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Site quality index (X):
Last TCI:
Pages in Yandex: 4
Pictures in Yandex: Look
Links from forums and blogs from Yandex: Look
Availability in Yandex.Catalogue: Not
Availability in the DMOZ catalog: Not
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Google Pages (not under filters): 0 (0%)
Pictures on Google: Look
Bing Pages: 23
Bing Mentions: 8
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Google+ Mentions n.a.
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Xing (mentioning / comments / clicks): 0 / 0 / 0
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Download speed (Google PageSpeed ​​rating): 74 of 100
HTML errors / warnings: 98 / 81
CSS errors / warnings: 38 / 683
Compatible with mobile devices: No data

Data updated 22 january 2018

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