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The largest lottery winnings in russia: list and interesting facts

In Russia

The fact of the incredible success of a businessman from Russia does not disappear from public attention (Moscow), bet on the winner of the Australian open tennis tournament in 2010 year. With the constant advantage of other tennis players in the starting matches for some time, this person decides to double the original stake, reaching an unprecedented record in winning several tens of millions of rubles.

Moskvich from bet on 50 managed to beat the bookmaker 141 million. The guy chose the outcomes 15 matches. The maximum possible winnings were 1,5 million. rubles, but the guy is so lucky, that he won the jackpot and hit the jackpot 139,5 million. Generally, and it turns out just 141 million. rubles.

If we calculate the total odds, you get about three million - one of the largest odds in history. The stake was mainly football matches of various leagues, several NHL games, where the outcome for one of them was a draw. How lucky you need to be, to guess a draw in hockey ...

Dreaming is not harmful

Playing in BC, you need to clearly understand, that this business will not immediately become the main way of earning. therefore, quit work and hope for luck, very stupid, even more childish.

Yes, someone is lucky right away, someone - later, and someone did not wait for their luck. Almost everyone wins and loses. Big wins, although it happens, but they are so rare, that fall into several million losses from the total number of bets. Dreaming is not harmful, but it's better to get a stable income, and not feed yourself for years with possible one-time enrichment.

Not all bookmaker players are lucky, but one should strive for it in the hope of one day becoming the owner of a lucky prize! Well, or you can go the other way and earn not much on bets, but stable. This is what we teach on our website..

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