The largest lottery wins in the world

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The biggest roulette winnings

All, who has ever been to a casino, know perfectly well, that winning at roulette is not easy and you really need to be happy, extremely lucky person. Considering roulette as a way to make money is stupid, since any device is aimed only at making money in the casino, otherwise it doesn't make sense. One big win accounts for a million defeats and broken lives, so don't play with your life, because it may not be worth it.

Despite this, many play, and that means, there are those, who nevertheless achieves his goal and wins substantial sums of money. There are not so many known cases in history and they can all be described, by highlighting just a couple of lines. Joseph Jaggers is lucky, which at the end of the 19th century won 325 one thousand dollars, playing at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Charles Wells also made good money, who hit the jackpot in 1 million francs. After a couple of months, he repeated his achievement, because of what he was suspected of fraud, but they could not prove it. The last of the "lucky" roulette - Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, which at the end of the last century was only 2 earned almost 2 million dollars.

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