The biggest win in the world

Top 10 biggest lottery wins | - top 10 sheets and ratings
top 10 biggest lottery wins - - top 10 sheets and ratings

The biggest jackpots

Lottery - an easy chance to win money, because to play it is enough to buy a ticket and be lucky. The biggest lottery win so far is 390 million dollars, ripped off by a US resident in 2007, playing the Mega Millions lottery. Later 4 of the year there were two super winners in the same lottery, who were also residents of the United States and shared between themselves 380 million dollars.

The Powerball lottery was also the organizer of a major draw, during which the lucky one was found. It turned out to be an ordinary retiree from South Carolina, which in 2009 spent a few dollars to buy a lottery ticket and won 260 million dollars. Also, this American company had other big winnings - 211 and 212 million dollars. In principle, old age is guaranteed, is not it?

The famous European company "EuroMillions" raffled off a super prize, the owner of which received 130 million pounds sterling in October 2010, and a year earlier the Spaniard received 126 million euros, by participating in a similar lottery.

The winners of the "Super Enalotto" lottery are no less famous, who received the two largest winnings in 2009 year. In the spring, a resident of Spain hit the jackpot in 123 million euros, and six months later, her record was broken by an ordinary villager from Italy, who received a prize of 148 million euros.

In the world

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the maximum officially recorded win in the world on the sweepstakes is considered to be the luck from investments at the rates of the Englishwoman Katherine Unsworth with the equal odds 1:3410. A similar result in the history of making a profit belongs to the category of fantastic records..

The largest winnings in France are considered to be at a bookmaker's office. 6,5 million. euros, when an inconspicuous bank employee, when filling out a game ticket, guessed the result of more 10 matches. This player subsequently donated half of the money purchased to the local orphanage..

Sensational Greece team, winner at Euro 2004, surprised many, but most of all pleased her fans. A fan of the national team experienced double pleasure, who bet on her to win the tournament 7300 dollars. The coefficient was initially 50. After the Greeks reached the final, he made a bet on the same outcome in the amount 14600 dollars, but the coefficient was already 10. Everybody knows, how did the final end. The fan's euphoria knew no bounds, after all, in total, he became richer by 607 thousand. dollars.


Biggest lottery win

As known, all the greatest achievements are recorded by the Guinness Book of Records, and the biggest lottery win was no exception. As mentioned earlier, the absolute record is 390 million dollars or 286 million euros. Seemingly, you have to be incredibly lucky, to get such wealth in an instant. In fact, such a lucky guy was not alone, but two at once, what is a unique event, because both winners guessed seven two-digit numbers. One winner lived in Georgia, another in New Jersey, they divided the winnings between themselves equally in 2007 year. After this news became official, the popularity of this lottery in the USA has grown several times, thanks to which one of the records was set - more 1 million lottery tickets sold per day.

The biggest roulette winnings

All, who has ever been to a casino, know perfectly well, that winning at roulette is not easy and you really need to be happy, extremely lucky person. Considering roulette as a way to make money is stupid, since any device is aimed only at making money in the casino, otherwise it doesn't make sense. One big win accounts for a million defeats and broken lives, so don't play with your life, because it may not be worth it. Despite this, many play, and that means, there are those, who nevertheless achieves his goal and wins substantial sums of money. There are not so many known cases in history and they can all be described, by highlighting just a couple of lines. Joseph Jaggers is lucky, which at the end of the 19th century won 325 one thousand dollars, playing at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Charles Wells also made good money, who hit the jackpot in 1 million francs. After a couple of months, he repeated his achievement, because of what he was suspected of fraud, but they could not prove it. The last of the "lucky" roulette - Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, which at the end of the last century was only 2 earned almost 2 million dollars.

The biggest poker wins

Winning a poker tournament is a real opportunity to make money not only on luck, but also knowledge. The biggest win was received by Jimmy Gold - 12 million dollars. IN 2006 poker world championship was held in Las Vegas, which was attended by 9 thousands of people, Jimmy became that lucky, that he was able to "sit out" all his rivals.

Eric Seidel is another record holder, who made playing poker tournaments a job for himself. The man devoted his whole life to the card game, resulting in a total of almost 15 million dollars. Also among the winners are Pius Heinz and Jonathan Duhamel, who won almost 9 million dollars in 2011 and 2010 years respectively.

