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Nguyen Van Het - 97 years below the poverty line and 310 thousand. dollars

IN 2010 97-year-old Vietnamese peasant Nguyen Van Het, who has lived his whole life below the poverty line, won a fabulous sum by Vietnamese standards - 310 thousand. dollars.

It all started with, that during the Lunar New Year celebration, relatives gave him 100 thousand. Vietnamese dongs. Traditionally, such small amounts (about four dollars) give to loved ones on the eve of the holiday - they are called “lucky money”.

After that, the peasant decided to find out, how much “happy” they may actually be, and spent a gift on a lottery ticket.


Having received the win, the man was so happy, that he immediately started handing out money to the crowd, who came to his house. So that the peasant is not left without his last penny, the local authorities had to intervene in the auction of unprecedented generosity.

When the peasant was asked, what will he do with the remaining winnings, he replied, that he will spend it as soon as possible - he did not have so long to live. First of all, he and his wife decided to move to a more comfortable home..

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