days, beginning with 17.07, aircraft crashed in Ukraine, Mali and Taiwan. Flight MH17 was shot down in 17:17 in the eastern part of Ukraine. At the same time, Boeing 777 operated for 17 years old (from 07.17.1997 by 07.17.2014). Indian military helicopter crashed in 17:00, seven passengers were killed. 07.07 helicopter Mi-171 of the Vietnamese army crashed in 7:37.

Sights of China - where you can meet 8

The Chinese believe in the magic of numbers, but, Fortunately, temples are not built for them. Though, if you remember the nine, then the Forbidden City itself in Beijing can be considered the temple of this figure, there the nine is found everywhere - from rivets on the gate to the number of animal figures on the roof. Similarly, in the Temple of Heaven, the nine is present everywhere..

A famous building can be found in China, dedicated to digital 8. It is located in Shanghai Pudong District. This is Jin Mao skyscraper (golden prosperity tower). It has an octagonal base, the basis of the structure - eight pillars, in a buiding 88 floors and so on.

Another interesting mention of the figure eight is in the Summer Palace in Beijing.. Here is the famous bridge with 17 arches. Number 17 Is the amount 8 and 9. This is exactly what the architects intended - to combine in one place the two most successful numbers in Chinese numerology..

Numeral 7 in the sights of China

In the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, you can find a group of stones called 'Seven Stars', which symbolize the seven peaks of Taishan - the sacred mountain in Taoism. Only there are not seven stones there now, but eight, addition made by emperors of the Qing dynasty.

The 7 plays an important role in the overthrow of the Ming dynasty. When the Manchus declared war on the Ming dynasty, their leaders Nurkhatsi expressed his claims in the form of ‘Seven Grievances’. This manifesto marked the beginning of the war and the imminent end of the reign of the Ming emperors in the Forbidden City..

The Great Wall of China is also called the ‘wall of the seven imperial dynasties’, in order to emphasize its antiquity. It is rather a saying, than a historical fact. During the existence of the wall, China was split into small states several times., and dynasties can be counted from 7 to 15, it all depends on the counting method.

That's all, What do I know about Chinese beliefs about digital 7. Read other blog posts (links below).

Number nine

Nine is an odd number, which more often has positive energy. The number nine is also identified with eternity and long life.. It depends on whether, how is it used and in what context it is used.

In ancient China, the number nine was associated with the imperial court.. In the imperial palace, you can find nine dragon walls. In the building of the imperial palace in Beijing, you will see 9999 rooms.

Modern Chinese still use lucky numbers. Not by chance, when the Olympic Games were held in China, the date was chosen for the start of sports 08.08.2008, and for the start time of the games – 8:08:08 P.M.

Use of numbers 8 for commercial purposes

Many companies successfully leverage Chinese belief in numbers. Airlines are particularly good at this. Successful flight number selection is a guarantee of high sales.

Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to Beijing is numbered EY888. Dutch KLM flight from Hong Kong to Amsterdam – KL888. Air Canada flight from Shanghai to Toronto – AC88. American United Airlines flight from Beijing to San Francisco – UA888. The list of such flights with eights is very long..

SriLankan Airlines and Singapore Airlines have generally reserved all flight numbers, containing eights, for future use.

When you are in China, then pay attention to the price tags in stores and restaurants. Numeric prices are very popular 8 – 28, 38, 58 yuan. Some shops like prices with 8 yao - 7,8 or 8,8 yuan.

0888 888 888

Bulgarian mobile phone company Mobitel suspends issuance of phone numbers 0888 888 888 after, how three owners of this room died one after another. The first user of this number was Vladimir Grashnov, former CEO of the company. He died in 2001 year. Although officially diagnosed with cancer, there are suspicions, that he was poisoned by a competitor.

Later, the owner of this number was the drug lord Konstantin Dimitrov, who died in the Netherlands, where did he go, to check the state of affairs of your empire. Rival Russian mafia clans blamed for death, drug traffickers.

The third owner of the number was also a drug dealer, as well as real estate manager. Konstantin Dishliev died near a restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria. Not long before that, the police arrested a consignment of drugs worth 130 million pounds, which belonged to him. After his death, Mobitel blocked this number and decided not to assign it to anyone else..

Number four: bad number, symbolizing death

In Chinese culture, almost all numbers are considered auspicious., except for four. There are many reasons, to represent numbers as lucky or unlucky, In the case of number four, everything is explained quite simply.: the name of the digit itself is consonant with the Chinese word, denoting death. Therefore, it is considered, that the number four has the same energy and properties.

