“There were those, who hated us ". how do Russians live after big lottery wins

The largest winnings at bookmakers

Trimmed winnings

IN 1996 year, Englishman Darren Yates, horse-loving, put 59 pounds per odds. 25000. His prediction was, what jockey Frankie Dettori, will be able to win all races in Ascet throughout the season. He won 550 thousand. pounds, since the win was cut. So it would be almost 1,5 million. pounds.

However, there were others in the Guinness Book of Records, but in this case. IN 1984 year, Edward Hodson, also english, bet one horse in total to win 55 pounds, but by a crazy factor - 3 956 748. Unclear, how could he be so big, but not the point. His bet has entered, but he only got 3 thousand. pounds, because then there were limits on the payment of winnings in the bookmaker.

IN 1995 year unknown woman was much more fortunate. She visited the hippodrome for the first time, wanting to remain incognito, she put 5 pence for the weakest horse. The victory was estimated by the coefficient 3 072 887. The inexplicable happened - the useless horse ran magnificently and enriched the lady on 153 644 pound. Again, due to the ceiling of payments, the amount has decreased.

Maximum winnings at a bookmaker's office in Russia

Not every licensed office can boast of really high limits. In this regard, several offices should be distinguished:

  • Money Match - 29 million. rubles at one rate;
  • Marathon - 17 million. rubles;
  • League Betting - 5 million. rubles;
  • Fonbet - 3 million rubles;
  • 1xRate - 1mln. rubles;
  • Bwin ru and Leon in their rules indicated, that they set maximum winnings on their own, but the feedback from the players can be judged, that these limits are very high.

Here we see, that the leader is BK Pari-Match. In second place is BC Marathon. And now, within the framework of this office, it is necessary to make a small clarification: here the maximum limit directly depends on the sport.

Here we see, what can you win in football 17 million. at one rate, but already within the framework of basketball, this amount decreases to 10 million, and for horse racing the limit is set at 3.3 million.

It is worth paying attention to BC League of Betting., where there is a little clarification in the rules. It says there, what can be won 5 million

RUB, and if a team or just an athlete from the CIS countries participates in a sports confrontation, then this limit is reduced to 1 million.

All this says one thing - read the rules carefully.

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