The biggest winnings in Russia

Albert Begrakyan - the lucky one from St. Petersburg, who is playing in Gosloto, in 2009 won 100 million rubles. There was another big winner that same year, it was Evgeny Sidorov from Moscow, who got in the lottery 35 million dollars. Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova - a resident of Ufa, which in 2001 year before New Year bought 6 lottery tickets and won 30 million rubles.

Another big win in 2001 year was 11,5 million rubles, but in 2004 year managed to hit the jackpot in 20 million rubles. In general, such winnings are quite enough even in our country., but they are all already smaller, therefore there is not much news about them.

The largest win in the Russian Lotto

For sure, everyone has heard of a television game called "Russian Lotto" - a lottery, where it all depends on luck. As known, this company offers the largest prize pool and huge winnings. TV show jackpot is 100 million rubles, however, no one could win it. At the same time, there are a couple of major victories, which cannot be ignored. The biggest win in this game was 29,5 million rubles, the name of the winner is hidden by the company, all that is known is, that this is a resident of Yaroslavl.

2 place - Daniel Coleman (USA) — The Big One for One Drop WSOP 2014 — $15 306 668

2 place - Daniel Coleman

Турнир The Big One for One Drop, hosted by WSOP, so grandiose, that participation alone is worth $1 000 000! IN 2014 year its winner - 24-year-old Daniel Coleman received $15 306 668. The total prize fund of the event, including deductions to charity, was $37 333 338. It was divided between eight finalists.

The Battle of Big One lasted three days until then., when Daniel Coleman, left alone with his eminent namesake Daniel Negreanu, knocked that out of the tournament. But immediately after the victory, the young player behaved more than strange - flatly refused to answer the questions of journalists, and then made a sensational statement: "Poker is a dark and brutal game". How could you say that, when they lie at their feet 15 million dollars with kopecks, unclear!

Winnings 2016 of the year

14 In October, a street cleaner from Brussels won the European EuroMillions lottery 168 million euros, what was the biggest win in the history of the kingdom.

15 October, a resident of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg won the maximum prize in the international lottery Eurojackpot in the amount of 90 million euros. Eurojackpot lottery popular among residents 17 European countries. To hit the jackpot, players need to guess five numbers from 50 and two more additional numbers out of ten.

12 August, an Estonian resident won a record amount in the country's history during the Eurojackpot international lottery - 1,155 million euros. According to the state company Eesti Loto, this win is the largest in the history of lotteries in Estonia.

29 July, a resident of German Hesse won the Eurojackpot lottery 84,8 million euros. The lucky man managed to guess all the winning numbers

8 May Powerball Jackpot Winning Ticket 429,6 million dollars was bought in the US state of New Jersey. The probability of winning is 1 of 292,2 million.

26 March, a resident of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia won the Eurojackpot lottery 76,8 million euros.

5 In March, brothers James and Bob Stoklas from Pennsylvania, USA won Powerball more than 291 million dollars. However, the winnings were not quite evenly distributed.: lottery ticket brought to James 291,4 million, and Bob won 7 dollars.

27 February resident of Novosibirsk, participant of "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ", became the owner of a record in the history of lotteries in Russia, the super prize "Gosloto" 358 million 358 thousand 466 rubles. He took part in three draws. His lucky bet, which the winner made in one of the city's lottery kiosks, cost 1800 rubles. The record fell on the 1885th circulation.

15 February, UK national operator Camelot confirmed, that the United Kingdom filed won almost 25 million pounds sterling in the largest European lottery Euromillions.

12 February a bunch of Dublin friends shared the EuroMillions jackpot by 132 million euros with a French resident. The winners received 66 million euros.

13 January, the American Powerball lottery raffled off the largest jackpot in the world. The winning amount was 1,6 billion dollars. It was won by three tickets, the owners of which divided the winnings among themselves. Chances of winning each ticket, participating in the drawing, were 1 on 292 million. Florida couple is one of three winners. We are talking about 70-year-old Maureen Smith and 55-year-old David Kaltschmidt. They agreed with the organizers of the lottery about a lump sum payment in 327 million dollars. John and Liza Robertson from Tennessee took a similar strategy. Another winning ticket was sold in California, but who bought it, unknown.