I store coals in the bathroom and in the bookcase: all agree, what's better with them in the house

At the wedding of a friend, the girl told the guests the good news. The bride got mad

Making an adorable DIY footrest: Master Class

If you live in house number 4 or your family consists of four people, then the practice of feng shui advises to draw a circle around the house number, so that the number transforms in a circle.

Number two: luck in love

Two is a number, symbolizing the unification of yin and yang energies. When these two opposite energies are balanced, understanding is achieved. Thus, the second number means union, which creates harmony. In accordance with this philosophy, the Chinese decorate the wedding with such paired items., like candles, pillows, rings, gifts and other attributes. According to legend, this custom brings good luck.

In feng shui practice, placing paired objects or paintings attracts luck, which number two can bring you. To ensure happiness in marriage, couples are advised to place two tangerines in the master bedroom. For couple, striving to have children, number two plays an important role in feng shui applications.

A couple of pictures of pomegranates, which are considered lucky fruits, bring good luck to family people, trying to conceive a child.

Another successful object for a married couple is the dragon.. It is recommended to install statues or hang two dragon paintings at the head of the bed, to activate prolongation.

Number 7 - positive associations

More Chinese 7 pronounced ‘chi’. As known, Chinese tonal. Any set of sounds takes on a different meaning, tone dependent, by which it is pronounced. Seven is the ‘chi’ consonance, spoken in the first tone.

If ‘chi’ is pronounced in the third tone, then this word ‘arise’. maybe, for this reason it is associated with gender relations. To meet on the seventh day - to luck in a relationship.

If ‘chi’ is pronounced in the fourth tone, then this word is ‘vitality’. It gives the figure 7 positive value, but I have not seen any interesting manifestations of this association in Chinese culture.

Number 11

Many superstitious people consider the number unlucky. 11. This number is even dedicated to the American mystical horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman "11.11.11", which came out on screens 11 November 2011 of the year. Conspiracy theorists associate this number with the Kennedy assassination and tragic events. 11 september. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center stood next to each other, forming a giant number "11". Planes crashed into them 11.09 (1+1+9 = 11). Wherein 11 September was 254 day of the year, and 2+5+4 is also equal 11. First plane, who crashed into the mall tower, flew on the flight 11.

Year of the Horse - characteristic

We can safely say, that a person is a Horse according to the zodiac sign, if he was born in 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942,1954,1966, 1978,1990, 2002 and c 2014 years. The horse is a sign of the third triangle and belongs to the element of Fire., hence the main characteristics of such people:

  1. It's infatuated, active and energetic individuals. It is unbearable for them to sit at home, but you need constant room for activity, holidays, meeting friends and conquering uncharted peaks. They are the goers of the hikes, concerts and exhibitions.
  2. People, born in the year of the Horse, endowed with a great sense of humor. They will always find a witty answer to any question., but often the dialogue turns into a heated debate, in which the horse will never yield.
  3. These are freedom-loving personalities, who will never listen to other people's opinions. This makes it difficult for them to build a harmonious relationship with a partner., create a happy marriage.
  4. Horses love and know how to make money, who are also easy and spend. However, excessive workload can affect their health..
  5. Are not particularly emotional. Frequent mood swings have a strong effect on those around you., especially the closest people.

Year of the Horse - characteristic of a woman

Among all the other signs, the Horse woman is the most obstinate., eccentric and stubborn. Her main character traits:

  1. She naturally has high self-esteem and sincere belief in her own merits., but the level of self-control is low.
  2. All acquaintances note pride in such a girl., constant activity, turning into anxiety and exceptional independence.
  3. The fair sex, born in the year of the Horse, very friendly. Nice to talk to and kind-hearted. From this they quickly become the favorites of any company..
  4. However, such women can easily spoil relationships with the environment due to their hot temper and frequent mood swings.. They are literally one step from enthusiasm in the implementation of an idea to depression and self-flagellation..
  5. Such a girl does not like home life, preferring minimal comfort and frequent visits, gatherings with friends in a cafe, parties.

Year of the Horse - characteristics of men

In any company, the Horse man does not always stand out immediately., however, over time, everyone around him appreciates his natural qualities and talents:

  1. This is a strong and freedom-loving personality with a vulnerable soul behind the mask of a certain arrogance and perseverance..
  2. Such a man always has an athletic physique., stylishly dressed and knows how to behave in society.
  3. He has an oratorical talent, can convince any interlocutor of anything.
  4. Constantly strives for leadership and does not tolerate second place as in a career, so in personal life.
  5. Straightforward, does not cheat and does not build intrigues behind the back. Excessive frankness and some rudeness can alienate people.
  6. Representatives of the strong half of humanity are reliable spouses, behind which women will be like a stone back.

