Chinese numerology

Why the Chinese don't like numbers 4 - the magic of numbers in china

Basic Provisions

If you want to understand the essence of Chinese numerology, then the first step is to familiarize yourself with the key concepts. Briefly, the basics of this school can be distinguished in such a list:

  • Every odd number from 1 to 10 has masculine energy. And even - female.
  • Each number is associated with one or another element.
  • There are numbers, endowed with special magical energy.
  • Chinese numerology uses 13 digits.
  • Earlier in numbers 11, 12 and 13 was of particular importance. Number 12 and did symbolize the beginning and end of everything that happens in the Universe. But in our time, these numbers are used as official.
  • If a person decided to conduct a ritual of numerological fortune-telling in accordance with Chinese culture, then those values, which are accepted in other schools, use is strictly prohibited.

This is the basics. What is the purpose of the Chinese school of numerology? Reveal the number of a person's fate, then decipher it completely and determine the impact on fate. For this, the calculation system is used, which is known as the Lo Shu square. What is it?

Number 10 symbolizes two beginnings

It is interesting at least because, that both principles are characteristic of him at the same time - as a male, so feminine. Winter is the patron saint, water and mercury.

"Ten" is very rarely considered in the so-called pure form. More often it is divided into two "fives". One is endowed with light energy, the other is dark. In fortune telling, "ten" is associated with closed doors, lack of prospects, as well as the inability to develop.

Interesting, what 10 is a service number, which was previously used to calculate decades. Now it symbolizes everything negative.: lost souls, who are forced to cleanse themselves through the passage of the circles of hell, relentless and pointless attempts to strive for enlightenment, and also the end of everything.

Unlucky number in China

Real photo in an elevator in Hong Kong. Which floor number is missing?

If we talk about Chinese numerology, it is worth noting, that odd numbers are considered less lucky, than even. This is not surprising, as they are identified with dead energy.

Исключение — цифра 4, since it sounds the same as the hieroglyph "death". The Chinese are so afraid of this figure., that they don't even burn with desire becomes the owners of apartments under this number. And it will sound intimidating, who wants to pronounce: "I live in a deadly apartment".

The number is also considered negative 14, which has very poor energy. In some cases, the number is also called negative. 13, since the sum of its digits is four.

The Chinese school of numerology is considered the oldest theoretical system. Using ancient knowledge, you can analyze the life of any person.

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