Fire, water and 506 million

5 November 2017, a record amount was drawn in the history of Russian lotteries - 506 million rubles. But the winner didn't show up for the money. "Russian Post" was looking for a millionaire throughout the country. It revealed, that a lucky ticket was bought in the working village of Panino in the Voronezh region. After this news, fortune hunters were drawn there - queues were lined up at the post office for lotteries. true, no one is so lucky, as 63-year-old Natalia Vlasova.

At that time, the pensioner had no idea, that they are looking for her. The ticket was gathering dust in the sideboard. It was checked by a 10-year-old granddaughter and was wrong, thought, that there is no win. Pass to the new, happy life almost ended up in the trash can.

Natalya Vlasova worked all her life in Gosstrakh - constant business trips, routine. And the pension turned out to be small, order 8 000 rubles. Husband, also a pensioner, received a little more. The daughter served as a secretary in court - how much do state employees earn?? And the child also grows in the family, means, need money.

- It's impossible to buy anything on retirement ... So I baked pies and sold them, - Natalya Vlasova will tell later in a single interview with RIA Voronezh. Almost every day she drove pastries to the bus station by bike. Everything was disassembled - delicious.

Lotteries were hope for Natalia. She bought tickets for every holiday over the years - on New Year's Eve and on her birthday..

Learning, what is the jackpot owner looking for in Panino, Natalia asked her daughter to check the ticket again. Winnings! The amount threw her into confusion. Several times she and her daughter called the hotline and clarified everything. It seemed, extra zeros were added to the sum.

I had to urgently fly to Moscow, paperwork. It turned out, what's nothing.

- I borrowed boots, jacket. Good, that I know everyone in the market, they dressed me up. I AM, true, did not say, why are you going to Moscow, - Natalia recalled.

Natalia Vlasova. Photo: Andrey Arkhipov /

At the request of the organizers, Natalya and her daughter gave a TV interview. They didn't know, that you can refuse it. The program was shown on one of the federal TV channels.

The Vlasovs began to receive money at the beginning 2019 of the year, tranches. Even before receiving the win, Natalya shared her plans with journalists:

- First I will repair my house. Then I will help my daughters with housing. I'll buy a good car for my husband, so that he can go fishing in any weather. And charity, sure, I'll do ...

A year and a half after the win, the Vlasov family lives modestly, quiet. Doesn't give interviews - not to federal channels, no local newspaper. Fellow villagers do not really know anything about the changes in Natalia's life. Doesn't he ride a bicycle around the village anymore. She and her husband bought an SUV. Yes, and there is no time to talk with neighbors - business.

- Natalia Vlasova is not going to leave Panino. Now her family is building two houses in the village.. Natalia herself did not harden after the win, helps people. Learned, that her ex-neighbor's husband had cancer - gave money for surgery and treatment. I heard, that the son of a postal worker has lung cancer, also offered financial assistance. But the man at that time was treated for free, so his family refused. Unfortunately, he passed away. The Vlasovs paid for his funeral, - told "Pravmir" in the Paninsky regional newspaper "Nash Krai".

An acquaintance of Natalia, on condition of anonymity, said, that she supported the parish of the Church of the Kazan Mother of God in Panino. There this information was confirmed.

8 place - Joe Kada (USA) — WSOP Main Event 2009 — $ 8 547 042

8 place - Joe Kada

Joe Cada is the true embodiment of the "American Dream". The average guy from the Midwest becomes a millionaire overnight! Joe went to success for five whole years out of 21 years he lived.. Cada got acquainted with the world of gambling early, since his mother worked as a dealer in a casino. Joe started playing cards as a teenager, and then focused on online hold'em and achieved good results - his bankroll was equal to half a million dollars.

Having received in 21 year status "adult", Cada confidently rushed to conquer live tournaments. Here he quickly lost his savings, and Joseph simply didn't have the money for the WSOP Main Event entry buy-in. Sponsors invested in it, each of whom received 2 million of the prize money $ 8 547 042 Kady! Good, that shortly before the final Joe signed a contract with the PokerStars room, which paid the player for representation an additional $1 000 000.