Year of the Horse - characteristics of the child

Children also have outstanding traits, born in the year of the Horse:

  1. They are more often than others have a difficult character.. Rarely do they fail to heed the advice of parents and teachers, from which they often have conflicts at school.
  2. Make friends easily, for whom they become authorities. However, an innate propensity for risk and adventure can play a cruel joke., after all, comrades are drawn into trouble.
  3. Kids, born in the year of the Horse, often change their hobbies, without bringing it to its logical conclusion. They can drastically change drawing to boxing, and then on modeling or a rare foreign language. To find something, what do you really like, such children should try everything.
  4. Young Horses leave the parent's nest early, mostly right after school. They easily change everyday comfort for new adventures and conquest of unexplored peaks..

Yellow, red and green are considered colors, who are able to bring good luck.

Chinese emperor dressed in royal yellow robes

Yellow, red and green are considered colors, who are able to bring good luck.

Yellow is a symbol of imperial greatness and supreme power.. The first emperor of China had a middle name, who sounded like the Yellow Emperor. China was often called the Yellow Land, and its main river is called . Chinese skin color is also yellow..

During the reign of the Song dynasty (960 r. – 1279 g.) yellow glazed tiles were used in the construction of imperial palaces. Emperors during the Ming Dynasty (1368 r. – 1644 g.) and Qing dynasty (1644 r. – 1912 g.) wore yellow imperial robes. They lived in the Yellow Palaces, rode the Imperial Yellow carts and walked the Yellow Paths. The main official color of their flag has always been yellow.. State seals were wrapped in yellow cloth. Looking at the Forbidden City, being on one of the hills in Beijing, you can see the sea of ​​yellow. These are yellow glazed roof tiles. Gold-plated copper elements and animal figures adorn many palaces.

Figures in negotiations with the Chinese

Business people from China, who in their lives are guided by the principles of feng shui, are very meticulous about the choice of numbers and any numbers.

This applies to phone numbers, company addresses, dates of meetings ... This behavior is mainly due to the phonetic nature of the Chinese language. Therefore, superstition is deeply rooted in Chinese society..

  • Did you know, what does every number mean in china?
  • What is the significance of numbers in negotiations with the Chinese?
  • What numbers bring happiness in China?

Correct answers to these questions can make negotiations with Chinese partners successful or vice versa., so think for yourself:))

But this is just one nuance, but there are many nuances - details are of interest?! - here you can find detailed information.

Lucky numbers 8, 6 and 9

Eight (Eight BA) - number 8 considered very happy, because 八 BA pronounced 发 is similar to FA , which means 发财 fācái- grow rich.

The number eight is symmetrical, which means perfect balance.

For this reason, this is the favorite number of businessmen, who care about, so that it appears in the address, food prices, and sometimes even in the name of the company.

  • Phone numbers, containing a string from 8 or 9 digits, can reach astronomical prices. The record holders are bidding on the telephone number "18888888888", which was sold in China for 120 million yuan (24 million dollars).
  • Even the Beijing Olympics 2008 year began on 8 August in 20:08!
  • It is also worth noting, what residual prices around the world look like 0,99 - in China 0,98.

Six (Six ) - pronounced "ú liú" , what does "flow" mean, "to swim". He must guess, that all things will be successful.

Nine (Jiǔ jiǔ ) - sounds like another Chinese word: Hisashi jiǔ, which means long, long-lived.

Currently, nine are also a symbol of eternal love., therefore a suitable wedding anniversary gift is 99 or 999 roses.

Two (Two èr) - symbolizes the community. It has to do with the partner sector.

  • For this reason, foreign delegations must consist of at least two participants.
  • Coming alone in the eyes of the Chinese means lack of support.

Unlucky numbers


room 4 (four; accounting 肆; Chinese transliteration system sì), considered an unlucky number in Chinese, because it's almost homophonous to the word "death" (死 Chinese character transliteration system sǐ). Because of this, many numbered product lines are missing "4": eg, for Nokia cell phones (before Lumia 640, there will be no row, containing 4 addressed), Palm PDAs, serial G Canon PowerShot (after, how the G3 goes G5), etc. In East Asia, some buildings do not have a 4th floor. (Conform to Western practice of some buildings, not having a 13th floor, because 13 considered unsuccessful.) In Hong Kong, some high-rise residential buildings drop all floor numbers from "4", eg, 4, 14, 24, 34 and all 40-49 floors, in addition to not having a 13th floor. As a result, the building, the highest floor of which – number 50, can actually only be 35 physical floors. Singapore public transport operator SBS Transit lowered license plates for some of its buses, numbers ending in ‘4’ due to this, so if the bus is registered as SBS *** 3*, SBS *** 4*, will be omitted, and the next bus, which will be registered, will be SBS *** 5*

Please note that, that this only applies to certain buses and not others and that the final asterisk – checksum letter and not a number. Another Singaporean public transport operator SMRT dropped the ‘4’ as the first digit of the registration number of railway cars, as well as Bus SMRT NightRider services


Five (Fives, Chinese character transliteration system: wǔ, jyutping: of), associated with "not" (Mandarin 無, Chinese character transliteration system swell and Cantonese 唔 m).

