The world's largest jackpot in 640 million. dollars won by a player from Maryland

The biggest lottery wins. lucky list

What are the jackpots in online casinos??

Some people call the jackpot the largest possible win. To be precise, then this is the definition of a fixed jackpot. That is, the maximum limit, which can be seen in the paytable. Its meaning never changes, so it is called fixed.

However, this term mostly refers to a cumulative / progressive jackpot in a casino.. Its value is constantly growing due to the players' bets. Part of the amount, which players spend, accumulates and eventually turns out to be small, medium or giant prize pool. It keeps on growing, until someone rips it off.

Recently, however, another category of progressive jackpots for online casinos has appeared - guaranteed. They have their maximum, upon reaching which they will definitely be disrupted. Nevertheless, there is a chance to win them throughout the entire period, just as we approach the limit, the chances of the players increase.

for example, Red Tiger Gaming Launched Three Jackpots Last Year, two of which are guaranteed: Daily Drop и Must Drop. The first must be ripped off within 24 hours, before the set time. And the second is guaranteed to be paid when the value in 2,000 euros.

Longest chain

TV Show Fans Prove, that the legendary ether exists

Rumored, in the entire history of the "Weak Link" participants only once broke through the full chain of answers. This happened 11 August 2004 of the year, but a mythical special (there gathered erudites from past games) lost at the bottom of the internet.

Watch from 3:18

In January 2005, the great achievement was almost repeated by the unknown Victor and Pavel. The geniuses of thought came together in the finale and answered seven questions in a row before, how to put money in the bank. And after that they gave four more correct answers. As a result, they took all the grandmas of the final round and multiplied them by two.

The main monster of the "Weakest Link"

In 2020

The Weak Link has its own final boss - a Novosibirsk historian and sports coach.? Where? When?Semyon Rodygin. This monster stood behind the game console three times and each time left the studio with the main prize. The first two games with Rodygin's participation were held in the middle of the 2000s, but in 2020 the connoisseur returned, to take easy money again. For three flights to Moscow, my uncle earned 244 thousand rubles.

In 2005

Semyon also revealed an important detail of the updated "Weak Link". Filming lasts more than four hours, and after each round, the players are sent for a twenty-minute break. If everything is really bad, can be neatly licked by competitors. Suddenly help.

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