Although Joseph is young, everyone notes his amazing prudence about money. The guy didn't start throwing bucks, but bought a house in Las Vegas and plans to start his own business.

2 place - USA Powerball Lottery - Total prize fund - 600 million $, the biggest win is 600 million $


American Powerball is Mega Millions' strongest and main contender. Powerball was founded in 1988 year and today it is the most important player in this market. The initial Powerball jackpot is 40 million dollars. She has one of the largest jackpots in the world.

This amount reached more than $500 million.

The lottery has a Power play function for an additional fee, allowing to increase the received winnings several times in case of winnings. Tickets can be bought at 45 American states, while Powerball can be played by players from all over the world, purchasing through a special service. Powerball draw, as well as the presentation of prizes to participants in the lottery in nine prize nominations is carried out in Florida every Saturday and Wednesday 23:00.

In May 2013 of the Year Powerball held a draw $600 million, which became the second highest record jackpot. An 84-year-old pensioner became its sole owner, living in florida.

Why are we afraid of random money

Alexandra Arkhipova, social anthropologist, Associate Professor at the Center for Typology and Semiotics of Folklore, Russian State University for the Humanities, Senior Researcher STEP RANEPA:

Alexandra Arkhipova. Photo: RFE/RL

- Our relationship with money is more complicated, what they used to think. We operate not only with the concept of "commodity-money-commodity", proposed by Marx, but also the rules of "moral economy" - that is, a set of ideas about how, how you should or shouldn't handle money. "Moral economics" in each culture has its own, special.

In Russia, ideas about money are largely associated with peasant communities. Our country was largely peasant, culture was changing, but some of her features have been preserved. This was superimposed on the Soviet ideology with its specific attitude to finance.. "It's a sin to think about money", "Big money - big problems" and so on.

In Soviet and post-Soviet society, survivors of total deficit, the principle of "Foster's pie" works. Anthropologist George Foster lived in Mexican villages in the 60s of the twentieth century and wondered: why are the inhabitants so poor, and any quick enrichment causes them a sharp rejection? So he put forward the theory of "limited good": money in resource-poor communities, wealth, any benefits can only be redistributed, they are not thought of as coming from outside. Imagine the pie, apple charlotte, which is equally divided. If one of the guests got an extra piece, then the other remains hungry.

Therefore, after winning the lottery, people sometimes face rejection of others.. Unexpectedly received a lot of money - it means, took someone else's share. There is also a view, that sudden enrichment is a health disaster, that you will have to pay for such luck. Hence the desire to part with the winnings as soon as possible - to spend it.

IN 2016-2017 years we have been recording interviews and conducting polls in some Russian cities. Asked residents: "Will you lift the bill, accidentally found on the street?»About half of the respondents firmly refused and motivated this by, that then something bad will happen to them. Because this money was not sent to them, and someone else, pier, you can't take someone else's.

But what to do, if we accidentally hit a piece of someone else's pie? Share this. This also manifests itself in our ideas about money.. If a young man receives his first salary, it is customary at work to "put down", set a table for colleagues, or give all the money to mom.

Sellers in the market tend to give more goods to the first buyer or sell them cheaper, fan the goods with the first bill earned of the day. Lottery winners give away a portion of the winnings, without even giving a report on this. People strive to give a piece of their good, to protect yourself from harm. Our moral economy tells us - share and maintain social balance, and then luck will return to you.

7 place - Pius Heinz (Germany) — WSOP Main Event 2011 — $ 8 715 638

7 place - Pius Heinz

WSOP Main Event 2011 and his main prize in $ 8 715 638 won by a young poker player from Germany - Pius Heinz. At the time of his triumph, he had only 22 of the year. Pius got acquainted with poker by broadcasting major events on TV. He played with friends at home and at the same time adopted the skills of famous online poker players.

Heinz, after his unexpected victory for many, said, which feels better, acting at home at the computer, than at major live tournaments. Pius didn't like Las Vegas and all its publicity and tinsel.

To the question, where will he spend the huge prize money, Heinz said, that he does not like to advertise his plans and just wants to feel comfort and happiness around him. Pius practically faded into the background after his triumph, but with that kind of money, he can afford it!

