The largest lottery winnings in russia: list and interesting facts

• In the USA, the largest jackpot in the world was drawn - 1,5 billion dollars

In the USA, the largest jackpot in the world in the popular Powerball lottery was drawn - the amount was 1,5 billion dollars! The name of the winner is still unknown., but the official representatives of the lottery organizers said, that the winning ticket was purchased in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California State.

The lottery is held in 44 states of the country, and winning Powerball is always a sensation. The coveted prize goes to that, who will correctly indicate the numbers of five white balls and one red, which is called Powerball.

In the meantime, the name of the lucky one is being revealed, let's look at other minions of fate, who have won the biggest Powerball jackpots, find out, how much money did they win and what did they spend it on.

IN 2014 75-year-old Emma Duvall won 2 million dollars. She chose numbers, found in fortune cookies in a New York store.

19-summer builder named Jonathan Vargas in 2008 won 35 million dollars. Jonathan chose numbers, using your family's birth dates and ages. Later he created the channel about female wrestling Wrestlicious.

IN 2001 Former prisoner David Edwards (was convicted of armed robbery) won 41 million dollars. David bought a Florida mansion and a private jet. In just five years, he spent all his winnings and died at the age of 58 years in hospice.

IN 2009 Jeffrey Wilson, 27, won 88 million dollars. Jeffrey says, that after the win, little has changed in his life, except that he began to live in a bigger house. He donated part of the money to the children's hospital.

IN 2005 year 34-year-old Brad Duke won 220 million dollars. However, after the win, Brad continued to drive his old car and work for another two and a half years.. Fitness center instructor handled money wisely - hired a team of financial advisors and invested his winnings.

IN 2009 year retired civil servant Solomon Jackson won 259 million dollars. Mr. Jackson donated generous sums of money for a variety of educational purposes, including Morris College, which he graduated from.

The Hill family won 293 million dollars. A humble and godly family plans to spend money on the education of their children (three sons and one adopted girl), grandchildren and nephews.

2002 55-year-old president of the contractor Andrew Whittaker won 314 million dollars. 10% of his winnings Andrew donated to Christian charities, others 14 he spent millions, to open a fund to help families in need in West Virginia. Unfortunately, life after winning the former businessman did not work out - he was pursued by people, wanting to cash in on his luck, and two daughters died of drug overdose.

IN 2013 year Pedro Quesada of New Jersey won 338 million dollars. The former store owner spent part of his winnings to pay child support to his family.

ConAgra Foods employees won 365 million dollars. The lucky ones used their money differently - someone built a house in Vietnam, someone quit their job and lives on interest from their investments, someone just enjoys life and does what they love, and two winners even got married.

IN 2013 year 16 company employees, engaged in machine maintenance, shared the winnings in 448 million dollars

The reaction of the winners was different - someone was insanely happy about the money, especially after the destruction, caused by Hurricane Sandy, and some expressed dissatisfaction with the increased attention from the media

IN 2013 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie from Florida, retired teacher, won 590 million dollars. You can say, that it was the will of fate: an elderly woman was missed in line for lottery tickets and she bought a ticket with already selected numbers.

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