If used for negative connotation it can be made good by using it with negation.

Thus, 54 does not mean "death".

53 ("Ng saam" in the Cantonese dialect) is like "m, sang (唔 生) "-" not alive.


Six in Cantonese, which has a similar pronunciation to that of "lok6" (drop, meaning to go down, fall or decline ") can form bad combinations.

Positive moments

Five is not just the number of elements. Since the feudal era, five types of relationships have been important in China - these are the foundations of Chinese ethics. it: monarch-vassal relationship, father with son, husband and wife, brothers and friends.

This relationship was strict. For instance, according to ancient tradition, the wife was obliged to celebrate the Chinese New Year only in the husband's family, and only on the second day of the new year could I visit my relatives.

Five in China is five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty.

These are five pieces of ancient literature: Shi jing ("Classics of poetry"), Shu jing ("Book of documents"), Li czi (Book of Rights), I ching ("Book of Changes") and Chunqiu ("Chronicle of Spring and Autumn").

Five sacred mountains of China: Huashan in Xi'an, Taishan in Shandong province, Hengshan in Hunan, Hengshan in Shanxi and Songshan in Henan. The latter is more famous for, that Shaolin is here.

And don't forget, that China has always been an agricultural society. Five main crops: rice, wheat, soy, barley and millet.

Finally, five chinese blessings: health, joy, longevity, luck and prosperity. The happiest person from the point of view of the Chinese is the one, who has all these components in life.

Number 250

In China, the number 250 considered an insult. In Chinese, it is pronounced "eh bai wu", which means "dumbass, fool". There is another version of this number's bad reputation.. In ancient China, the measure of value was 1000 coins. They asked for the goods of not the highest quality 500 coins, and substandard goods were evaluated in 250 coins.

In the photo - a nonexistent bill in 250 yuan. It depicts the grandson of Mao Zedong. Although he does not shine with talents, but became what became the youngest general in the Chinese army. Its only plus is tongue-tied, making Mao Xinyu a target for the wit of Chinese bloggers.

Interesting Facts

Beijing City Lost Olympiad Elective Race 2000 of the year. But because of the dislike for numbers 4, they did not apply to host the Olympiad 2004 of the year. But, on 2008 year they moved with pleasure and won.

A medical study was conducted in the USA. It turned out, that deaths among Asians from heart attacks on the fourth day of the month are 13% higher, than on other days. This is a prime example of, how belief materializes, and in a disgusting way.

Despite the passion of Chinese emperors for numerology, in the Forbidden City, the four meet. There are four watchtowers at the four corners of the main wall.

Numeral 8 and other lucky numbers

In Chinese culture, some numbers are considered lucky., because they sound about the same, like words, who have “happy” value.

Lucky numbers are important in Chinese culture. Based on the desire to have a lucky number, people pick apartment numbers for a long time, phones, offices, think, what day will they get married, set a date for an anniversary or other celebration.

Number 8 symbolizes prosperity, wealth, success and high social status.

Numeral 8 pronounced almost like the word "fa" in Cantonese. Fa can mean prosperity, wealth, success and high social status. One example of the most successful selection of numbers is time, which was scheduled to start the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 r. Exactly at eight zero eight in the morning 8 August 2008 of the year (8 /8/ 08) this ceremony has begun.

Even numbers are preferred over odd.

The Chinese believe in harmony and balance in nature and human life. Therefore, even numbers are preferred over odd. Number 2 can mean harmony for many, and figure 6 - Good luck. Number 9 pronounced in Chinese almost the same, like the word "consistency".

Lucky numbers in business

Lucky numbers are also incredibly important in Hong Kong.. This city with a well-developed industry and trade is very competitive, both merchants and businessmen are very eager for success. Very often in order, to hold a grand opening ceremony, celebrate an event or sign a contract, they pick a happy date. If the date contains a digit 8, this is a very good sign. It means, what can you count on luck. If there is a number in the date 9, It will mean, that you can hope for consistency in business. And if there is a figure in the date of an event or important negotiations 6, it means, that the success of the enterprise is simply ensured.

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