3 place - Jamie Gold (USA) — WSOP Main Event 2006 — $12 000 000

3 place - Jamie Gold

WSOP Main Event 2006 collected the largest prize pool - $82 512 162 and the largest number of participants - 8.773. Tournament Winner - Jamie Gold Takes The Third Biggest Poker Winner In History - $12 million!

Jamie received the most criticism of all WSOP Main Event winners. Opponents were angered by his defiant behavior at the final table. But most of all they were touched by the incredible, just fantastic luck Gold, which time after time received the card, the only thing he needed at that time! Jamie began participating in the tournament with a team of movie stars and, let's face it, I didn't feel any respect from other poker players. But Gold was so unstoppable, what seemed, it is he, and not his rivals are here a true professional.

After the victory, Jamie was repeatedly sued by his pals in an attempt to chop off a hefty chunk of his prize money $12 000 000 - they say, Gold promised to give half of his winnings for the services they rendered.

How to play foreign lotteries for Russians

Main question, which faces Russian participants - how to buy a ticket for a foreign lottery. It makes no sense to go specifically to another country for this. The costs themselves may not pay off.

Many foreign lotteries do not provide an opportunity to purchase tickets online. They are focused on the local market and, although they do not prohibit the participation of citizens of other states, especially they are not guided by. Even if the purchase of tickets via the Internet is intended to play lotto without intermediaries, this method will work only with a good knowledge of foreign languages (at least english).

The solution to the problem can be a purchase via the Internet on the website of intermediary agents. This method is the most popular and relevant in 2019 year

It is important to choose a reliable company, so that money is not wasted or stolen by fraudsters at all

Buying tickets online through lottery intermediaries-agents without cheating

One of the largest lottery intermediary agents, working without cheating is Lotto Agent. Her idea was born in 2010 year, and the service was launched at 2012 year. During its work, the company has created a successful network of lottery agents in many countries of the world. The company is headquartered in Belize, and its offices operate in the USA, Spain, Australia, Italy.

Benefits of buying lottery tickets online through Lotto Agent

  • Buying tickets online via the Internet. Citizens of any country can buy tickets for famous foreign lotteries. To do this, it is enough to have a PC or smartphone with Internet access..
  • Fully Russian-language interface. You can play a foreign lottery over the Internet using an agent, even without knowing any foreign languages.
  • Low prices. The ticket price of foreign lotteries from an agent is only slightly higher, than national sellers. The surcharge covers employee services.
  • Wide choose. The company offers tickets for more 20 national lotteries. US offers available, Europe and other countries.
  • Reliability. Client, foreign lotto player through agent, sees a scanned copy of the ticket and can independently check the entire course of the prize drawing. The whole process takes place without cheating, because everything is under control and transparent!
  • Support. If the client is lucky to win the foreign lottery, then the company will definitely notify him about it. If you have any questions, you can always contact support.

Most people don't know how to handle big money

Mikhail Semyonov, кандидат психологических наук, docent, research interests - psychology of money and economic psychology:

Mikhail Semyonov. Photo:

- According to statistics, order 70% lottery winners around the world are on the brink of bankruptcy within the next seven years after winning: thoughtless spending and inability to handle a huge amount of money affect.

Not everyone can use lottery winnings wisely. The more money, the more intelligent, and emotional effort must be invested in their conservation and rational use. A large amount is a resource, which must be protected from competing applicants for it: relatives, friends, crime. Example - the tale of the goldfish: having received a huge resource, no old man, no old woman could use it rationally.

Another problem is that after unexpected wealth, many lose touch with their previous environment., meet condemnation and even aggression. People envy them. This is one of the most important motives of human behavior., along with power. Many people want to get some of this money, and in case of refusal they take offense.

The wife and parents were crying: "We don't need that kind of money"

Entrepreneur Albert Begarkyan from Kolpino won the lottery in 2011 100 million rubles, by matching six numbers from 45. From a rented apartment, together with his wife and daughters, he moved to a luxurious house in the center of St. Petersburg, bought several apartments and started a new business - building a hotel in Taman. But still there was not enough money - without paying the tax on winnings on time, a millionaire became a defendant in a criminal case.

The Begarkyan family moved to Russia in 2001 year. Lived hard. Albert told on the First Channel, that he worked without weekends and holidays. Accommodation rented, even there was no furniture. Children slept with jacks on the bed, and parents - on the floor. Then everything worked out: the entrepreneur has several pavilions, car service. He took up construction.

- AT 2011 year everything was reset. The pavilions had to be closed, construction site stopped. I didn't want to start all over again. I thought, that I will tax for now ... In Russia then for the first time they played 100 million rubles. From the first draw, I started buying one or two tickets - I hoped, what will I win, - recalled Albert Begarkyan in the program "Alone with everyone".

Albert missed the TV show with the winnings. Checked the ticket on the Internet. Surprise and joy were followed by tension - the ticket of the nameless, children at home. The whole country knows, that the win is in Kolpino. The millionaire was offered protection, but he himself took the ticket to the safe deposit box, and then to Moscow. His wife sewed him to the shirt from the inside, rode a hare, so that no one can track his movements.

- A woman, parents, sister cried - do not take the prize. We don't need that kind of money. They were afraid, - Albert said.

The first winner of the TV program was filmed in Moscow. Albert's phone was broken on the way home. People asked for money. He did not refuse to help many, because at one time he needed it himself.

Albert Begarkyan. Photo:

- Many business plans offered. But I had a question not to earn, not to lose this money. Bought for everyone, what was needed: father - a car, my sister later renovated the apartment ... I bought housing, acquired a plot of land in Taman, started building a hotel ... I had to quickly get rid of the money. They oppressed.

Lottery winnings under Russian law are taxed in 13%. To 1 january 2018 year it had to be paid by the winner himself (now the state lotteries take it upon themselves). Albert Begarkyan immediately postponed 13 million, intended for the state - they were kept in the bank.

- I was told, that you can earn interest, and then pay tax. I spent the rest of the money - the site, hotel. At some point I lent a lot of money, more 12 million. And it was necessary either to stop the construction, or take from tax. The guys promised me, that in a month they will give everything, so I have withdrawn money from the account, - said Albert. - And then I heard on TV, that a criminal case was opened ... I paid a lot of interest, sold another apartment and paid.

To the question, is Albert Begarkyan waiting for a new win, he answers: “I don’t want big money. Further myself ". He calls his winnings a test.

- Winning the lottery is a great success. Big plus in life. But I think, that a person can break loose in such moments, become an alcoholic or drug addict - when he has everything or nothing. I got everything. It was hard to resist, - Albert says.

The most common lotteries in the CIS countries and around the world

In our country, the most common lottery games include: The slogan, Keno sports, Housing lottery, Russian lotto.

Russian lottery logos

In each of the lotteries listed above, there are and have been very serious – millions of winnings. Very often these lotteries accumulate significant jackpots and very often they hold distribution drawings with large amounts of super prizes..

As for the most common foreign lotteries, then in the USA PowerBall and Mega Millions are examples., and in Europe it is Euro Jackpot and EuroMillions. Note, that in almost every foreign lottery huge jackpots very often accumulate. In particular, at the time of this writing, the jackpot in the American lottery called Mega Millions was 174 million. dollars. Absolutely everyone can take part in this drawing, fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, it became possible for a resident of any country in the world.

It will not be superfluous to remind, that the Thelotter service we wrote about a little earlier – it is the largest and most trusted gaming resource, through which you can take part in the drawings of many European and American lotteries. for example, even now you have the opportunity to participate in the famous EuroMillions lottery. It's about the lottery, draws which take place every Tuesday and Friday and in which players from almost all European countries take part: France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, England etc.

Foreign lottery logos

The prize fund is made up of all bets, which were delivered in nine states. Thus, the amount of the main prize starts from 17 million. euros. In case the jackpot does not break, its drawing is postponed to the next draw, etc.. Note, what's the biggest jackpot, which was registered with EuroMillions, was about 180 million. euros. And if we talk about the American Powerball lottery, then the biggest jackpot was recorded 13 january 2016 years and was 1 500 000 000$! It's not hard to guess, that such huge amounts, which are played in foreign lotteries, and made them one of the most popular and successful lotteries among all existing.

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